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A better Mun(i)ch All mein Bavarian Best in my stein
Berlin affair Bier Bratwurst Deutsch
Fairytale castles Fest past the post Fest and foremost Food 
Frau Fraulein Full marks  Gotterdammerung good flavour
Herr Herr outside and Her indoors Hock Lager
Liebfraumilch Make mein a Mark it well Mark my word
Oktoberfest Pleasure’s all mein Rhine Stein 
Steins of bier Strudel Take a Rhine check Teutonic
Traditional fest Unified Vineyards Wagner better ‘ring’ pull
Walls down for Wine Wunderbar Wurst is best

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Fest / best / request Stein / mein / wine / line / Rhine / fine / dine
Wurst / first / thirst

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I'd like to be refreshed by Holsten Pils because…
Enjoying remixed Holsten Pils in Hamburg - Wunder 'Bar'
At the Oktoberfest I intend to drink Lowenbrau because…
With the best in my Stein, the pleasure's all mein
Authentic taste and unique location, guarantee a truly festive occasion
Amongst a multitude of tins, this 'roaring' success always wins
Lowenbrau's obviously best, at this Bavarian Oktoberfest
I enjoy Franziskaner Weissbier because…
Weissbier delights me, Munich excites me, hope Franziskaner invites me

Its perfect brew, instant pleasure, lasting enjoyment simply beyond measure.

It's a festival favorite with honoured position, religiously brewed in Teutonic tradition
Carefully poured gently swirled, it's the tastiest beer in the world
Brewed by distinguished religious order, it's ordered religiously by distinguished drinkers
I would like to travel to Germany with VM Low because…
Having selected the finest German wine, VM Low will ensure a wonderful time
I would like to win a DER luftansa Berlin break because…
Berlin presents a traditional fest, and Germany's worst is undoubtedly best!
Sampling Safeway's German array, my fancy took flight for this weekend away
Flying Lufthansa, in DER's care, the perfect ingredients for a Berlin affair
Bierwurst, snudels, beer from a stein, these enjoyments would be all mein
Deutschland beckons, something to savour, a superb flight with German flavour
I would like to win a German touring holiday because…
Breathtaking scenery seen by car, like my Co-op, Germany would be wunderbar
This picturesque home of fairytale saga, offers delightful wines, food and lager
I'd like to discover German wine because…
Uncorking this liquid golden treasure, would give me undiluted pleasure
I think Holsten Export is a pure beer in a wicked world because…
Exacting German purity laws, suit 'Herr' outside and her indoors'
When angels fear to tread, Holsten Export stays cool, keeps its head
With Holsten Export, heaven is only a ring-pull away
I would like to discover German wine with the German travel service because…
Luxurious flavour, quality that's rare, bouquets rivalling sweetest Rhine air
I drink DAB beer because...
Great taste prize winning quencher, pull the ring for a Munich adventure
I'd love to go to Warners World in Germany because…
Action, adventure, lots more besides, putting my towel down makes me first on the rides
I like Krausen Keller German Wines because…
Elegant, refreshing, affordable price, my taste buds cruise to paradise

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