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A phone call away Cashing cheques avoids checking cash Cheque everything is secure Cheque your cash
Cheque out Cheque your escape Credibility worldwide Don’t lose out, out
Don’t lose pounds with worry Financially sunny Frankly better Go for security
Holiday free from financial stress Foreigners may say ‘neat’ but never no Losers can still be winners Only fools go cash in hand
Make use of sign language Maximum security escape Quick change Safe getaway
Sterling performance Take the ravel out of travel Travel with security Universal currency
Where would I be without them Winners for losers Worldly wise

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Cash / flash / dash / gnash / rash / bash / hash / lash / trash Cheques / deck / neck / check / wreck
Plastic / fantastic Secure / sure / pure / lure
Spendability / dependability

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I travel with Barclays Connect because…
Whatever the longitude it gives me more latitude
I would like to win a holiday for two at the 1996 Olympic games because…
Raffled holiday would help to replace charity ambulance and furniture van
Midlands are sponsoring my ‘Dream Team’ – together they’ll reign supreme
Being present to ‘invest’ in ‘Treasured’ memories of the best
Raffling the holiday would secure our league’s financial future
This great contest runs rings around the best
Edwards jumps, Christie flies but Midland Bank takes first prize
Action Research aims for Olympian heights of physical perfection
The benefit to our charity would outweigh an Olympic gold
I use Barclays Travel Services because…
They are secure, flexible, comprehensive and convenient
They are comprehensive, convenient and contribute greatly to holiday enjoyment
One relaxes, assured by its completely comprehensive security and convenience
I bought Travellers Cheques serviced by American Express because ...
When it comes to selection - I simply go for 5-way protection
All losers can still be winners, thanks to American Express refunds
They unravel the hassle of travel
I'd take American Express Travellers Cheques around the world because ...
They ain't heavy, they're my cover
Whatever the longitude - they give you more latitude
So well known in every land, only fools go cash in hand
They're worldly wise and should they stray, they'd be replaced within a day
Minimum fuss, maximum speed, these global companions are all I need
Always accepted whatever the land, a traveller gambles with cash in hand
Unlike Phileas with pockets weighty, I'd do the trip in under eighty
Security, ease, service that's punctilious, check travel tribulations which hampered Phileas
Pocket picked, stolen purse, American Express quickly re-imburse
Many travel with hassle and stress, while wise men choose American Express
Wherever you go, whatever the miles, American Express is accepted with smiles
American Express administration is a safety net round my vacation
Spendability anywhere, dependability everywhere
Lost cheques in a distant land, will expressly be replaced - by hand
Service is quicker, operation slicker and worlds in front of Alan Whicker
For minimum fuss and maximum speed, American Express is all I need
Pacific seas, Sahara sands, home or away, you're in safe hands
Equal to gold, lighter to carry, accepted as cash, wherever you tarry
No matter what the local loot, Amex Cheques will always suit
When buying cheques, on the name you rely, anyone heard of BCCI
They're safe if lost, but low in cost - makes cash 'Palin' comparison
By elephant, sledge or balloon, with American Express we're over the moon
Wherever I go they're never received with non, nein or no
Whatever my route or foreign direction, American Express guarantee financial protection
Just a flourish of my pen, would produce Dollar, Franc or Yen
They are safe, sound and honour bound
Whatever currency, whichever land, exchange is easy and always to hand
Taking cash could seriously damage my wealth
Welcomed by the world at large, they guarantee a bon voyage
Unlike Fogg you're free from care, with guarantees, not hot air
They're a lot less bother than the wife
From Pesetas to pence, Amex makes good cents
They give you more foreign reserves than even Stuttgart FC
Seasoned travellers know American Express, can turn disaster into success
Security is their bottom line, it's where I counter sign
Safer than currency, better than plastic, their worldwide acceptance is really fantastic
No safer way to carry loot, however wild or far your route
On your Deutschmarks, get cheque - go
Stolen, mislaid, left at home, I've peace of mind wherever I roam
Lost or stolen, whatever the blow, American Express guarantee my cashflow
They are a friend in deed for a traveller in need
Peace of mind with spending power, whatever country, day or hour
Fogg took eighty days of stress, unlike me with American express
The service provided is simply divine, currency, cheques and a useful helpline
Lost/stolen you're safe and sound, therefore not stranded on foreign ground
Their exchangeability is second to none, their world rating - number one
No fogging the issue, no financial mess, but travel security - American Express
Whatever else I'd leave behind, it certainly won't be peace of mind
With maximum protection, minimum stress, any holiday's bound for success
On any vacation, in any nation, American Express is received with elation
In Seville they're brill, in Kuwait they're great, in Mexico they're fantastico
Convenient, safe, impossible to abuse, take quantities with you, return the unused
