Heinz Light Salad Cream and Heinz Light Mayonnaise are the healthy choice because…  
Light, tasty, full of vits, smooths away my lumpy bits  
I think the Thorsons range of health books is unbeatable because... 
I’m inspired by the ancient and modem ideas, for enhancing my life and prolonging my years
Whatever the query, they have the theory  
Perfect Balance and Steam Cuisine are an ideal start to healthy eating because...
From breakfast through dinner, you will be trimmer  
High in fibre, low in fat, with my Steam Cuisine, could do that!  
Their natural ingredients remain intact, ensuring a delicious tastier impact  
With low fat cream and steam cooked veggies, you've just made two healthy pledges 
Heinz and Co-Op are a healthy combination because...
They co-operate and care looking after your 'wealthfare'  
I would like to visit Henlow Grange because... 
I'd keep the blues at bay, cosseted the Henlow way  
It's every woman's dream to be pampered  
I would like to win a beauty weekend at Sopwell house because...
It would be the Gateway to a transformation that would never go to waist  
I find Tivall products delicious because…  
I love the Tivall guarantee - naturally nutritious and animal free  
Healthy eating makes a tasty challenge because...
It's perfect for every occasion, from candlelit dinner to family invasion  
The London Herb and Spice company offers teas that…  
Are magic on the lips - not murder to the hips  
Are really wise buys, for health conscious guys  
Fill you with infusiasm  
Give my face a lift naturally  
Leave the coffee mourning  
Puts the spice of life into a wilting wife  
Send my tastebuds on vacation, Ragdale Hall my destination  
Sound romantic, taste divine, fruit with herbs, who needs wine?  
Tastefully produce my sighs, and painlessly reduce my thighs  
Power Health and Inglewood Health Hydro provide the ideal healthy option because…  
My popularity has greatly grown - with Adidas fragrance I'll never walk alone  
They take the strain when feeling stressed, supplementing nature is what they do  
Their reputation is never in doubt, for radiant health, within and without  
With their help and expertise, comes 'heart felt joy' 'fit' to please  
The Elancyl massage system… 
Eliminates Lumps And Nasty Cellulite - Your Legs Maintain A Supple Softness  
And Graceful Elegance So You Show Them Even More  
Has changed this rather 'egg' shaped lady into a cute little chick!  
Is a simple routine designed with care, that keeps skin smooth and healthy beyond compare
Is so simple - it keeps skin smooth without a dimple
Is the perfect system for feeling good, looking slender, now I'm toned and invigorated, ready for Henlow Grange splendour
Is used by ladies of wisdom, they relax let it fight, all that's cellulite, it's magical touch can assist 'em
Keeps me toned and supple - nothing droops. If I stay with it, I'll be jumping through hoops
Knows real beauty is only skin deep - giving toned smooth skin that's mine for keeps
Taken firmly in hand will ensure you don't leave your excess baggage around
Will be your best selection, it smooths and trims and tones your shape to ultimate perfection

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