Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



Account Advance Advice Affluent
Afford (able) Appreciation Asset (s) Balance
Black Bundle Buy Capital
Cash Change Charge (s) Cheque / check
Control Cost Credit Currency
Debit Debt Depend Deposit
Down Draft Economise Finance
Flexible Flush Fund Gold
Good advice Grand Guarantee (d) Hassle free
Hire Income Index linked Inflation (proof)
Information Insolvent Insure / ensure Interest
Invest (ment) Liquid Living Loan
Lolly Look after the pennies Market Means
Means testing Millionaire Mint (ed) Money
Moneybags Mortgage Nest Egg Never never
Overdraft Outgoings Packet Pension
Poor Proceeds Profit / prophet Purchase
Purse Rainy day Rate Red
Rely Repayments Reserves Return (s)
Rich Safe Salary Saving (s)
Secure Shares Shell out Solvent
Sorted Sound advice Specialist Spend
Squander Statement Steal Sterling
Stocks Tax Tick Thrift
Trade Treasure Trust Value
Wallet Wealth Wider picture Worth

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Account / amount / count / paramount / discount Bank / rank / frank / thank / blank / drank
Broke / folk / joke / stroke / spoke Cash / dash / flash / rash / splash / smash
Change / range / exchange / arrange Charge / large / discharge
Cost / lost / glossed / crossed / frost Dear / fear / beer / cheer / clear / year / steer / career / volunteer / here
Finance / dance / trance / chance / balance / romance / guidance / enhance / insurance / fragrance Invest / interest
Money / honey / funny / sunny / harmony / matrimony Note / float / promote / quote
Pay / way / stay / spray / day / play / may Pence / expense / tense / confidence / evidence / excellence / dispense / sense / intense
Pocket / rocket / socket / locket Poor / adore / four / cure / secure / insure / mature / before / more / pour
Pound / found / ground / astound / profound / round / surround / bound Raise / rays
Rich / which / switch Spend / lend / end / tend / friend / trend / recommend / blend / defend / Godsend
Value / new / clue / rue / knew / true / through / review / menu Wealth / health / self

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I can really relax with a Barclays Mortgage because…
With their easy, speedy action, I've got total satisfaction.
You get wider mortgage picture, with sound, crystal clear advice
Hassle-free and yet supported - Barclays got my mortgage sorted
My mortgage specialist gave the best sound information for us
I applied to take out a NatWest loan because…
Pockets empty, grant all spent, need a loan to pay the rent
I've worked hard, done the graft, now time to kill the overdraft
Studies over, salary pending, grant depleted (curtailed spending), NatWest credit - happy ending
Their outstanding degree of financial assistance, ensures my credit and future existence
Achieving honours stretched the coffers, need first class service NatWest offers
I use Barclays Travel Services because…
They are secure, flexible, comprehensive and convenient
They are comprehensive, convenient and contribute greatly to holiday enjoyment
One relaxes, assured by its completely comprehensive security and convenience.
I want to surf the net because...
Computing my hobby, saving my goal, with Lloyds and Toshiba, I've total control
To name a new cocktail…
'Wall Street' - it's a liquid asset that earns capital appreciation
Associated biscuits don't break the bank because....
Their biscuits create so much interest, they're a positive credit
I would enjoy a Center Parcs short break because...
In the subtropical swimming pool paradise we would be one 'Abbey family'
Quality accommodation in a peaceful location, leisurely days ensure relaxation
Like the Abbey, you can bank on a good time
Being dose to nature in it's natural 'Abbey-Tat'
I want to win back my Christmas spend because…
After buying presents and festive fare, Mastercard makes it easier to bear
After buying presents, full of cheer, nothing's left to buy the beer!
After paying my household bills, all I have left is - humbug!
After the Christmas fun, I want a week in the sun
Although a season of great cheer, Christmas can be very dear!
Bargains spotted, no cash allotted, NatWest plastic, turns cash elastic
Being retired, income is less, win back would give our bank balance a rest
Brought presents, cards and a tree, but haven't treated poor old me
Christmas can severely damage your wealth
Christmas gifts for free! Then no scrooge I'll be
Christmas goodies bought by plastic, NatWest paying? That's fantastic!
Christmas tree, decked with gifts, credit card full of debts
Christmas would be extra merry- topping the cake would be this 'cherry'
Generosity at Christmas requires funding at New Year
How nice it would be to have Christmas shopping free
I can spend it once and then go spend it all again!
I don't want my future haunted by the ghost of Christmas presents
I don't want to limit my Christmas spirit
I forgot about the in-laws, the other half is clenching his paws!
I have a 'grand idea', a family holiday in the NewYear!
I want to feel great at the start of ninety eight
I want to put some Christmas spice back into my life
I want to start '98 with a clean slate
I was not a Scrooge and therefore my bill is huge
I would like to have my Christmas cake and eat it
I'd disprove my wife's rave 'you can't spend it - and save'
I'll merrily spend without a pause, with NatWest playing Santa Claus
I'm stony broke because of the Santa bloke
It can snowman or reindeer, but NatWest, my aching mistletoes Yule cheer
It will pay for Caribbean cruise, to beat those January blues
It will revitalise me ready to shop my way through 1998
It would be a great reason, for treats in the festive season
It's plain to see I've been on a spree! Oh dear me!
Luck like that brings boundless pleasure, like striking gold or finding treasure
Money does not grow on trees, not even Christmas trees!
My Christmas would be brighter, without making my wallet lighter.
My family of nine will expect a good time, MasterCard rescue? Fine!
My spending power is encumbered, because my card my wife has plundered
NatWest credit helped me spend, NatWest refund - what a friend!
Now that I've done my Santa stint, I'm definitely feeling rather skint
Oh, what Christmas glee for me, to have a free shopping spree
On the first day of Christmas my true love spent for me
Past Christmas presents leave future excesses for my Access to clear
With children, six, grandchildren, eight, money disappears one hell of a rate
Santa's been working very hard, using his favourite Christmas card
Strapped for cash, Christmas shopping chores, but with NatWest I'm Santa Claus!
Then Christmas will be a time of cheer, without the financial fear
Then the next shopping spree, could be presents just for me!
Turkey, tinsel, Christmas cheer, thanks to NatWest, they're free this year!
Working hard throughout the year, we really would love some Christmas cheer

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