Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



Break  Coals Exercise  Fitness
Get up and go  Health  Healthy  Indulgence 
Lean  Leotard  Lithe  Massage 
Pampering  Pool  Pounds  Refreshed 
Regime  Relaxation  Robe Sauna 
Slim  Spa  Thinner  Tone 
Tonic  Treatments  Vigour  Workout 

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Exercise / highs / cries / fries / skies / buys / eyes / tries / sighs / replies / supplies / applies / dries / pies / fantasise / emphasise  Fit / bit / wit / hit / sit / kit / admit / merit / spirit / wit / visit / circuit / biscuit / quit / permit / profit / submit / summit 
Health / elf / self / wealth / shelf / stealth  Sauna / former / performer / warmer / corner 
Slim / skim / trim / swim / dim / denim / grim / victim  Spa / car / far / star / mar / jar / ma / Spar / bar 
Steam / dream / mean / scream / scheme / gleam / theme / seem / cream / supreme / beam / stream / team / esteem  Thin / grin / win / sin / begin / kin / gin / spin / tin /   twin / chin / kitchen / origin 
Weight / ate / bait / wait / great / straight / celebrate / late / delicate / create / decorate / state / fete   

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I want to bounce back with build - up  because...
Caught flu virus, feeling vile, I could convalesce in style 
My idea of being pampered is… 
An exercise free leg workout - only Aristoc can achieve this 'feet' 
Fabulous fashion with fat reduction, Aristoc will lessen the need for 'Leg'osuction 
Hydro treats for body and mind, legs kept neat by Aristoc Slimline 
If I win I would take my …To Henlow Grange Health Farm because…
Bank Manager - I’d be ‘well off’ with a few extra pounds 
Barbie - Three kids take their toll, after the weekend, will I look like the doll. 
Best Friend - Formerly frumpy, fat and forty -we’re faithful friends - now slim and sporty 
Best Friend - Worn out birds of a feather, deserve some quality time together. 
Bloodhound - He could help me track down the waist I lost years ago 
Body - Under this shattered mother of two, there may be a supermodel trying to break through 
Book - They can have the wand, while I read James Bond 
Boss - No deadlines, targets, phones or fax -trimmed, slimmed and pampered - we'd both relax 
Boyfriend - He works too hard, needs a break, to change from lard back to prime beefcake!  
Calculator - I’d work out with multiplied vigour, change vital statistics and round down my figure 
Camera - Before Lean Cuisine my picture caused laughter, Henlow Grange is perfect for photograph after!
Camera - I can picture my shape will change, during my stay at Henlow Grange 
Cellulite - With Lean Cuisine I’ve trimmed my thighs, they now need massage and exercise 
Crinkley Bottom - Henlow Grange is just the jobbie, to stop me looking like Mr Blobby
Daughter - Relaxing yet bracing, Henlow’s healthcare regime, means good-bye depression, hello self-esteem 
Daughter - She’s so keen to be fit and lean, that all she eats is Lean Cuisine 
Daughter - She’s waging war on cellulite, a Henlow break would win the fight. 
Daughter - We looked the pits, had a Findus blitz, -but need more assistance with our wobbly bits  
Doctor - Forget depression, don’t need the pills, this relaxing break will cure my ills 
Dress - Thanks to Findus (and fewer chips), it’s size ten – and it zips! 
Fiancee - With purse strings and waistbands equally tight, a Henlow honeymoon sounds just right 
Freezer - Lettuce leaves? I’m not too keen, I’ll pack my favourite Lean Cuisine  
Friend - Findus care and Henlow splendour, would make her healthier and slender 
Friend - Since she’s recommended Lean Cuisine, my slimming diet’s worked a dream 
Friend - With sauna and steam and cooking’s that’s lean, she’ll be transformed from wrinkly to teen
Friend - You rest and relax too - improve your appearance, create a new you
Girlfriend - A luxury break would give us zest, to continue the battle to look our best
Housekeeper - Change from giving the duster a whirl, might turn Mrs Mop into wonder girl
Hubby - He’s become a little tubby, in need of a tone, in the midriff zone
Hubby - If Henlow’s hands help and guide, I’ll realise the ‘thinnie’ trapped inside
Husband - He desperately needs a stress free zone, with the added advantage of a body tone
Husband - One stone lighter; almost a winner, thanks to you both, he’d be even slimmer
Husband - A healthy break from daily strife, will ‘find-us’ lean, with a new lease of life
Husband - A healthy break with Lean Cuisine, will help us join the slimmer scene
Husband - As high birthday numbers get higher, so do the notches on his belt
Husband - Encouraging my pilgrim’s progress to be thin, this saintly supporter deserves to win
Husband - Forty this year - his spirits are dampened, a perfect present relax and be pampered
Husband - harassed house husband, under pressure, needs indulgence, rest and leisure
Husband - He enjoys staying lean, and I love the fine cuisine.
