I'd like to take my family on a summer holiday to Florida because...
 Dollars, nickels, pounds or pence, a dime at Safeway makes good cents.
Tell us where in the world you would like us to take you and why… 
 Florida - one part Disney, two parts fun, stir in Fanta, pour out fun
 I'd like to enjoy a Budweiser at Busch Gardens, Tampa, because…
 Only the 'genuine article', can provide the 'bottle' needed for their rides
 I’d like to ‘go wild’ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom because...
 Mufasa cheering, Simba's delighted, the hyenas are laughing cos we've been invited
 It's cheerio England impetuous me, unrestrained creatures fantastic to see
 The only wildlife I've ever seen is a zebra crossing in our concrete jungle
 Tracking serial killers on the roof would send my adrenalin through the roof
 We Shere Khan cause a hulla Baloo, the mancubs and I on our Disney debut
 Ce-real animal magic ze brand gnu creation! I'm relion on Shreddies
 Seventeen years married to my spouse, we'd love to rave with Mickey Mouse
 Minnies my heroine Mickey's a star, Florida's my dream world with Shreddies it's not far
 I'd stampede the hero run with the pride, take a safari on Walt's wild side
 With animals live theatre safaris hair raising rides each Disney day is extremely spectacular
 Florida pink grapefruit have that sunshine taste because…
 Before they arrived on Sainsbury's shelves, Florida Pinks were sunning themselves
 When I'm Dopey, Sleepy or Grumpy, one mouthful makes me Happy
 It's sweet, refreshing, zingy bite, Sainsbury's quality at a price that's right
Such unrivalled sweetness appeal - even Dopey has the "cents" to buy them 
 When Michel Fish makes me cry, they're my personal sun supply
 They focus on quality and zoom in on taste
 It's great to lick 'em, I'd love to go and pick 'em
 At picnics, barbecues and al-fresco leisure, grapefruit is thirst quenching pleasure!
 Plumptious and juicy, nature's wealth, the perfect answer to blushing good health
 The pink on the label, guarantees the best on table!
 One part Sainsbury's, two parts sun, stir in Florida pour out sun
 Legendary flavour is no myth, goodness you cannot Tamper with
 Florida pink grapefruit is good for you because…
 Vitamins make us what we are -bursting with them in Florida!
 Bursting with vitamins, ready to eat, it's a healthy, delicious any time treat
 Soaked in sunshine, tended with care, there's nothing more natural anywhere
 Not only does it stimulate the appetite, it is refreshingly satisfying
 The grapefruit with the Florida sticker, keeps me healthier and fitter
 The Florida sunshine is in every juicy segment
 You'll stay in the pink with this sunshine link
 They are the sweet and juicy way, to stay healthy everyday
 Natural, nutritious, packed with sun, I'm 'tickled pink' with every one
 Of its energy giving vitamins, natural refreshing taste -altogether they're the best
 There's no sweeter way to start a day
 Nothings sweeter on the inside, to keep you fitter on the outside!
 Natural vitamins, succulent taste, Florida grapefruit helps whittle your waist!
 It's refreshingly sweet, full of nutrition, value in the Somerfield tradition
Low calorie, high taste, vital vitamins - less waist!
Bursting with vitamins (especially C), Florida's are naturally good for me
Full of vitamin C goodness, a healthier bite! Somerfield's quality price - just right!
Eat Florida Pink Grapefruit neat, it's sweet, delicious and can't be beat
Full of goodness, juicy and sweet, sunshine fruit so delicious to eat
It starts your day in the juiciest way!
Sainsbury's Florida pink grapefruit have that sunshine taste because
They're the world "fruit-ball" champions
Safeway Florida Pink Grapefruit Competition
It's sweet, refreshing, zingy bite, Safeway's quality at a price that's right
I would like to pick an orange in a Florida orange grove because…
Imagine tasting for real, what gives vitality mouth watering appeal
I love French prunes because…
Francais Pruneaux, always in fashion, tenderly grown, consumed with passion
For flavour, fibre, fitness, fun, Pruneaux are the number one
Sunshine grown to French tradition, wholesome, delicious, full of nutrition
Beginning life as humble plum, how flavoursome French prunes become
Perfectly grown, expertly dried, - the tastiest prunes ever tried
Selected plums, kissed by the sun, resulting in Pruneaux - pleasing everyone
Full of fibre soaked in sun, very nutritious for everyone.
Tender Pruneaux every day, evoke the taste of French soeil
Pruneaux are a tempting treat, succulent healthy, ready to eat
Every wrinkle hides a twinkle! N'est pas?
I'd love to be sipping Budweiser at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld because…
Senses thrilled, glasses filled, my choice is Budweiser perfectly chilled
My mum deserves her dreams coming true because…
I'm obnoxious, dad gets snappy, time that someone made mum happy!
She's always caring, always fair, always loving, in all ways rare
She gives me love and affection, advice and direction
She deserves her "American Dream" for loving management of our home team
Loving, caring, funny and wise, fairly small but her hearts outsize
Every day mum takes the flak Orlando's magic would pay her back
Caring for me can cause despair, this will show I really care
Driven mad by sis and me, she dreams of regaining sanity
Her life's so fairy tale, full of monsters, each one male!
She's my best pal, my favourite chum - loving, caring, sharing mum
Children cares, housework done, goes to work and still she's fun
My family would enjoy a holiday in Florida because...
Mum and the kids deserve the thrill of seeing Donald Duck without a Bill
I would love to win flights to Orlando with Virgin Atlantic because…
They're first for value, second to none and like Orlando they're number one!
Even a kid like me is made to feel a V.I.P
Unijet is my first choice for a Florida holiday because…
Using my loaf to Unijet there; Florida holidays with people who care!
Two weeks in Florida would be the perfect holiday for me and my family because…
We’d travel the state with our Fodor’s beside us, and relax in the style that First Choice provide us
I would like to fly with Dime from Kwik Save to the Everglades because…
Nickels, dollars, pounds or pence, Dime at Kwik Save makes good 'cents'

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