I want to be a pilgrim in the holy land because… 
Galilee, Cana, Via Dolorosa, bring the Scriptures so much closer
I favour the flavour of Jaffa oranges because…
By Dickens, they pip all other great expectations
They "is-raeli" tasty.
They come in a packaging so very trendy, bio-degradable and user friendly
The pride of Nell Gwynn lies within
I can't get enough of the stuff - D' you C?
After you peel a Jaffa Shamouti orange you can taste the difference because…
No other orange has the combination of sweetness, taste and goodness found in Shamouti
With Jaffa and Asda, Quality comes first, the healthy way to quench your thirst
The ripenning heat of Israel's sun, ensures their flavour's number one
Juicy, sweet and full of vitamin C, for a healthy lifestyle Jaffa is the key
I have splashed out in some jaffa shamouti oranges because…
I want to peel off, dive into the sweetness of their segments and drown in their juice

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