Using free BP petrol from Tetley I can get around to... 
Increasing my social circulation with fuel from the perfect perforation
I'm switching to Shell Stations wherever I can because… 
A swipe beats a cheque since Shell "Switched" on to high tech!
Cheques are a turn off so I Switched on to Shell. 
Every "Shell” I pick - "Switch" makes it quick 
Forward thinkers all unite and "switch" the bill with one Shell "swipe" 
Happy motorists in the know switch to super Shell and go 
I don't queue with cheques and itch - super Shell helps me Switch! 
I've chequed out quicker since I Switched at Shell 
In a world of automation, Shell is 'Switching" on the nation 
It’s an easier way to be Switched on to Shell service 
It's fast and easy using Switch at Shell 
It's quick to pay then fast away so Switch on Shell, today 
It's the safest, swiftest way to pay, so Switch for Shell today 
Just one "swipe", no delays, "Switching" to Shell always pays 
Like Shell, I'm "Switched" on! 
It’s convenient and easy. Shell are "Switched" on to people's needs 
My journey goes without a hitch thanks to Shell petrol and Switch 
No more fuss, less expense. Switching at Shell makes common sense. 
Petrol my Switch means Shell gets me there quick 
Put Shell in, take Switch out, nothing simpler without a doubt! 
Queuing is such an onus Shell and Switch is a double bonus 
Service high, prices low, Switching at Shell is the way to go 
Service, civility plus engine care, Switching to Shell these benefits I share. 
Shell and Switch a brilliant combination, fast and efficient across the nation. 
Shell are Switched on to the customers future needs 
Shell dispels those fuel time blues, as "Switching" "swipes" away those queues 
Shell have Switched the cheque knowledge 
Shell seekers save seconds "swiping" with Switch 
Shell sells simpler sales with the "Switch-swipe" 
Shell so fine, Switch is quick, ensures smooth running for every trip 
Shell's service - second to none, and using Switch I may have won. 
Shelling out with Switch is easier than "chequeing" out 
Simple, convenient and no queuing - Switching at Shell is what I'm doing!
Stop at Shell, everything's swell. Use my Switch without a hitch 
Switch and Shell are the winning team 
Switch and Shell, serve me well 
Switch is fast, Shell is best, takes me ahead of the rest 
Switch is simple, easy, quick. Switch to Shell, the one to pick 
Switch is wonderfully simple and Shell is simply wonderful 
Switch saves cheques Shell checks pollution 
Switch saves time when you see the Shell sign
Switch to "Switch" don't delay, Shell will keep you going each day 
Switching at Shell is switching to simplicity 
Switching at Shell makes cheque books a sham 
Switching with Shell is the simplest solution 
The Switch symbol at Shell stands supreme, setting standards seldom seen 
There is no delay when you "Switch" the Shell way 
There's no full and no wait - Switching at Shell is really great!
There's no wait. Switch and Shell together really are first rate!
Using Shell with Switch to pay gives me a slicker, quicker getaway
With Switch and Shell quality and convenience gel

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