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A Dutch auction A Dutch of class Anne Frank Beside the Zuider Zee
Bicycles Canals Cheese Clogs
Delft Diamond quality Double dutch Dutch courage
Dutch master Edam Edam good Flat out
For my old Dutch Go Dutch Gouda Guilders
Holidays are never flat Hook of Holland Hooked on Holland I canalways
I do like to be be - Zuider Zee side Low Countries Netherland a better Netherlands
Pays Bas Red light district Trams Tulips
Tulips / Tulips of Amsterdam  Van Gogh / Ear Waterways Windmills

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Dutch / much / hutch / touch

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I like Edam because ...
It has the flavour my taste buds love to savour
Go Dutch, go Edam
It's the best Dutch treat, I can buy or eat
Princes makes the nicest hot dogs, their ham tastes quite divine…
Served on Delft these top-dog products could enhance that fine design!
Lunch tongue glides along alimentary canals while meatballs in gravy untwine
Jack Sprat likes no fat and so chooses Princes every time
Each tin's a piggy bank saves energy money and time!
Van Gough was heard to utter "Princes suit my pallette fine"
Each Dutch treat it made with meat from porkers in their prime
Which "quillustrates" the "point" that it's for Princes "porc-u-pine"
What's the tastiest thing in bread? Princes - not Aveline!
Kisses make princes out of frogs, I got meatballs out of mine
Chicken breast is quite delicious, send Dudly Moore for mine.
The best bacon is Royal Crest Dutch bacon because…
Taste of Holland, superbly presented, leaves palates pleased and pockets contented
English breakfast? only great, provided Dutch is on the plate
With Royal Crest bacon - fried or grilled, expectations are fulfilled
Royal Crest's supporters know, it sizzles like a Broadway show
I like Edam because…
Losing pounds saving pence - double Dutch makes good sense
It's Hollands famous cheese that lures me overseas
Tangy delicious with Dutch appeal, Edam rounds off any meal
I buy Royal Crest Dutch bacon because…
Tesco and Dutch Royal Crest guarantee bacon at its best
Excellent flavour, value pack, Royal Crest bacon's a premier snack
I buy the best, this bacon has passed the test
This Fryer Tuck's so good, it would hook Robin Hood
It's a nice slice at the right price
Dutch bacon dinners, are low cost Tesco winners
It makes a meal fit for a king
The smell alone reminds me of "home" - but the flavour !
Royal Crest Dutch bacon is my cure for all grills
Tesco bacon is a winner, succulent breakfast, lunch or dinner
Rasher dates need Tesco's best, I go Dutch Royal Crest
Breakfast, dinner, lunch or tea, Royal Crest sizzles my family
Cured to absolute perfection, it "warrants" automatic selection
It's reliably PRIME CUT and undeniably CUT PRICE
Bacon butties become haute cuisine, with Royal Crest as go - between
Such savings show I get "rasher" as I go
It makes a meal complete, a real Dutch treat
When we buy bacon we always go Dutch
Only Royal Crest Dutch sizzles so much
Tesco doesn't rob you blind, Royal Crest a scrumptious find
I buy Sainsbury's Royal Crest Dutch Bacon because…
The crest on the label guarantees best on the table
The flavour I savour, going Dutch I'm a saver
No rasher choice for me! - I go Dutch with Sainsbury
Counter - intelligence and grilling, reveals a sizzling combination
Flavour's better than the rest, selectively I choose the crest
It's my favourite bacon, reasonably priced,nutritious, delicous already sliced
To me, Asda Royal Crest Dutch Bacon is…
Tasty, nutritious, quite like a dream. In my kitchen it reigns supreme
Food to savour, full of flavour, perfect to taste, without any waste
Perfectly cured, reasonably priced, A Dutch of class, slice after slice
A cut above the rest, I can tell by the crest
Such a tasty rasher, no wonder it's a smasher
I would like to fly to Amsterdam with Toilet Duck because…
Me and the Duck's gonna clean up this town
Loo-tips from Amsterdam couldn't make a cleaner pan
Pot Pourri puts me in mind of Tulips in springtime
His streamlined jet reaches clogs and canals fastest and safest
If I scoured the world I couldn't choose better
I'd go clean round the bend at such luck!
I could show the Dutch its magic touch
I can smell fragrant flowers swaying in a springtime breeze
In the City of Flowers, I'd smell or roses
I'm hooked on Holland and flushed with success
I like Edam because…
Its flavour excites me, so Edam please invite me.
Sarnies, lunches or high teas, Edam taste will never displease.
What MADE backwards is always forward on the cheeseboard.
You can't top a Grolsch because…
I've started so ale finish
'Anne' excellent lager, to be 'Frank'... the finest one I ever drank
No 1, brews better!
Every can's - super man!
It's high glass entertainment
I choose Unwins because…
Unwins makes my garden grow, from seeds and bulbs, a flower show
