Carling and Kwik Save are the number one match because ...
Extraordinary lager, extraordinary store - lower prices means glasses raised more
Contented customers their aim, making a Kwik Save their game
Carling fans score with Kwik Saves galore.
Substantial saves throughout their range - a strikingly refreshing change
For lowest prices and quenching thirst, connoisseurs put them first
Their standards never waver, first for value, first for flavour
Outstanding saves, tastes supreme, winning ways from a quality team
Tasteful tactics, savings galore, keep delighted fans returning for more
Each has striking appeal, pleasing crowds, no nonsense deals
Fabulous lager, little to pay, indisputably 'match of the day'
I won my Ł5,000 match bonus with Carling when…
A canny Kwik Save from Schmichael gave Carling the Premiership title
I would like to win a quality break because…
Whatever weather, whatever season, comfort and quality - excellent reason
I need some quality time to relax in comfort - Kwik
I'd get prize treatment when staying there
Star treatment, celebrity prize, pampered, relaxed, I'd be revitalised
Kwality, Komfort, fantastic Kwisine, fancy a weekend being the Kween
Golden Wonder are the Olympic winning crisps because…
Prize winners eat them in minutes, with everyone aiming for seconds
In the best British tradition, they Kwikly run rings around the opposition
Like Gunnel, Holmes and Neef, they're tasty beyond belief
They're the snack on 'track' for Linford's lunch box
For flavour and crunchiness you just cannot beat, Golden Wonder, the campion's elite
Their superior taste gives pleasure untold, deservedly winners, bronze, silver and gold
My favourite Star Wars character is… because…
Luke Skywalker because he thinks Kwik to become the Saver of the day
To win a Vauxhall Corsa with Princes spreadables at Kwik Save would spread a smile because..
Super models, elegant style, 'Corsa Princes spreads the Kwikest smile.
A sandwich makers driving force, is Princes spreadables of 'Corsa
Corsa I auto have said, Im Car'azy about Princes spread.
Corsa I'm highly motor-vated, by the spreads they've created.
Delicious Princes spreadables from favourite store : supermodel Corsa - happiness galore
Every mouthful will Corsa a sensation, Kwikly spreading smiles of elation
Kwikly opened Princes jar, means smoother spread and Corsa car
Princes equals smiling faces, Vauxhall means we're going places
Princes spreadables give satisfaction, then add Vauxhall four speed action
Vauxhall's dream car, Kwik Save's style, Princes' goodness, 'corsa smile.
Who could ask for more - supermodel, superspread, superstore.
Winning a new Vauxhall Corsa would 'meat' our expectations because….
Top performers, proud reputations, 'Corsa' Princes meats our expectations.
"Beef"iting quality a "ham"some prize, "pork"fect economy and family size
"Corsa" like Princes tins, once within, self-indulgence Kwikly wins
"Kwik" like Princes, conveniently superior - distinctive looks and tasty interior
"Meating" Princes Corsa sensation, at Kwiksave's priceless filling station
Beefy construction, regally neat, unique production, the three Corsa treat
Engine's beefy, porking's neat, slices through traffic - a jumbo treat
Kwikly rising to Princely status, Corsa winning would elate us
Like Princes at Kwiksave, there isn't of Corsa better bargain
Luncheons, functions and tea-junctions - we always turn to Princes
No-one satisfies every fan, but Kwiksave, Vauxhall and Princes can
Of Corsa winner needs not "beef", achieving "ham"bition beyond belief
Princes a la carte dinner - perfect starter, main Corsa winner
Princes in-car-nations always Cors-a celebration, with hands "meating" in ovation
Princes put "me-at" the wheel, of a great Corsa automobile
Princes succulence, meatily best, passes every M.O.Tea test
Princes supporters never stall, Corsa perfect taste wins overall
Taste, economy, freedom - the Corsa and Princes Kwikly exceed 'em
This beefy performer will Corsa sensation, Kwikly driving "meatoric" elation
Turn the key, expertise, Princes serves up Corsas that please
A trolley dash through Kwik Save would bring me Christmas cheer...
And the season of goodwill - without a shopping bill
As saving lolly, with a KwikSave trolley, would make Christmas jolly
Dashing around with cheesey grin, would make my Christmas hope to win
For festive feasting without the lolly, Santa's sleigh becomes the trolley!
Presents to buy, tummies to fill, Santa Kwik Save footing the bill
Skis fixed, Rudolph ready, cheese picked, nerves steady, four minutes gone already!
I like buying Oxy at Kwik Save because…
Chart topping Oxy bops zits with style, while Kwik Save prices make me smile
Disc'tinctive value, pore deep beauty, 'kwikly’ transformed into an Oxy cutie
I can kwikly blitz horrific zits, then move with the groove to summer hits
Kwik Save opens doors for eager savers, Oxy closes pores for teenage ravers
Oxy face wash I adore, so I dash to Kwik Save for some more
Oxy makes skin ex'cd'ingly kissable, and Kwik Save 'disc' ounts are unmissable
Oxy's effectiveness always impresses me - value for money kwick-ly unstresses me
Preventing spots in teenage years, Oxy and Kwik Save are music to my ears!
Superior Oxy removes spots from pores, pocket money rises, thanks to Kwiksave stores!
The Kwik goodbye to grease and grime, Oxy kills spots in 'record' time
The kwikest solution for safe oxycution, at lower expense - that's 'sound' common sense!
This penniless student with problem spots, needs Kwik results without spending lots
Tragic daughter, neurotic son, buy them Oxy - I'm super mum!
For cleaning skin and removing the zit, Kwik Save prices make it a hit!
For Kwik solutions to hit the spot, no other succeeds like my Oxy pot
I'm no stunning cat-walk beauty - just a Kwik Save Oxy-cutie
Oxy and Kwik Save will guarantee bargain spotting, but no spots on me
Oxy keeps me pimple free, discount prices 'clear to see'
Skin needs rescue, down I'll dash, I'll Oxycute 'em kwik - and save cash!
They offer excellent value without exception, and now I've got a great complexion!
To a lesser-spotted teen it's clear, Oxy at Kwik Save's not so dear!
When complexion's poor and funds are thin, Oxy and Kwik Save will save your skin
When we have a teenage crisis, I rely on Kwik Save prices

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