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Ace in my pack(ing) All dressed / stressed up and know where to go All four corners of the World   All over the place
A lot on the landscape   Appealing At home abroad Attractive
Autumn leaves (leavers) A World of good Bay Beach
Beachcomber Beached Blaze a trail Browned off
Burning Capital place Choice extensive Close my case
Coast Comfort Current Dawning  
Declare Degrees Destination Dip
Dream destination Drift Easy Easy come, easy go  
Exciting Exotic Experience the Fame, makes paradise seem tame
Family fun Fantasy isle Far and away the best Far better  
Fevered Finest First choice, not last resort Flight of fancy
Flying visit   Fly my kite For all the World   From here to...
Get away with Glow Go Go fly
Go for it Going swimmingly Go to the country Going off
Go to town Going (well) Going up in the World Great escape
Great outdoors after grate indoors Green belter Have a field day Heated
Heaven for... No hell to pay Holdall one needs for Hot Hottest
Hot favourite How far will you go In every port In the write direction
Island Isle Land of silk and money Leisure
Lido Lively Local... International Location
Luxurious Make hay while the sun shines Make waves Map out
Means the World to me Milestones of Nook for granny Nothing new under the sun
Nothing to declare but... Oiled and tanned not boiled and canned One for the road One part X, two parts sun, stir in Y pour out fun
On top of the world Packed with ... Packed for Paradise Passionate
Peace Peaceful Place Place in the sun
Plane to the plains Plunge Popular destination Pride of place the shade Quiet Rays / raise Refreshing
Relax(ation) Resort (to) Rest Rest my case
Romance Romantic Scene Scenic
Scentimental journey Sea (see) Seashore Seasoned traveller
Send me packing Shade Shady Shine
S(h)ingle Shining example of Shore thing Simple
Sizzle Strand Sublime Summer
Summer time and the living's easy Sun Sun and heir Sunniest
Sunny Sundown Sunset Swell
Swim Tan Tanned Tanning
Tonic Travel broadens the mind, not the body Travel wrapped up Trip
Trip to fall for Trips the sights fantastic Tropical Turns a no-body into a sun-body
Warm Water's edge Waves Wave goodbye to cares
Weather Well done Wheel appeal When you've gotta go
Where on Earth Whizz for Wish you were here / wish you were her World is my oyster, X is my pearl

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Appeals / deals / wheels Away / grey / stay / pay
Big thrill / small bill   Book / took / look  
Care / wear / share / near Choose / cruise / blues / news  
Clouds to sun / to number one  Coast / roast / toast  
Courtesy / efficiency Crowd or alone / feel at home 
X delights me, Y excites me, lets hope Z invites me   Delight / right / excite / invite 
Destination / elation / combination Dream / scheme / team / beam / scene / supreme  
Duty free / sea / me / glee / be Encore / anchor  
Express / less / stress Extensive / (in) expensive  
Grand / sand / tanned / bland / land / safe hands   Hassle / castle  
History / mystery Isles / I'll / aisles / smiles / styles / miles / while
Leisure / pleasure / measure / treasure / pressure / refresher Moors / tours / pours
Nation / vacation / elation Reason / season / pleasing
Seaside / lakeside Summer sun / family fun
Sun / won / fun / one Sunny / money / honey
Tide / tied Topical / tropical
Treat / complete / repeat / replete / sweet / beat Trust / a must
West / best / quest / blessed / nest / rest / fest  

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Why do you want to win a holiday for two to Mauritius? ...
Spirits low, finances chronic, Mauritius would be the perfect tonic
I want to make a break for it with Virgin Cola because ...
Colditz here, warmitz there!
I'd be a fuel not to!
A refreshing break's emergin', thanks to Shell and Virgin.
It's a hip sip on any trip
If Quality Street created a holiday destination, it should be called… because…
Dreadlocks Cay because in no time at all you are completely surrounded by w-rappers
I'd love a Lakeland break because…
Whether young or old, energetic or not, the Damson Dene has got the lot.
I would like to win a quality break because…
Whatever weather, whatever season, comfort and quality - excellent reason.
I need some quality time to relax in comfort - Kwik.
I'd get prize treatment when staying there.
Star treatment, celebrity prize, pampered, relaxed, I'd be revitalised.
Kwality, Komfort, fantastic Kwisine, fancy a weekend being the Kween.
I would like to win a dream holiday in 1997 because…
Always thinking of you are my Co Op friendswith First Class vacations and great dividends.
Berlitz and Supasnaps are the perfect holiday combination because…
One exposure made me a fan, now I snap up Berlitz wherever I am.
I really need a holiday because…  
Cooking and cleaning from eight 'till late, I need my family to Co-operate.
My bangers and I, having braved British drizzle, need your co-operation for an Algarve sizzle.
I can stand the heat, so get me out of the kitchen.  
Tell us where in the world you would like us to take you and why…
Florida - one part Disney, two parts sun, stir in Fanta, pour out fun.
The secret of a good holiday is…
Great companions, exciting and true, if only BOOKSplus made men too.
A holiday to Thailand appeals to me because…
Being seen in the Far East is the place to be.  
I am actively seeking jungle, culture and sea.  
Competitor's World and Warner Holidays are perfect partners because…
Leisure, pleasure, enjoyment, fun, themes, dreams, second to none, there's lots inside for everyone.  
Who would be your ideal partner in paradise and why ...
Bruce Forsythe ... because he would add variety and spice. Nice Tahiti, Tahiti nice

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