Secure, convenient, easy to use, the travelling companion I always choose
Safest way, no more to pay, if lost or stolen, no delay
Near or far, wherever you are, on any beach, help's within reach
Where money talks, AmEx loses nothing in translation
On a circumnavigation they prevent certain aggravation
From street bazaars to the Sheraton, they're my global good Samaritan
Easily bought, simply cashed, lost or mislaid - replaced in a flash
They save trouble and strife, for the world and his wife
Circumnavigation at a dash, means cashing cheques not checking cash
They are convenient, universally acceptable, totally dependable and above all spendable
Dollar, Mark or even Yen, lost or stolen, they come back again
When cash is lost, it's gone forever, travellers cheques are replaced wherever
Bags of cash are not for me, I travel light with security
Your money would be safe and secure, for 80 days and lots more
Money talks, but American Express travellers cheques speak every language
If lost they're replaced without delay, worldwide acceptance the safest way
Whatever my plans or general direction, they guarantee full currency protection
I haven't the foggiest idea how I'd manage without them
If my balloon burst, who'd be the first to patch it up
Lost or stolen, they make sense, you're sure of recompense
When American Express are picked - whatever tongue, they can't be licked
Whichever paradise I choose, American Express cheques are the ones to use
In every port, and every resort, they say yes to American Express
Abbey National and American Express make the perfect combination because ...
Lost or stolen or otherwise stray, this combination is best when away
Peace of mind is at hand, when you're in a foreign land
Local service is simply divine, with worldwide access and a useful helpline
They make travel great fun, speedy, safe, reliable service to the sun
At home there's security with interest, when travelling there's interest in security
Travellers ABroad NATurally require AMple EXperience in money matters
Its all done under one brolley and takes care of your lolly
With minimum fuss, maximum speed, this global alliance is all I need
It's the connection that gives you worry free travel protection
Hand in hand, together they'll find, carefree travel and peace of mind
A National abroad needs Express service for the perfect holiday
Top two companies give tip top rates and service
Wherever you stay, they go out of their way, to make your day
You can relax while you're away, knowing your money's OK
They are the best combination for service, safety, simplicity and satisfaction
They link before you can blink, providing an unbeatable service
By giving you peace of mind, travel is made the easy kind
If storm clouds gather, clearer skies are only a telephone call away
Good friends never let you down
They look after your money interests while you enjoy your holiday
Their safe combination is number one
Business or vacation there's no hesitation, our service is the very best
You get a hi-rate exchange not an irate exchange
With friends like these, you may travel with ease
They are easily bought, easily carried and easily spent
The combination gives peace of mind, the best protection you can find
Expert services and smiling faces, they're my passport to exotic places
Peace of mind is your most important piece of luggage
While the best things in life are free, money gives you security
You will enjoy your vacation without aggravation
They're internationally acclaimed - world wide their fame - always ahead of the game
No one goes further to make travelling easier
The one week service makes life easy for everyone
They are a passport to trouble free cash
No matter how far away, they give fast efficient service without delay
It is reassuring that good service at home can be taken abroad
Abbey National and American Express make travel carefree because ...
Travel requirements must be met, their sterling performance is a safe bet
They offer secure services in a flash, ideal facilities for holiday cash
Security is a phone call away, at any moment of the day
Snappy service with a smile, cheques for China, cash for Nile
Security, versatility, cheques simply cashed, whatever develops, help comes in a flash
Whatever my route or foreign direction, they guarantee financial protection
They ensure a holiday financially sunny, providing globally accepted cheques and money
Easy to order, like a flash, on your holiday, safer than cash
An unbeatable service, worry-free vacation, combining maximum security and excellent reputation
Dollar, Deutschmark, Pound or Pesa, the quality of service couldn't be greater!
My dream holiday would be ...
To find paradise with no financial stress, thanks to the Halifax and American Express
To visit Australia to say G'day, with money to spend - 'no worries', or maybe India would bethe way - to taste authentic curries
Nova Scotia a real delight, lumberjacking by day, fishing by night, spending Canadian Dollars or perhaps French Francs, calling at Halifax just to say thanks!
I use Nat West travel services because…
Without Nat West, I’d go Caracus, I just Canada do without them!
Money makes the world go around, so around the world I’ll go
Midas touches my Yen to roam, securing Sterling far from home
Up the Amazon, down the Nile, service is wider than crocodiles’ smiles
I have checked out the Leeds travel money service because…
The service provided sounds simply divine. Your currency, cheques and a useful helpline
The Woolwich travel money service offers me…
Carefree travel without doubt, 'chequeing in’ and ‘chequeing out’

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