Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



A key player A good left foot A good right foot A banana shot
Action Action replay Aim An inch perfect pass
Atmosphere Attraction Away Away win
Ball Bar Big match Boot
Boot out Boots Can of the match Celebration
Centre forward Centre for Champion Championship
Cheers Chip Corner Corner kick
Corner flag Cream of the cup Crossbar Crowd pleasers
Crowd puller Crowd pleasing Defence Defender
Defender against Draw Dream team Dribble
Eleven England squad Extra time FA Cup
Fail to qualify Fan-tastic Fans Fantastic
Fantasy football FIFA Final Final Score
Final result First division Fixture Football hooligan
Footwork Forwards Foul Free kick
Goal Goal of the day Gone out of play Great save
Great team Half time Hand ball Hat trick
Head for Header Hell for leather His names gone in the book
Hit the back of the net Home win Home In the net
Indirect / direct free kick Its a funny old game Jackpot Just the ticket
Keep possession Keeper Key player Kick
Kick off Kick out Kill Kit
Lager lout League League of their own Leather
Left back Leg Linesman Lob
Lose Make my goal Man of the match Man of the moment
Match of the day Mid field Midfield player Net
No match No score draw No match for No substitute
Off side Official Oh my word On the volley
On side On the bench On the spot On the ball
Our aim is Our goal is Over the moon Pass
Penalties Penalty Penalty area Penalty spot
Penalty shoot out Perfectly scored Performance Pitch
Pitch invasion Players Plays into extra time Pleasing crowds
Possession Post Premier league Premier position
Premiership brand Producing results Professional Qualify
Qualify for Quarter finals Red card Red card for
Ref Referee Replays Reserve
Results Right back Save Save of the day
Saves Score Score draw Score goals
Season Seasoned Selling a dummy Semi finals
Send off Sending off Shirt Shoot
Shot Sick as a parrot Side Spectacular result
Spot Squad Stadium Stand
Strike Striker Striking Striking display
Striking performance Strikingly clear Strip Studs
Substitute(s) Supporter Sweeper Swerve
Tackle Tactics Team Team colours
The big match The final whistle The final score The boy done good
The corner of the net They think its all over Third place play off Three lions
Thrilling match Throw in Time added on Title
To hit the post To boot Toast the team Top draw
Trap True to form Turf United supporters
Value their goal Volley Wall Wembley
When performance is on the line ~ delivers every time Win Winger Winner
Winning Winning score World Cup World class team
Yellow card      

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Ball / fall / haul / maul / shawl / small / hall / tall / call / stall / pall / enthrall / befall / overhaul Beat / heat / sweet / neat / seat / cheat / defeat / feat / meat / repeat / treat / meet / sheet / feet / fleet / greet / street / eat / discreet / complete / deceit / petite / receipt
Best / vest / west / quest / chest / rest / zest /test Champ / scamp / camp / ramp / tramp / damp / cramp / lamp / clamp / stamp
Compete / elite / defeat / athlete / beat / heat / meet Draw / score
Fan / tan / man / ban / can / pan / ran / scan / plan / bran / flan / van / span Field / yield / heeled / wield
Man / can Match / patch / scratch / catch / latch / detach / batch / hatch / thatch / snatch / attach / batch
Opposition / no competition Participate / spectate
Play / delay / way / stay / way / pay / gay / bay / lay / ray / decay / day / hay / spray / may / pray / stray / say / sway / clay Score / bore / boar / adore / ore / oar / four / lure / cure / secure / obsure / pure / sure / insure / mature / encore / more / galore / before / pour / store / core / fore / chore / shore / implore / snore / pore / soar / sore / tore / tour / roar / your / floor / door / moor
Team / dream / teem / esteem / cream / mean / scheme / scream / theme / supreme / seem / steam / beam / stream / deem / esteem Win / din / grin / gin / sin / twin / cabin / fin / begin / thin / kin / skin / pin / spin / tin / violin / redskin / chin / bin / kitchen / origin
Winners / dinners / grinners  

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I would search the maze for French apples because....
They are gorgeous, and have more kick than French footballers
My school deserves to win a training session with Ryan Giggs because ...
Capri sun fires us up, but we want to drink it from the FA cup
Carling and Kwik Save are the number one match because ...
