About Me

My name is Gill. I'm a civil servant, living in Warwickshire and working in London, which doesn't leave a lot of spare time - but I'm hopelessly addicted to comping... I have dabbled in comping for many years, but was never that systematic about it until I took it up 'seriously' in June 1996. Initially focusing on tiebreaker competitions. I work with words, and thought that if I applied myself, it must be possible to learn the various styles and apply them successfully. I read lots of books and magazines on the subject - one of the most useful and inspiring being Martin Dove's book, 'How to win consumer competitions' (unfortunately, out of print now).

I have had some success with tiebreakers, including a TV, CD player, and 300 Kwik Save vouchers - but I overdosed on them a few years ago and rarely do them nowadays. In any case my biggest prizes (including holidays to Australia, the Caribbean, the USA and the Maldives) have come from prize draws and more recently, web competitions, so I concentrate my efforts on these now. However, the theory still holds good for those with the time and inclination - you really can substantially increase your chances of winning by developing the skills to write good tiebreakers. I have enjoyed building the website, even if I'm not so keen on doing the actual tiebreakers.

My other interests include: swimming; cats; reading; music (mainly rock and pop); surfing the internet and chatting to friends and tapestry, needlework & other crafts (mostly in various unfinished stages in cupboards!). Lately I have become an ebay addict too, you can see the items I have for sale at the moment by clicking here.

Here I am with lots of other compers at the 'Big Brum' meeting held in December 2000 (I'm the one in the flowery skirt)

Rogues' Gallery

Big Brum 2002 in photos

My USA holiday