My co-star in a big Hollywood movie presented by Berkley Superkings would be … because… 
 George Formby - Whilst he’s cleaning windows, I’ll be smoking Berkley
 Whoopi Goldberg - Packed with style, panache, and flair - twenty reasons beyond compare,
 Superkings presented as Berldey invented - tipped as the best Hollywood premiere.
 Sylvester ‘Rocky’ Stallone - Superstar and Superking, knock spots off their rivals in or out of the ring
 Fred Astaire - Cool and inspirational, smooth and debonair, with Fred and Berkley Menthol, I’d be walking on air
 Hugh Grant - Like my favourite cigarette, he’s tall, slim, smooth and sophisticated
 and unlike other superstars, available at a much fairer price
 My Wife Doreen - She is my leading lady and the ‘light of my life’
 Danny De Vito - Big stars come in small packages. We would light up the screen and have a Superking-size success
 Robbie Coltrane - He is extra large, cool and smooth - like the Superkings taste we both approve
 Demi Moore - With her gorgeous body and beautiful face, I would need a Berkley to return my heart to normal
 Burt Reynolds - Berkley’s would guarantee the greatest smokey cannonball run, 
 filtering the best excitement and action all rolled into one
 Tina Turner - With Berkley and Tina, I’m doubly impressed, both smouldering and smooth -they’re simply the best!
 My Mother - At 80 and after ten children, this leading lady still has more class and style than anything tinseltown can match
Harrison Ford - I have great taste, he has quality to spare - Berkley Superkings have both - an Oscar winning affair
 Busby Berkley - Like his namesake Berkley cigarettes, his films always gave quality, luxury and value for 
 money. Berkley the Superking of Hollywood 
 My Wife - If the scriptwriter agrees, I might manage to get a few words in
 Hollywood is a star attraction because…
 The silver screen can make you a star, but only the planets know how far!
I would like to visit California because… 
 Hollywood hills from Tesco tills, would be the fruit of smaller bills
 Say why you want to go the the Oscar ceremony…
 Political speeches, costumes brief, Outstanding joy, overwhelming grief, The
 players assemble bearing souls, Desperate to own the figure of gold
I would like to eat my Cadbury's Eclairs in Bel Air because…
After the weekly grind, this sweetie needs to unwind
I would pie 'n' mix with the Hollywood chicks 
Amongst the glamour, glitz and action, Cadbury's Eclairs are the star attraction. 
 They are the twentieth century chox
 Mingling with millionaires, I'll share my mints if they share theirs
 To win a holiday in Hollywood would light up my day because...
 Whether home or abroad, the gold B&H packet is my academy award
 Star studded city from the pack with flair, Hollywood and B&H, the perfect pair
 Like Benson & Hedges, it’s second to none, thrills and luxury rolled into one
 It’s Ultra amazing, my Ultra day dream, LA style, Ultra supreme
Camcorder memories, breathtaking sights, and Hollywood stars displayed in lights 
 This package of pleasure’s an increasing blend, of action and glamour, beginning to end
 Famous faces, fabulous sights, moments to treasure with Ultra Lights
 A Goldwyn pack or the Goldwyn state, a Goldwyn opportunity to celebrate
 From camera to action, from prizes to flights, from dream to reality, with Benson’s delights
 If I was in LA drinking Carlsberg I would…
Rock like Haley knowing Carlsberg had the bill
Be singing I never felt more like swigging the booze
Buy a drink for two local girls, Beverley Hills and Holly Wood.
If Holly wood

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