Husband - He needs advice on fitness and diet - exercise to him means letting calories run riot!
Husband - He washes, irons, mops and cleans, and buys me love - Lean Cuisines
Husband - He’s overweight, far too chubby, could come back with a slimmer hubby
Husband - His last stubborn ounces would quickly diminish, what Lean Cuisine started, Henlow would finish
Husband - Hubby needs re-shaping I fear, so please re-arrange like Richard Gere.
Husband - I’d like him healthy, fit & hunky, and us both a bit less chunky
Husband - I’ve loved this man for thirty years, need healthy plan as retirement nears
Husband - It would revitalise his parts that I can no longer reach!
Husband - Lean Cuisine helped hubby’s chubbiness vanish, now Henlow Grange - final bulges will vanish
Husband - Lean Cuisine was his proposal for dealing with my waist disposal
Husband - Leisure and exercise expertly blended, would reduce these ‘Lean Cuisiners’ to what nature intended
Husband - Staying healthy is our hobby, we don’t want to end up like Mr Blobby!
Husband - Such a wonderful weekend stay, would fair take his ‘breadth’ away
Husband - Thanks to Lean Cuisine there’s no mistaking, I’ve got a Chippendale in the making
Husband - To be transformed from ‘Jeeves’ into ‘Wooster’ would give his morale a real booster
Husband - To me he’s already a winner, thanks to Lean Cuisine he’s seventy pounds thinner
Husband - To reduce and firm his derriere, whilst sampling Henlow’s low cal fare
Husband - Too fat, too tired and not bionic, a Henlow weekend would be a tonic
Husband - We’re pale, plump, weary of work, the Henlow treatment would be such a perk 
Husband - We’ve got fat tums and podgy thighs, we need good diets and exercise
Husband - With Lean Cuisine and Henlow Grange, bulging middies have to change
Husband -A little past our sell by date, we both need help to rejuvenate
Husband -Now wearily facing the big ‘five-o’, we’d emerge refreshed as belle and beau! 
Husband -We need advice and fitness checks, we look like Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!
Jeans - The zipper strains, the waistband pinches, Henlow helps reduce the inches
Lean Cuisine - Henlow Grange with other winners? They’d run out of our favourite dinners
Mirror - Being pampered to perfection, I’d gladly look at my radiant reflection
Mother - She’s keen to be lean in time for her ruby wedding scene
Mother-in-Law - Out-of-Shape and rather fat, Findus and Henlow can change all that
Mountain Bike - I could leave my spare behind and come home recycled!
Mr Blobby - Together we’d lose our ‘Crinkley Bottom’ and bounce back into shape
Mum - She’s spent 20 years looking after me, now she needs an MOT.
Mum - Busy lady, needs a break, can’t think of anyone I’d rather take
Mum - Family finally flown the nest, it’s time she had a jolly good rest
Mum - Her target weight she has achieved, and a pampered treat she now does need
Mum - She may not have Cindy Crawford’s credentials, but my loving mum’s got all the essentials
Mum - Two stone lighter, Lean Cuisine’s a winner, please Henlow Grange, help make her trimmer
Myself - I’m too fat, too tired, under duress, lazy, lethargic and look a mess
Myself - I’m overweight, terribly unfit and look rather awful in my athletics kit
New Man - No longer a couch potato, but a runner bean, helped by Lean Cuisine
Psychiatrist - It’s the perfect location for a shrink
Sister - A single working mum, she deserves some pleasure, we’d relax enjoying activity or leisure
Sister - Instead of looking like Pat from Eastenders, we’d love to resemble Cher in suspenders
Sister - Sharing everything (especially our genes), it’s been our dream wish since our teens
Sister - There they could take the ‘L’ out of flab, leaving me looking absolutely fab!
