I'd like to win a weekend in Jersey because…
 There’s natural beauty, duty free, secluded coves and sparkling sea
 Two days without a care, I might catch a millionaire
 Poor traveller afraid to roam, sample France without leaving home
 I live the taste of Tesco's Jersey Royal new potatoes because…
 Hot from the hob, with a buttery knob, they're just the job
 I would like to take my family to Jersey because…
 We're in-ter beaches, in-ter sun, int-er-flora, in-ter fun!
 I like the taste of Jersey Royal new potatoes because…
 Perfect meals in every way, come with 'the darling spuds of May'
 Beautiful fresh taste, edible skin, all for me, none for the bin.
 There is nothing under the earth quite like them
 This tasty Royal is a stunner, one swallow does make a summer!
 They're succulent, absolutely delicious, and to crown it all, extremely nutritious
 I choose Sainsbury's Jersey Royal New Potatoes because…
 Queen Maris' beheaded, King Edward gone - but Jersey Royals still No 1
 Local greens from British soils, enjoy mixing with the Royals
 They're signed, sealed and delicious
 When your brain turns to veg, Jersey's give you the edge
 They're a winning ticket in the eating lottery
 These 'new spuds on the block', make me roll around the clock
 They are the best 'News' I could ever dish for
 This earth apple tempts this Eve
 A good scrubber recognises a kindred spirit
 I don't have to question their Royalties
 At our table - no debate, they're the greatest tete-er-tete
 I'm a devoted lady-in-waiting to the very finest Royals
 I opt for the spud, that's 'Hoe, Sow' -Good!
 9 out of 10 butters who expressed a preference, chose Jersey Royals
 They're the store's finest 'under ground' line
 A little simmer brings out the summer
 These buried treasures from Jersey's shore are well worth trading chips for
 Possibly treason, maybe disloyal, but nothing tastes better than boiling a Royal
 Jersey's 'Royal Earth Force' tastefully satisfies the loyal army of Sainsbury's shoppers
 Nothing can soil their reputation
 Both save our gracious cuisine
 Those darling spuds of May (and June), remind me of my honeymoon!
I prefer Jersey Royal from the Co Op because...
Simply the finest on British soil, the Co Op shop, the Jersey Royal
Jersey Royal Potatoes are my favourite potatoes because…
Tesco's freshness and Jersey's sun make these Royals my number one
I prefer Jersey Royals because…
With fabulous flavour, perfect to boil, no potato's like a Jersey Royal
I love the taste of Sainsbury's Jersey Royals because…
Sainsbury's freshness, Jersey's sun - that's what makes them number one
The Jersey Royal season is unmissable because…
Jersey Royals are the highlight in any cook's 'colander'
The Gateway to Summer field of royal flavour will not stay open for ever
Its imperial flavour reigns supreme, for the rest of the year we can only dream
I enjoy Jersey Royals because...
Their delicate skins lock in flavour making them the ones to savour
I prefer Jersey Royals from the Co Op because…
Delicious, nutritious, a meal in themselves, Jersey puts sunshine on Co Op shelves

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