I think it would be cool to win a camcorder the Tesco and Old Jamaica Ginger Beer hot shots competition...
Camcorders capture Jamaican spice, Tesco's canned cool runnings of life
Camcorder - memories - what fun, seeing me limbo under the Sun
Sizzling value - hottest brand - magic moments 'in the can'
By focusing on Tesco first, D&G's can quench my thirst
Drink with spice, Tesco price, zooming in on paradise
Big smiles alfresco, thanks to D&G at Tesco
This home movie maka moves her takes some of Old Jamaica
Tesco prices, Old Jamaica brew, every dudes dream cam true
I'd be cool, calm and projected
Samsung captures with cool precision, indulging in hot Jamaican tradition
I would love to enjoy the Jamaican sunshine because ...
D&G and tropical sights - a tropical mirage of 'double delights'!
I would like to discover Jamaica because…
I found ‘Old Gingers’ treasure in Safeway’s store, and this taste of Jamaica left me thirsting for more
I want to go to Jamaica with Tesco and Old Jamaica Ginger Beer because…
Tesco value, sweet ginger beer. Caribbean cocktail of the year!
Sunshine drink, excellent store, beautiful Jamaica, who needs more!
I would like to discover the treasure of Jamaica because…
Jamaica's magnificent 'drunken treasure' luxuriously buries thirst with pleasure
Caskets containing 'Old Jamaica' treasure, perfectly cooled, thirst quenching pleasure
Old Jamaica spice, Safeway price, limbo down to paradise
D&G, lovely beach, daily stress out of reach
Safeway stock the best it's clear, Old Jamaica's without peer
Coolest taste, hottest flavour, at Safeway's price, a money saver
Tasting Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, brings that treasure tantalizingly near
Its reputation entices, like D&G at Safeway prices
Cool location, hot sensation, D&G fires my imagination!
For treasured dreamer's recipe, mix D&G Jamaica... then add me!
Working together, Safeway, D&G, excellent value, taste and quality
Kids seek piratanical rumbustification, mum seeks sensual food and relaxation
Palm-fringed pleasure, delights untold, like Old D&G, true Caribbean gold
Smiles compulsory, no whinger here, thanks to with traditional ginger beer
Safeway value, spicy ginger beer, Caribbean cocktail bringing cheer
Beautiful scenery, sunshine, leisure, D&G ill hand doubles the pleasure
Sunshine, sparkle, fabulous fizz, Old Jamaica knows what treasure is
Safeway harbours special pleasure, amber, gold, liquid treasure
Cool D&G tastes supreme, add Jamaica for a Caribbean dream
Exploring would be great, with ginger beer as bait

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