I deserve a surfs up holiday in Hawaii with Ginsters because ...  
 I always insist on Ginsters snacks and never accept Aloha standard
 Their tasty rolls are a dish, but blue Hawaii I do wish
 Must get my Hawaiin tickets before I'm five-o, so book em Danno I'm on a roll
 Hawaii not say goodbye to a Ginsters, and Aloha to paradise
 I'm on a roll of anticipation
 You will need a mighty Ginsters roll after surfing the mighty waves
 Frolicking in the Ginsters triangle, high rollers package deal from any angle
 Ginsters fans surf and save, always riding the crust of a wave
 I've tried every snack that Ginsters pack and never got on board before
 We can ride on the crust of a wave
 I will miss my Eagle whilst I am soaking up the sun in Hawaii because…
 The American eagle may be bald, but Bedford's Eagle is pure gold!

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