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Agra Assam Bangalore Bombay
Bramaputra Calcutta Cre’Asian Delhi
Exotic Ganges Goa Goa-d
Goa-l Himalayas Jaipur Madras
Maharaja Mahatma Ghandi Ranee Rupee
Taj Mahal When East meets West

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Oriental / incidental / fundamental

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India is my dream holiday because…
Exciting,inviting, rich in history, enchantment, romantic, land of mystery
Sainbury's sausages of distiction make for a perfect meal because…
Sainsbury's Sausages are delicately laced, with spices to give that exotic taste
These nine succulent sizzlers from Sainsbury's Deli, are the finest 'stuff' to fill my belly
With tasty ingredients and prices lower, every recipe's a Goa
They Goa down with a bang(er)
Sainsbury's bangers are never out shone, because meal times it's always Goa-Goa-Gone
Their award winning taste par excellence, suits a 'Goa met' dinner or picnic in France
Sainsbury's sizzling sensations, a well-seasoned feast, speciality sausages mean I'm Goa-ing East
Family lunch or Goa-met dinner, Sainsbury's Sausages are a certain winner
Nine Goa-rgeous links, from deli or pack, sizzlingly good tastes all other lack
With sizzlin' taste sensations in every single bite, naturally Sainsbury's Sausages are 'Goa'n to delight
To taste succulent sausages, meriting a feast, I'd GO And travel - to Calais at least
Princes Sauces from afar are a highlight at tea time because…
Authentically captured India'gredients afar, my passage to India is ajar
Princes jars, Kwiksave delas, make re-sauce-ful cooks and goa-geous' meals
I always keep a Pat Chapman Curry Club Cookbook in my kitchen because…
GOArgeous recipes, flavours divine, AGRA cadabera - India's mine!
Sharwoods secret of success lies…
In traditional recipes without deviation, and authentic ingredients without imitation
Somerfield Indian Style Lamb is simply delicious because…
You've perfected the spice, I just boil the rice
Shahi balti ready meals are the most authentic because…
They're delicately spiced, accompanied by naan, traditionally served in a Balti pan
Sharwoods Chutneys are the perfect compliment to any meal because…
Even to meals prepared in haste, they add that extra special taste
They bring faraway tastes direct to your table
They make the difference between an ordinary meal and a taste experience
Pure ingredients plus traditional care, make Sharwoods compliment all manor of fayre
Supremely piquant - sweet too, they salute cuisine as no other can do
Sharwood adds the twist you can't resist
A fruity affair or spicy liaison, there's one to fit every occasion
Exotic dish or British tradition, Sharwood's make a tasty additio
With ingredients fine, since 1889, their expanding range has adapted to change
Sharwoods Help Anyone Create Winners Out of Ordinary Dinners
They give it that extra spice which makes it a veritable banquet
Whatever the season or hour, Sharwood's chutneys make taste buds flower
They jazz up mealtime blues, my problem is which one to choose
The door of flavour is always ajar on Sharwood's
Sharwood's chutney is the passport to a world of exciting tastes
One good taste deserves another
Omitting Sharwood's spicy bite would be like eating black and white
The quality is unquestioned, the taste unsurpassed
To give appeal, give a meal the Sharwood seal
The name invites, the flavour excites, fruitful delights for our appetites
Sharwoods indian foods capture the taste of India because…
With exotic Indian flavours to savour, they double the taste and half the labour

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