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Ab’zorba bit of culture All Rhodes lead to Alpha beta class of Bronze age beauty
Classic touch Classical quality Columns about us Come Acropolis
Cradle of civilisation Drachmatic holidays Get pi-eyed Greeks bearing gifts
Helios of a treat Holiday of the gods Home of the gods Idyllic
Its all Greek Lap of the Gods Like Helen, find a Troy boy Marathon effort
Myths as good as a smile Myths and missus Myth world winner Not a Golden Fleece
No Greek myth No Greek tragedy Olympian heights of Olympus quality
Revitalise with the old ruins To say Eureka Where myths begun / goddess has fun You’ll-seize the chance
Zeus of a

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Gods / odds / bods Greece / cease / grease / lease / peace / piece
Greek / clique / pique / peak / seek / freak Classic touch / means so much

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Spar and athletics are excellent running partners because…
With a team like this, you'll never come 'a-cropo-lis'
When I taste the sunshine in Haven Premium Dried Fruit I want to…
Savour the flavour, treasure the treat, capture the rapture of sunsational Crete

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