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All at Sea All fingers and yums Angling for Batter
Best tuna'round Better bite Bones Bream with content
Can for all seasons Cast off Catch Catch a crab
Caught Cheap Cod Cured by smoking
Deeply impressive Eye see / want the best Fillet Fins ain't what they used to be
Fins First plaice Fish for compliments Fish
Fish & chips Fish fingers Fishy Flatfish
Food for thought Fresh(er) Freshly caught From the depths of
Gills Good company, freeze for a crowd Haddock Hake
Haul Healthy looking scales Herring Holy mackerel, Batman cries
Hook line & sinker Hooked on this line In the pink In the swim
Judgement of salmon Kippers Launched a thousand chips Leap at the chance
Leap for the salmon Light Luxury Mackerel
More fish, less fuss Mussel in Net value Octopus
Oil lot of flakin' going on On the scales Once fried.. Out of its shell
Pieces of cod... Passeth all understanding Pilchards Plaice Quick
Rainbow's end Real catch Roe Sardines
Scaled the heights Scales Sea Sea what's best
Serves its porpoise Shark Shrimply great Silly old trout
Sink Skate around Smoked Sole contender
Sole Dover, Beethoven Sole Steak Su'fish'ient for
Swim Swimmingly Tartar sauce The Birds Eye found in the sea
They're playing my tuna Tops from... Depths Trawl for Trawler
Up the ladder of success Vinegar Whale of a ... Your plaice or mine

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Beat / treat Best / John West
Bet / net / wet Born / prawn
Bought / caught Break / steak
Catch / match Caught / sort
Cheap / leap Easy cooking / good looking
Economic / Gastronomic Evoked / smoked
Fat / flat Fine/ line/ sign
Finger / linger Fish / wish / dish / garnish / finish / swish / polish / tarnish / furnish / astonish / Irish / flourish / nourish / British / lavish
Hook / look Kipper / skipper
Perfection / selection Pink / in a wink
Sooner / tuna Thaw / store
Tried / fried  

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I buy my fish from Sainsbury's because
It's Sainsbury's 'haul' of fame
Princes Mackerel fillets are best because...
They provide fast frame-filling feasts
I look for Scottish salmon carrying the tartan brand quality mark in Safeway stores because...
Where quality's a must, this hallmark I can trust
The quality is unquestioned, the value unsurpassed
I buy quality approved Scottish salmon in Safeway stores because...
Having discovered perfection why risk random selection
 I like Sainsbury's Alaskan red salmon because…
 They "played" the "pools" and "landed" a reel catch
I look for Scottish Salmon carrying the tartan brand quality mark in Safeway stores because…
Where quality's a must, this hallmark I can trust
The quality is unquestioned, the value unsurpassed
I insist on buying John West products because…
Quality products fill the tin, the freshest out since they went in
Authentic ingredients, ready to savour - just open up for fresh Scottish flavour
The standards never waiver, first for value, first for flavour
Scottish fish products from John West, are quite simply the very best
John West feeds the hungriest clans, with delicious saucy fish in cans
They're delicious, nutritious, conviently canned, at pleasing prices for a quality brand
Quality fish - a Scottish tradition - provides a meal with healthy nutrition.
A gourmet meal is a guarantee, without going on a spending spree
John West's tradition for healthy nutrition, the natural selection when seeking perfection
Delicious cold, tasty hot, for flavour and value it's "Scot" the lot
Quality approved Scottish Salmon is simply the best because…
Tartan on the label means perfection on the table
I buy quality approved Scottish Salmon in Safeway stores because…
Having discovered perfection why risk random selection
Quality approved Scottish Salmon makes Christmas special because…
Scottish salmon, the quality fish, makes the perfect Xmas family dish
I like to buy my Scottish Trout from M&S because…
The thistle on the label, means excellence on the table
It’s quality ashored
I expect quality, succulence and flavour - it’s Scot the lot!
It brings a rainbow in my life
Quality, freshness, taste and variety make my choice quite Sporrantaneous
It’s guaranteed to be a perfect catch every time
Otherwise I know I’d always ‘Roux’ the day
Marks & Spencer aye delivers, fish frae Scottish rivers
Superior quality tips the scales, other brands just fisherman’s tales
There’s nae dout aboot this trout - it’s a real beaut
It gets full Marks- as fast food its indisSpencerable
I buy the finest Scottish Trout at Sainsbury's because…
Superior fish, outstanding taste, kind to pocket, heart and waist
Online or in’t’net, Sainsbury’s Scottish Trout is shopper’s best bet
For healthy living there’s no doubt, nothing beats Scottish trout
What Scotland perfects, Sainsbury’s select
Succulent taste, a fish to savour, Sainsbury’s value, Scotland’s flavour
Delicious, nutritions, easily cooked, like visits to Scotland - forever hooked.
Quality fish - a Scottish tradition, provides a meal with healthy nutrition
Every biteful’s delightful
If not, the codfather would have my prawns for starters!
To be specific it tastes terrific
Savoury dish, superbly presented, leaves palates pleased and pockets contented
My favourite way of eating fish fingers is…
Crammed inside a buttered cob, I say "cool", mum says "yob"!
Lick my lips, take a big bite, teatime is really great tonight
Around the campfire with my chums, nothing left but full up tums
Input Birds Eyes greatest digits, program completed, hunger deleted
Off a plate since reaching four, before that mainly off the floor!
With a bite and a swallow, and more to follow

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