I would love to win a tasty car with co-op pies and hams because ...
Tell no porkies, tell no lies, Fiat for cars, Co-op for pies
I shop at the Somerfield delicatessen because ...
With mouth-watering eats and perfect pies, 'Bravo' Somerfield - you take the prize
It's leg and shoulders above the rest, 'Bravo' Somerfield you're the best
Tesco premium Wiltshire ham is the ideal choice because…
Top quality from the sty - Tesco and Wiltshire - good names to buy
Delicious hame from prime Wiltshire porkers, please the most discerning knives and forkers
Premium Wiltshire passes every test, Tesco value definitely the best
Other hams become a sham, once you've tasted Tesco's Premium Wiltshire Ham
Safeway Charter Quality Ham is the perfect choice for my family because…
Charter's Crest on the label means perfection on the table
I like the taste of traditional hams because…
Prime specialities carefully carved, mean flavour is doubled and wastage is halved
Country slice, to the manor drawn, like Safeway quality, British born
The connoisseurs pride of Britain is cured to perfection, carved from tradition
Of five great flavours, protein-rich, only problem is deciding which!
Versatile, varied, fresh and tender slices, made doubly delicious by Safeway’s lean prices
Smoked, honey roast, or on the bone, Safeway’s rich hams stand alone

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