Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



All that jazz Amp Calling the tune Cassette
CD CDuctive Clear as a bell Comparing notes
Dead ringer for Disc ExCDingly Face the music
For the record Going for a song Golden oldie Headset
Hi-Fi If music be the food of love, play on Music Music in the air
Music soothes the savage beast Music to my ears Musical chairs Now thats what I call music
Off the record On the record Out of tune with Personal stereo
Play Play it again Sam Play it cool Play it by ear
Put another record on Radio Record Reel
Set the record straight Sing for one's supper Single Song and dance about it
Sound Speakers Stereo Strike the right note
Strike a chord Surround sound Swan song Tape
They're playing our tune Tuner Walkman Watts
Wine, women and song      

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Cassette / wet / jet / debt / get / net / sweat / threat / bet / whet / let / met / pet / regret / set / yet / sunset / upset / brunette / asset / upset CD / seedy / weedy / speedy / greedy / needy
Play / delay / way / stay / away / pay / gay / bay / lay / ray / decay / day / hay / spray / may / pray / stray / say / sway / portray / nay Tape / gape / escape / ape / scrape / shape / drape / cape

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Sony cordless headphones set me free because…
The Sony name will guarantee, great sounds, great price and 'Liberty'
HMV and JVC are the winning team because...
They both make Rocky Sharp, Gary Glitter and James Last
Scotch Cassettes are a real gem because...
Moments you treasure give a lifetime of pleasure
They record and replay in a 'flawless' way
Their lifetime guarantee for recordings galore, outshines all others in the store
Their superior quality records every 'facet' plus a guarantee thats a 'clear cut' asset
TDK and Virgin are High Flyers because…
Break the sound barrier with TDK and fly Virgin to the USA

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