I purchased my appliance at Bejam/Iceland because ...
Of the ozone - friendly prices
Of service over the last 20 years
Other places are frozen out of the market
We had you in mind to be environment kind
Of its care for the environment
They have a reputation for value - and value their reputation
After research, I preferred your brilliant sales woman, prices and delivery
I found an ice cold offer at a hot price
They are friendly and fast and their appliances last.
I have just got married - like Iceland and Bejam
Peace of mind of a local well-trained service company
My wife told me to!
I was impressed by your after sales service
I liked the company so much I bought the product
Iceland Considerate Excellent value, Local Attentive, Naturally, Delighted
Of reasonable price and good insurance arrangements
Julie Bell gave a very good demonstration in the Solihull store
They are cool and they care! Cool care
Their super green deal represents all today's requirements
They give the best deal with charming assistance
Good selection - good value - prompting delivery - helpful friendly service
My freezer died. Tracy understood, promised AND delivered by return
Excellent quality and value - superb choice - friendly staff - clear display
Of environment concern in disposing of gases from recovered refrigerators
Large selection plus environmentally friendly disposal of old freezers
Of your unique ozone friendly removal service
The company offers excellence both economically and environmentally
They're a freezer user's friend on whom you can depend
Good prices, clear brochure and pleasantly efficient sales lady, much appreciated
It's a name I trust, buy Bejam / Iceland - I must
Of the eye catching window display and the competitive price
The new fridge was delivered fast, the old disposed of safely
Availability, delivery time, price and efficiency were 100% right
They're not only ozone friendly - they're customer friendly
Of service at store and protection of the environment from CFC's
They are specialists with friendly staff noted for after sales service
Satisfaction has been guaranteed for me for the past 20 years
My freezer thawed but was quickly restored by Iceland efficiency
'Which' recommended it and your charming home economist sold it
I saw the GREEN light. I GO for 'ozone friendly'
ServICE and prICE are twICE as nICE at Iceland
They show a caring attitude towards the customer and environment
I'd like to shop in New York, courtesy of Iceland because…
Cool food, hot fashion, I'll take Iceland and Manhattan
I would like to barbecue on the beach in St Lucia because…
Birds Eye burger from Iceland aisles would taste great BBQ'd on the Windward Isles.

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