Sister - We ‘ugly sisters’ are ‘thick and tyred’ and long to be ‘thin-derella’
Sister - We look in the mirror and see dismay, so go on Henlow make our day!
Sister -If we’re to have bodies to be admired, Henlow Grange is required
Spare Tyre - I could leave it behind as a thank you present
Spare Tyre - Ego ‘punctured’, confidence ‘deflated’, to be less tubby I’d be elated.
Swimsuit - As well as enjoying a complete overhaul, I could practice butterfly, backstroke and crawl
Swimsuit -Itsy, bitsy not yet, but it will be - that’s a bet!
Tennis Coach - Sporty but forty and starting to fret - I need every advantage I can possibly get! 
Tennis Partner - He’s ‘forehand’ fat, now ‘set’ to slim, Henlow ‘serve’ to make us trim
Toy Boy -He has helped this lucky lassie, preserve her rather classy chassis!
Wife - 0 mirror, mirror on the wall, she’s not the person I recall!
Wife - Having worked, wed, bred, become jaded, a Henlow weekend will revive what has faded
Wife - I would love her to become, a relaxed rejuvenated mum!
Wife - When healthy and shapely, pampered and fit, like Lean Cuisine, she’s a guaranteed hit
Wife -Of Lean Cuisine we buy the range, so please can we go to Henlow Grange?
Work-Mate - Our uniforms are straining and the typing chair’s complaining!
Power Health and Inglewood Health Hydro provide the ideal healthy option because…
My popularity has greatly grown - with Adidas fragrance I'll never walk alone
They take the strain when feeling stressed, supplementing nature is what they do best
Their reputation is never in doubt, for radiant health, within and without
With their help and expertise, comes 'heart felt joy' 'fit' to please
I would like to win a beauty weekend at Sopwell house because...
It would be the Gateway to a transformation that would never go to waist
I would like to visit Henlow Grange because...
I'd keep the blues at bay, cosseted the Henlow way
It's every woman's dream to be pampered
The Elancyl massage system…
Eliminates Lumps And Nasty Cellulite - Your Legs Maintain A Supple Softness
And Graceful Elegance So You Show Them Even More
Has changed this rather 'egg' shaped lady into a cute little chick!
Is a simple routine designed with care, that keeps skin smooth and healthy beyond compare
Is so simple - it keeps skin smooth without a dimple
Is the perfect system for feeling good, looking slender, now I'm toned and invigorated, ready for Henlow Grange splendour
Is used by ladies of wisdom, they relax let it fight, all that's cellulite, it's magical touch can assist 'em
Keeps me toned and supple - nothing droops. If I stay with it, I'll be jumping through hoops
Knows real beauty is only skin deep - giving toned smooth skin that's mine for keeps
Taken firmly in hand will ensure you don't leave your excess baggage around
Will be your best selection, it smooths and trims and tones your shape to ultimate perfection
I would like to be pampered by Le Crunch because…
I feel so boring my hair's gone grey, come on Le Crunch whisk me away
A healthy granny I aim to be, not a doddery old OAP
A little T.L.C. by L.C., would make me feel precious and carefree
A munch at brunch each day, keeps the Millennium Bug away.