Their bulbs put life into spring, by springing into life
I love Dutch Edam from Safeway because…
With premier taste and priceless care, quite frankly they're the ultimate pair
Red rind, Safeway label, guarantee quality on the table
Edam for breakfast, Edam for lunch, it's great for tea too
Dutch Edam, tastier than the rest, Safeway's prices, simply the best
Edam's subtle flavour can always please me, outstanding value too - Safeway guarantees me
Wholesome, round and red, Safeway's cheese takes the biscuit - or bread!
Prepared in the Dutch tradition, Safeway fresh and full of nutrition
Good taste, good value, good for my family
However it's served, it serves up a treat
For delicious meals and saving pence, going Dutch at Safeway makes sense
You can't improve on "all round" versatility and Safeway reliability
When it comes to cheese they know how to please
Dutch tradition flavours every slice, Safeway's addition - a pocket pleasing price
Dutch Edam, heavenly flavour, thanks to Saafeway, the money saver
Tasty, versatile, best I've found, Safeway's Edam is great "all round".
Preparing dishes your family wishes, good health, good taste without any waste
Edam meals end happily ever after, lovingly perfected by Safeway's Dutch master
The cheese is superb, the store divine, excellent quality, all the time
A Dutch treat plus Safeway flair, together they're a super pair
Slicing, dicing, for cheese go Dutch, Edam the taste, just too much
Going Dutch with Edam cheese, bite or sliced, just as I please
For sandwich or garnish, party snack or cooking the family love it
Van Nelle coffee puts me in the mood for a spree because…
Superior blend, enjoyed with a friend, joyfully thinking of Guilders to spend
I buy Van Nelle traditional coffee because…
No fancy gimmicks, passing trends, just finest beans, perfected blends
Taste of Holland superbly presented leaves palates pleased, pockets contented
I quaff like a toff without selling the Van Gogh
Expertly blended to taste sublime, perfect coffee every time
It leaves nothing to he desired.... except a second cup
Tempting aroma filter fine the flavour of Holland tastes divine
It adds gourmet appeal to the end of a meal
My after dinner touch has to be dutch
Delightful coffee perfectly blended Van Nelle - simply splendid
The Van Nelle collection offers coffee perfection
Breakfast, elevenses or after dinner, traditional flavour is a winner
It's simple you see, I enjoy 'Real" coffee
Tesco prices hard to beat, Van Nelle.... my Dutch treat
I've filtered out the rest and left only the best
Tesco selects this famous brand, perfected in the Netherlands
Unlike my Mother-In-Law it's not too bitter
Perfect coffee black or white, Its aroma tastes just right
Never bitter, rich and smooth; as coffee lovers, we approve
Two hundred years still going strong, generations cannot be wrong
The price invites the aroma excites and the taste delights
Black, white, weak, strong, the taste - just right never wrong
It always gets my breakfast toast, deliciously decaffeinated medium roast
Freshly roasted then vacuum packed - all the flavour stays intact
It's the only coffee you should put "Tulips"
Any other in my belly? Not on your Van Nelley!
This continental taste sensation, gives me grounds for celebration.
Year of experience expertly blended traditional Dutch - recommended
The blend justifies the beans
Smell the beans, enjoy the taste, smoothest coffee any place
I'm serious about coffee flavour, Van Nelle's, I honestly savour
It perks me up and filters my cares away
It gives me grounds for a good coffee break
Two hundred years of expertise makes coffee guaranteed to please
Like Van Gogh, it's never left 'ear
Medium ground or filter fine it smells delicious tastes divine
It 'Can Al"Ways help unwind the 'windmills" of my mind
I'll Netherland a better brand
Van Nelle is an epicures invitation to forget about inflation
Party, lunch, formal dinner, rich smooth flavour, certain winner
Raving discovered perfection, why risk random selection?
It outroasts the opposition, Van Nelle's our family tradition
Here’s one dutch masterpiece I can afford
Even Van Gogh's brother wouldn't 'ear of any other
It's a cup above the rest
Delicious dutch coffee that guarantees; traditional flavour blended to please
Doubly delicious, delightfully dutch, I like the flavour very much
Van Nelle, right on cue, keep flavourful coffee filtering through
My family love to savour that superb Van Nelle flavour
It's taste I've found suits me down to the ground
Two centuries of expertise guarantees coffee sure to please
Uniquely blended, expertly packed, Van Nelle has what others lack
Van Nelle's reputation well deserved guarantees freshness well preserved
Dutch Edam and Gouda cheese make memorable meals because…
Memorable meals for ever afters, perfected by the two Dutch masters

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