Extraordinary lager, extraordinary store - lower prices means glasses raised more
Contented customers their aim, making a Kwik Save their game
Carling fans score with Kwik Saves galore
Substantial saves throughout their range - a strikingly refreshing change
For lowest prices and quenching thirst, connoisseurs put them first
Their standards never waver, first for value, first for flavour
Outstanding saves, tastes supreme, winning ways from a quality team
Tasteful tactics, savings galore, keep delighted fans returning for more
Each has striking appeal, pleasing crowds, no nonsense deals
Fabulous lager, little to pay, indisputably 'match of the day'
Coca-cola has got the bottle because .
There are plenty of substitutes but no match!
Gary Lineker and the Spice Girls make a great team because ...
They all became mega hits, by putting quality and taste behind their kicks
You'll get a great score from ten feet
Together with Walkers they score a hat-trick
Striking company, sporty fit, on the ball, they're 'Fantas-kick'
Like Walkers snacks at Forbuoys store, they always make an attractive draw
When it comes to the 'crunch', they're a striking bunch
In the popularity stakes they always score, all they really, really want is Walkers galore
Forbuoys and Gary, 'five-a-side' to me, Girl Power Vs Boy - I 'wannabe' referee
The Team England needs Ariel because…
This combination takes some beating, against them there's no competing
When paired together we'll go hell for leather
Against pros or beginners they're automatic winners
It helps them clean up at the back and sparkle at the front
Like all winners it has a strong, clean finish
The cleaner the strip the longer the trip
Their goals are both the same, a clean sweep their main aim
It always gets a brilliant result
You can't match it and you won't beat it
With spotless kit we never get beat, always keeping a clean sheet
One dazzling performance deserves another
Supporters get the perfect view of team colours bright and true
It will tackle dirt and grime, without the need for extra time
Clean strip would be vital, when we strip Brazil of the title
It sets standards rivals can't follow
Both have line-ups unsurpassed, and all opposition is outclassed
They are pros not beginners, fast favourites, clean winners
They ensure the red, white and blue, last all summer through
Whatever the challenge, whatever the grime, spotless results time after time
Both have one goal in mind to leave opponents way behind
When put to the test it beats the rest
With innovation, economy and flair, they achieve striking results beyond compare
Football fanatics across the land are united supporters of this winning brand
A wash with efficiency gives striking proficiency
Their world beating blitz needs the smartest of kits
Coca Cola and Snickers are the best Euro 96 team because…
With my 'inside left' satisfied, I'll be 'right back' for more
I won my 5,000 match bonus with Carling when…
A canny Kwik Save from Schmichael gave Carling the Premiership title
Newcastle Brown Ale is my one and only because…
A taste of 'Shearer' magic, an unforgettable trip, makes Newky Brown favourite for the Champion'sip'
If there was a World Cup for fans, I would quality because…
Like Coca Cola - the results in the can, flying the flag, I'm a premier fan
East or west, with enthusiasm and zest, following my team we will reach our dream
I would twist everyone with my supernatural skill
If there was a World Cup for fans, I should qualify because…
Should I fail, as a fan, I've got the bottle to carry the can
To be a ball boy, a dream come true, and England supporter, through and through
Supporting my team is seldom nice, they go down quicker than a Kwik Save price
Unlike Maradona, I would win hands down
This 'Ince'y boy is 'Wright' off his rocker, 'Batty' about Coke, and mad about soccer
However supported, terrace or telly, Coke 'dribbles' past my throat, and 'scores' in my belly
If there was a World Cup for fans, I would qualify because…
Whatever the weather my interest never flags
Scores not important, lose or beat, for 'Coca Cola' lays the world at my feet
My 'pride' for the lions makes me 'fan of the match'
When victory 'Beckhams' I'll wave my banner, showing 'Shearer' delight in a responsible manner
Kicking a ball, saving a catch, in my dreams I'm at every match
I live in the kit, worship the team, please Coca Cola complete my dream
If there was a World Cup for fans, I should qualify because…
Coke the drink, Hoddle the man, a world-beating team for this number one fan
I believe whatever the colour, whatever the team, the language of football inspires the dream
I'm no 'Fowler' and I'm never 'Ruud' to referees
Shirt on back and Coke in hand, I follow my team all over the land
Notice extra sparkle, lacked by other guys? Drinking Coca Cola put 'Le Stade' into my eyes
