Complete the Limerick: Come to Jewson and you will see, Just how a great builders merchant should be, Buy Osma products today...
Because you know it will pay, When all of your drainage flows free
And be sure your waste, Just runs away
Jewson delivers right away, For service these two hold the key
They're the best by the way, And you may get a Puma for free
Easy to fit - no delay, A 'pipe' dream come true you must agree
Have them delivered to take away, They're affordable and high quality
And the market leader they'll stay, Because for excellence they hold the key
Win a sporty coupe, And swap pipe dreams for reality
Your resources won't drain away, And installing doesn't take a degree
Check out how little you pay, Quality and service is the Jewson key
Pipe your water away, Above and below trouble free

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