I want to follow my team to the World Cup with Braun because…
Hair we go, hair we go, hair we go!  
The Wellaflex range is ideal for me because...
Contains Betaine for natural care, which helps to maintain healthy hair  
I would like to transform my hair in 14 days because… 
Hair disaster, marriage pending, thanks Pantene for no split ending 
'94 gooseberry, '95 wallflower, Pro-V fortune teller - '96 Cinderella.  
Christmas coming, hair dull and flat, no invitations looking like that
Healthy hair from Pantene action, ensures I become the mane attraction
I want hair that is going places without flying everywhere
I want tresses that impress and to redress years of styling excess
Looked in the mirror saw disarray, need healthy hair the Pantene way
Romantic dinner or family invasion, beautiful hair for every occasion
Shining healthy tangle free, I'd feel the difference others see
The state of my follicles, is quite diabolical
This Cinderella could live in clover, with her buttons and her Rover
To get ahead all the top people take a shine to Knightsbridge
Unlike Rapunzel with style and flair, Pantene never lets down your hair
I would like Wella to colour me beautiful because… 
From dull and drab like a fairy story, Wella transformed my crowning glory 
With a 'shade' more style and a 'touch' of finesse, I'd be 'Wella-head' and out to impress 
Wella colours are designed with me in mind because… 
They ain't heavy, they're my colour
They're carefully balanced, expertly blended, so keeping me looking as nature intended 
Like me, they're vibrant, versatile, lasting and true, if only Wella made men too 
I feel more in control and 'well ahead' with confidence and well being 
My hairdresser recommends Goldwell home-care products because…  
Their green leaf range goes hand in hand with optimum quality and care of the land 
Shockwave is the brand with street cred because…  
You’ll knock them dead when you’re a Wellahead  
From the root to the tip, it’s the hair gel with the hip  
Funfilled days or nights of passion, ShockWave keeps your hair in fashion  
It gives the selection required, the sophistication desired and the reflection admired
Quietly styled or flamboyantly loud, ShockWave’s always in with the crowd  
When curls collapse and waves wither, whatever the crisis, Shockwaves deliver  
I can trust Daniel Galvin to bring out the best in my hair because…  
They're quality products, luxuriously chic, superior modem and quite unique  
Daniel Galvin caresses my tresses, soothing the stresses of styling excesses  
Everything's carefully balanced, expertly blended and keeps me looking as nature intended 
From wispy frizz like a fairy story, Galvin's transformed my crowing glory  
Galvin's expertise deservedly renowned, guarantees my glory is well and truly crowned 
Galvin's formulae are beyond Compare, high technology for total hair care  
Hair care hits the headline story, shining success for crowning glory  
It caresses tangled tresses, redresses frizzy shocks, rejuvenating keys to beautiful locks 
No longer dull and awkward, now resembling Cindy Crawford  
Precious products made with care, gives perfect performance and healthy hair  
Shining, healthy and tanglefree, I feel the difference others see  
Top quality products to protect and enhance, guarantee many an admiring glance  
Unlike Rapunzel with style and flair, Daniel never lets down your hair  
Philips helps me look my best because…  
Continually evolving towards perfection, Philips innovation is my natural selection  
For personal care with flair, Philips pamper a girl beyond compare  
Ease of use, results first rate, together with Philips, I'm looking great  
Elegant pleat to sweeping curl, with Philips you're always a cover girl  
Expertise, flair and reliance, are the beauty of a Philips appliance
Fred and Ginger, Torville and Dean, Philips and me -another great team
Hair so chic, skin so sleek, thanks Philips for beauty products unique
I like to look just a little better, but better!
Silky smooth legs, stylish hair - you're pampered with Philips personal care
Super look from head to toe, Philips confidence wherever I go
Whatever the year, style or trend, Philips is always my best friend
With hairdryer, ladyshave and cordless tong, Philips ensure I can't go wrong
I would like to win an Organics/Muddy Fox Mountain Bike because…
A ride in warm summer air - what better way to dry my Organics hair
After using Organics, I've got golden locks, healthy and strong mounting my Muddy Fox
Beautiful hair from root to tip, and a Foxy bike to keep me fit
Bike and hair all shiny and new, winning results from a brilliant shampoo
For comfort and style, they're ahead by a mile, 'cause getting there wheelie fit is worthwhile
For lustrous hair and free-wheeling flair, there's nothing pedestrian about this pair
I'd go on tracks and mountain rocks, to be so fit with shiny locks
I'd like my fitness to compare, with the condition of my Organics hair
It's the Safeway travel for mile after mile, a two wheeled conditioner with Organics Style
Muddy Fox bikers with wind in their hair, can be totally assured by Glucasil care
Organics cares for my follicles, now to improve the rest of my molecules
Organics for soft curls or sculptured spike, whether in the rolls or on yer bike
Organics gave body, conditioned my hair, now I'll condition my body with flair
Organics/Muddy Fox, a winning combination, I'd ride away in style, causing a sensation
Regular Organics hairobics and this mean machine, small wonder I'm keen on this beauty routine
When put to the proficiency test, Organics and Muddy Fox outshine the rest
Whilst Organics gives me healthy locks, for a healthy body need Muddy Fox
With a Muddy Fox and healthy Organics hair, I could travel in style to anywhere
With Organics, my hair is full of vigour, perhaps Muddy Fox can save my figure
With stylish bike and beautiful hair, I'd really turn heads everywhere
I'm Head and Shoulders above the rest in my new Audi TT Coupe because…
Matchless performance superior style, just grooming marvellous mile after mile

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