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Ablaze Adds fuel to the fire All that glitters is not gold Appearances can be deceptive
As warm as toast Attractive Baptism by fire Blaze
Blaze a trail Blow hot and cold Bright sparks Burn a hole in the pocket
Burn one's bridges Burn the candle at both ends Burn the midnight oil Catch fire
Charm Coal Coal face Cold / 'coal'ed
Comfort Comforting warmth Control Cosy / cosiness
Curl up in front of the fire Dead heat Earth wind and fire Economical
Effective Efficient Electric avenue Fan the flames
Feel the warmth Festive cheer Fight fire with fire Fire
Fire fly Fire works Fire eater Fire and brimstone
Fire off questions First / second / third degree burns Flames Flaming success
Flickering flames Get one's fingers burnt Get on like a house on fire Glow
Glowing embers Go up in smoke Hang fire Haul over the coals
Have you got a light, boy Heart(h) and home Heat Heat of the moment
Hot stuff Hot under the collar In the hot seat Instant
Keep the home fires burning Living flame effect Magical / magicoal effect Money to burn
My ears are burning No smoke without fire Old flame On the back burner
Open fire on Out of the frying pan into the fire Playing with fire Real fire
Realistic effect Relax, it's a Baxi Set the world on fire Several irons in the fire
Shoot down in flames Smoke gets in your eyes Snug Solid sense
Spread like wildfire Sure fire winner The fat is in the fire Through fire and water
Timeless design Too hot to handle Transform Warm glow
Warm up Warm the cockles of your heart Warms the heart(h)s Welcoming
Where there's smoke, there's fire      

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Atmosphere / cheer / here / near / dear / year / sincere / volunteer / appear Attractive / effective / deceptive

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I chose British gas Services for my central heating because ...
I can put me feet up knowing Celsia heating will get me glowing
The standard is good and the quality high, without draining my bank account dry
The price is right, the flame is bright, and 100,000 customers must be right
For the price of a tan, I can get the best central heating I can
Experienced people are for us, doing the work without a fuss
I insist on the best, and won't settle for less
Why take the risk with the home and cash, I put my faith in British Gas
Controllable warmth and water in reach, cancels worries of winter, so show me the beach
They always please, when beating the freeze, with their service, safety and expertise
The thing to us that really shines, was British Gas services offer of peace of mind
There's no guesswork with the British Gas network
For servicing and installation they are best, British Gas services knock spots off the rest
Quality, care and service that are 3 star, make Scottish Gas the best by far
I know I will be as warm as toast and not pay the most
Gas is warm, gas is neat, gas is everyone's kind of heat

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