Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



Brakes Brands Hatch Car Champion
Championship Chequered flag Chicane Circuit
Cool as ice Crash helmet Engine Excitement
Extreme Fast Fast and furious Fast time
Flash Formula for success Formula one Fuel injection
Fuels thirst Full throttle Geared to Get into gear
Grand Prix Grand Prix fever Grid Hakkinen
High octane Lap Lap record Laps
Lead Leaders Motor No indy-cision
Overtake Performance Pits Pit starts
Pitstop Podium Pole position Powerful
Practice Put my foot down Racing certainty Racy
Racy little number Refuel Revving up Roar of the crowd
Schumacher Second to none Seconds away Silverstone
Steer clear Stirling Moss Team Thrill
Thrills Throttle Track Twists and turns
Tyre Tyre stop Unbeatable Whizz
Winning formula Winning team    

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Dash / flash First / thirst
Thrill / bill / fill / refill Throttle / bottle
Villeneuve / nerve  

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Moet is the perfect partner for Formula 1 because…
The audience is spellbound, applauding each rendition, whilst Moet unobtrusively secures pole position
It is the grandest Prix you can get
A sparkling performance from start to finish - the thrill and excitement never diminish
Coulthard skids, Schumacher's a spinner, but Moet & Chandon's always a winner
It gives a bit of flash after the 'splash and dash'
Both are tops in their own fields and together unbeatable
Michael and Ferrari going full throttle, reminds me of Moet - like a cork from the bottle
It represents like Formula 1, continuous dedication to achieving perfection
Moet overtakes all opposition with its 'sparkling' success, their winning formula's in pole position - always guaranteed to impress
Murray Walker, top talker; Villeneuve and Williams, top team; but pole position for sparkle is Moet & Chandon Champagne
The first on the track must have the first in champagne
Both give a rush of explosive excitement
It is the Grand Prix of champagne and equally exhilarating in taste
It takes pole position in the champagne stakes and is chequered flag every time
It's a winner every time
Superb performances, Grand Prix class, match the standards in my glass
A blend of experience, skill and finesse, are the common formula for uncommon success
Together they make a winning team
Their 'stirling' qualities make my heart 'race', for 'grandeur' and 'sparkle' they both win first place
On presentation of Moet classic 'bouquet', good taste geared to the formula one likes clearly wins the day
One sparkling performance deserves another
In pole position for success, their sparkling performances always impress
It's a racy little number which sparkles in the eye of a champion
Both provoke a sparkling smile, litre after litre, mile after mile
They've both got the perfect Formula - to be number 1
I smoke Benson and Hedges Superkings because…
Benson & Hedges is in pole position with their winning formula and make Asda lap the opposition
I would like to be a Formula 1 racing driver because…
I've Fostered dreams, but always steered clear, but it 'Schumacher' better career
If you could have a telephone conversation with a famous person, who would it be, and why?
Damon Hill - When you need a 'brake', race for a Quaver because Walkers Shu-mak-er flavour to savour
I would be up for a racy weekend because: 
Seat in stand, Fosters in hand, I'm in a Belgian Spa Wonderland
Because I love F1 nearly as much as I do Fosters
Because with Fosters in my bag I'll be first past the flag
Fostering dreams of better 'secs'  life, would Schumacher difference to my wife!
Spa-rkling atmosphere, cheers and booze, would overtake me, win or lose
When feeling really Grand - as my first Prix-requisite is Fosters at hand

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