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Beautiful countryside Blarney Ceilidh Charming
Eire Emerald Isle Erin Erse
Fleadhs Hospitality Jig  Laid back
Leprechauns Luck of the Irish No hassle  No rush
Reel Relax Shamrock

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I like Irish food because…
My tastebuds jig and reel, with a merry Irish meal!
I'd like to experience the delights of the Emerald Isle because…
I’m no blarney talker, Emerald Isle sounds a ‘Cork’er
By CIE’ing Ireland’s treasure, I’d be Dublin’ the pleasure
From Dublin to Killarny, I’d be bubblin’ with the Blarney
I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland because ... 
Visiting Ireland with Baileys beats going to Bakewell with a tart!
Dublin is the best place to drink Jameson because…
Jameson's party never ends, arrive as a stranger, raise glasses with friends
Guinness and Dublin are a perfect combination because ...
A unique city, a distinctive brew, enjoyed by me, you, and U2
Cultural city, vibrant soul, add music and Guinness for sham rock'n'roll
Stylish city, premium beer, even Santa chills out here
'Hops' elsewhere don't leave you a keg to stand on
Smooth, strong, dark, handsome, if 'guinapped' in Dublin pay not my ransom
Bought first four pack, was it enough? Definitely not, I'm Dublin up
Experts perfect them, connoisseurs select them
Dublin masterminded Guinness, now I've started so I'll finish
Leprechauns, shamrocks, Guinness and song, who says the Irish get everything wrong
It's a pint in a jiffy, from the capital on the Liffey

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