An apple a day keeps wrinkles at bay, pip, pip hooray
Apples helped me to lose two stone, Le Crunch could help to tighten arid tone
Appley my healthy Co-op deals deluxe delicious and delightful
Beauty treatments by the score, I'd be polished arid healthy to the core
Co-op and Le Crunch are a winning team, a relaxing week-end the ultimate dream
Completing La Plan for a healthier me, Hoar Cross and Le Crunch bon apple-tit
Crispy, juicy a tasty treat. a healthy selection and good to eat
Feeling like a granny to the core, but delicious relaxation brings me gala days once more
Fifty years have taken their toll, pampered by le Crunch I'll reach my goal
For this granny it would be tastefully suspicious, I might evolve as Golden Delicious
Great Co-op value, superb Le Crunch flavour, and as if not enough prizes to savour
Hoar Cross heaven, absolute bliss, like Le Crunch from Co-op, too delicious to miss
Hoar Cross offers the perfect rest, for this working mum who needs to be de-stressed
How can something so delicious, taste so good yet be healthy arid nutritious
Hubby knows how to tempt this missus, with their fruity bites bringing love and kisses
I can relax in the country when Le Crunch is the stalk of the town
I desire smooth glowing skin with firm well-toned qualities just like my favourite apples
I shop Co-op for a top crop, get a tasty lunch and munch Le Crunch
I want skin to resemble the skin of a juicy apple not a dried prune
I'd Le Crunch at leisure, in an oasis of pleasure
I've enjoyed Le Crunch great taste, now I can start on my waist
It sounds the perfect tonic, for this Le Crunch-aholic
It would be a golden experience, cor, I might not look like Granny Smith anymore
It would ensure I was prepared for the Millennium
It would turn this green granny into a Golden Delicious fit for any Royal Gala.
It's Crunch time for my body to get into shape for the Millennium
Juicy and crisp with flavour supreme, they might fulfil my Hoar Cross dream
Juicy and crisp, flavour supreme, a taste that could lead to my Hoar Cross dream
Juicy and crisp with flavour supreme, they even fulfil my health spa dream
Just turned forty and starting to fret, need all the pampering I can possibly get
Le Crunch apples lead the way, to a healthy lifestyle every day
Le Crunch proves without a doubt, that good health comes from inside out
Le Crunch takes the 'L' out of flab, with some pampeting absolutely fab
Le Crunch's crisp, sweet, juicy taste, are good for your health and there's no waist
Le Reds le Greens a pleasure to choose, they co-operate to banish le Blues
My body has suffered some degeneration, Le Crunch will help with the renovation
My complexion is dull, my batteries flat, Le Crunch has the power to remedy that
My resolution is to be healthy and sporty, not overweight, flabby and forty.
Relaxation pleasure, relief from stress, Le Crunch and the Co-op are a resounding success
Relaxing in sumptuous surroundings, meeting people with style, makes struggling with slogans extremely worthwhile
Spa-ing around looking forward to lunch, co-operating with bon appetite crunch
Spirits low, finances chronic, a healthy break would be the perfect tonic.
Stressed out wife verging on Le Crunch, needs some sparkle and Co-op lunch.
Take this Granny Smith for Royal Galas nutritious, go for the Braeburn feel Golden Delicious
Tasty Le Crunch and luxurious spa, can life get much better? Je ne e'est pas.
Tasty Le Crunch my healthy beginning, pampered by Co-op prices my fitness programme winning
The mouth-watering taste, the supreme sensation, transports me to my health spa destination
Their superb variety arid flavour, tips the scales in my favour
They let me indulge, shrink, and leave behind le kitchen sink
This golden granny, delicious not green, needs tete-a-tete with le health farm scene
This tired, weary, loyal mummy, wants to feel like a royal granny
To match le Crunch with perfect skin, would make me spa-rkle from within
With Co-op's crunchy money-spinner, I'm a healthier, trimmer winner
With special apple tree-tment I blossom healthy to the core and in pip top condition
Zippers straining, waistline pinches, Hoar Cross Hall helps lose the inches
I would like to experience ROC at Ragdale Hall because…
For relaxation, health and good skin care, RoC and Ragdale are the perfect pair
Once upon a time a lovely girl married, mothered, worked, became jaded, please RoC and Ragdale revive what has faded
RoC and Ragdale Hall - beauty is their theme - rest and rejuvenation -this harassed mothers dream!
Stress wreaks havoc on figure and face, RoC and Ragdale my saving grace
With RoC's supreme skin care and Ragdale's style and splendour I should come away refreshed, relaxed, supple and slender.
I 'd like to be pampered at Inglewood's health hydro because...
Unichem care, Inglewood splendour, makes me healthier, supple and slender
I like to be in good shape because…
Fitness in body and mind, in today's business you cannot afford to be behind, Roltech helps you unwind
I would love to watch Euro 96 on TV after eating my Kelloggs cereal because…
Kelloggs in my tummy, England winning ball, so much excitement, I long for Ragdale Hall

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