Shearer's magic, Sherringham flies, but for unfailing support I'd win first prize
We Blackpool fans go through hell. Like Coke we've got bottle - and 'go down' well
I am a supporter of fair play because…
Better a happy Snicker eater than a snappy kicker cheater
Gary Lineker and Walkers crisps make a great team because…
They're always on the ball when the tastebuds call
Red Card gives me Extended Energy for…
My love life - tired and boring, too much dribbling and not enough scoring
Fitness and zest a 'header' the rest, exhaustion 'sent off' gusto refreshed
Refereeing: Energy provision always right, pit it cannot improve my eyesight
Providing the 'Arsenal' which 'Leeds' to glory
The Cup Final, too much Red Card and I'll need a urinal
It is said 'seven days without Red Card makes one weak'
When I'm football training I like to drink Tango because…
It's a fizzical attraction
A Tango a day keeps the Red Card away
Tango tickles your tasting tackle
It makes me burp
Fi, fa, fo, fum, other drinks nil - Tango won
Makes me 'fizzical' like Vinnie Jones - but I'm nicer to players bones
Tango has plenty of substitutes but no match
As goalie it's my excuse for having an open mouth
After mom's cooking it's the best drink to take away the taste
This football crazy Tango fan, gets fizzio therapy from its can
Tango's taste is undeniable - I wish my team were as reliable
Like Chelsea's players lifting the cup, Tango is the one to sup
After someone makes a lunge, it's better than the magic sponge
Other drinks taste 'foul'
With Tango in my belly I play as good as Pele
If there was a World Cup for fans I would qualify because…
I'm football crazy, football mad, I 'Alldays' watch it with my Dad
If there was a World Cup for fans, why should you quality…
Like Coca Cola my team's number one - both give me a kick and 'fizzical' fun
When I quench my thirst with Coca Cola I can shout "Come On England" the loudest
I want to be a Flagbearer at World Cup 98 because…
The World Cup excites me, Coca Cola delights me, Tesco please invite me
You always score with Snickers because…
Chunky chocolate, irresistible inner, home or away, the results a winner
At kick off, half time, journey home, when hunger strikes there's no need to roam
I can't wait to go to the World Cup because…
World class players will play the greatest game, played with passion for glory and fame
With French flair, English roar, Snickers never fail to score
I'm nuts about Snickers because…
Half time, full time, bite or lick it, a Snickers snack is just the ticket
I want to follow my team to the World Cup with Braun because…
Hair we go, hair we go, hair we go
Budweiser and the World Cup are a winning team because…
King of Beers in France 98, the soccer's so good and the Bud tastes great
Budweiser fans always score at Safeway with saves galore
Despite the toughest competition, they're goals ahead of the opposition
World Cup and Budweiser - pure pleasure, hubby will think I'm a real treasure
First class football - world class beer, 'fan'tastic 'buddies' - unite to cheer
Fantastic taste and spectacular play, make them the ultimate 'Match of the Day'
Budweiser and the World Cup 98 are a winning team because…
Budweiser and football need no translation, they score with fans from every nation
'tackling' thirst and tasty to 'boot', the 'striking' performance means there's no 'substitute'
Sparkling, striking, sensational and cool, the taste of a team in control of the ball
Budweiser and the World Cup are a winning team because...
We're Alldays winners triumph or tears, 'cos whatever the outcome Budweiser cheers
I would love to watch Euro 96 on TV after eating my Kelloggs cereal because…
Kelloggs in my tummy, England winning ball, so much excitement, I long for Ragdale hall
My selected UK team could win the World Cup if...
They all play true to form and at their best with total Zest
I would sell my grandmother to be one of the 90,000 fans who cheer out the teams at Wembley in the final of Euro '96 because...
I only got half the ticket money when I sold grandad
I would love to win a trip to the Euro '96 final with LEE jeans because...
LEE are Europe's champion brand
I would like to meet my Manchester United heroes because...
Champions excite me, Beckhams delight me, hope Sainburys invite me
Delicious Jaffa cakes everyone knows, eases aches in Beckham's toes
Exams no Giggles, Schooles grim, Butt fortunate me if Ir-win
For 'fan'tastic football skill, they 'take the biscuit' still
I'd be over the 'Full Moon'
Jaffa cake in hand, I'm in 'Neville Neville' land
Keane tackles, Beckham can score, but Jaffa Cakes I adore
Let's not quibble they make me 'dribble'
Manchester United excites me, Jaffa's delight me, please invite me
United have what others lack, everyone's favourite half-time snack

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