Red Card gives me Extended Energy for…
My love life - tired and boring, too much dribbling and not enough scoring
Fitness and zest a 'header' the rest, exhaustion 'sent off' gusto refreshed
Refereeing: Energy provision always right, pit it cannot improve my eyesight
Providing the 'Arsenal' which 'Leeds' to glory
The Cup Final, too much Red Card and I'll need a urinal
It is said 'seven days without Red Card makes one weak'
Lucozade is No1 for active people because...
Instant energy is put back, countering an energy deficient attack
On the track, on the street, Lucozade is hard to beat
After a gruelling session on the track Lucozade puts the energy back
When your vital 'go' has gone, Lucozade helps you carry on
When your body's stamina is under attack, Lucozade puts the energy back
Whatever your age, whatever your 'race' Lucozade helps you to keep pace
It keeps them at the top, while others flag and drop
It gives the zest to become the best
Energy-packed, in flavours galore, it sustains and refreshes whatever the score
When my body says no, Lucozade helps me get up and go
With its refreshingly high glucose content, Lucozade quickly replaces energy spent
Climbing high, just surviving, Lucozade to the rescue, soon reviving
Lush, Uplifting and Cool, Offers Zest And Daily Energy
Run, jump, swim or skate, Lucozade helps me recuperate
It provides every day, what daily living takes away
Once tasted, soon gone, but the benefits linger on
When energy runs low, it gives that 'get up and go'
Exhausted feelings get short shrift from Lucozade's healthy, invigorating lift
Tesco shoppers heartily insist - Lucozade energy - top of their list
It quenches thirst with an energy burst
When energy ebbs low it gives get up and go
A Lucozade a day keeps competitors at bay
Lucozade Up Classes Other Zest Associated Drinks Entirely!
They 'Cram' much more into their 'Daley' lives
When the going gets tough - Lucozade gets going
A runaway for energy and zest, elite for taste - its definitely best
If you want the Daley spark Lucozade helps you make the mark
The energy in the fizziness, lets their trainers do the business
When your energy starts to fade, there's nothing better than Lucozade!
When all those games have been played, replace that energy with Lucozade
Aces, Athletes and amateurs agree Lucozade works to a 'T'
Handy for my hand-bag, boosts me when I start to flag
Nothing's a test when you're fuelled by the best
It provides every day what daily living takes away
Whether its cycling, sailing, running or swimming, Lucozade ensures my energy's brimming
The lost energy it replaces helps to win races!
A hectic day full of strife, Lucozade adds that sparkle of life
After vigorous exercises - Lucozade - energises!
It always comes first for quenching thirst!
It turns 'fed up and slow' into 'get up and go'
The action always starts after my 'Daley' drink!
When you are tired and slow, Lucozade makes you go, go, go!
Not a word of flattery, it charges up your battery
Every can gives 'bottle', every bottle says 'you can'
Energy fading and jobs still to do, Lucozade bubbles refresh and renew
When your sparkle begins to fade, put it back with Lucozade
It passes the rest in the taste bud test
They never feel 'whacked' because they're Lucozade backed!
Top performance, second to none, sparkling Lucozade shows how its done
I would like to win a Lucozade Sports Locker Bag because… 
A mobile locker for tennis or soccer 
A portable locker Asda be good news for untidy me! 
All my gear and sporting kit would easily fit 
All my items galore would he neatly in store 
All the best sports wear is made to measure 
Although over forty, I still like to be sporty 
Asda and Lucozade winning team; new sports bag - my dream! 
Bags of space for kit Lucozade's a hit 
Being a boxer I could 'throw the towel' in here 
Being thirsty for success needs bags of energy in reserve 
Better gear for ones leisure adds to the pleasure 
Coming first would be in the bag 
Equipment would be safely stored, plus my Lucozade sport hoard 
Everything is kept so trim - great idea for the gym! 
Flashy bags are very chic, a Lucozade bag is unique 
For organised packing its one thing I'm lacking 
For towel, soap. shampoo, trainers, it easily beats other containers
For uniqueness and style it takes the 'gold' 
From an untidy beginner I'd be an organised winner! 
From Coe to beginner it will make you a winner 
George says get with it 
Home-away, wherever I stay, organised bag improves my play 
I carry with pride, the name of a winning side 
I could 'cram' 'Eddery' thing in - including my Lucozade tin 
I could leave the old bag at home for once! 
I have a large amount of tackle to pack 
I might become like it and totally fit 
I run clean and refreshed away for another sporting performance 
I would be 'ready' and 'steady' to 'go'! 
I would model myself on it and become perfectly fit 
I'm an isotonic keep-fit fanatic 
I'm squaring up to the sporting challenge
Ideal for sporting 'man' isotonic in a can
Isotonic sport in the yellow strip, always bags the championship
It has the optimum cubic capacity
It holds more than you think, advertising my favourite drink
It looks after my kit while Lucozade keeps me fit
It offers a super way to zip up my gear
It would aid my runner grandson in making great strides
It would be a MAJOR asset
It would give colourful, neat support whatever my chosen sport
It would hold-all my kit while I'm keeping fit
It would make every event a special occasion
It's a real sporting handful in a sealed compact holdall
It's been cleverly designed with practicality in mind
It's compact and way ahead in the fashion field
It's cunningly designed with practicality in mind
It's in great shape
It's neat and compact, for gym, pool or track
It's smooth and clean a space saving mean lean machine
It's the perfect fit for my 'Daley' kit
Its a pack of length and taste that others lack
Its compact on the outside but spacious inside
Its perfectly designed with sporty Lucozade Lover in mind
Its shape is unique a holdall that's sleek
Its the bag with the best track record
Its the handiest way to advertise the healthiest drink around
Like Lucozade it's perfect for sport
Like Lucozade sport it's the great 'pick me up' for sportsmen
Like Lucozade, it's formulated; Makes the rest look antiquated
Like me its durable and has hidden reserves
Lucozade gives me zest and a locker bag carries best
Lucozade sport has energy and fitness in the hag
Lucozade sport locker bags are bionic, holding 'kits' plus 'isotonic'!
My holdall suffers from 'bagoraphobia - a fear of confined spaces!
Neat and compact it keeps all of my gear intact
Need not cram running kit, Ideal design for perfect fit
No matter what the kit, it’s the perfect fit
Organisation leads to speed, Lucozade's bag is what I need!
Packing it full of Lucozade, will overcome any energy fade
Putting it into my locker won't take bags of energy
Refreshing different sport'ing man-lucozade locker bags carry the can!
Roomy enough to provide, space for all my kit inside
Running, riding or playing ball this bag would 'hold all'
Specially designed, it fits in sports gear and sports tin
Stow my bag with ease, Lucozade have stopped the squeeze
Styling quite unique would thrill this fitness freak!
The answer to fitness is in the bag
The bag can then carry the can
The bag I've got doesn't hold a lot
The best sportsmen in soccer keep Lucozade in their lockers
There's no better transport for my Lucozade sport!
They don't cut corners, they fit them - beautifully
To be loaded with energy - what else!!!
To stop my wife moaning about my current sports bag
Unique durable definitely smart a Lucozade bag looks the part
Uniquely shaped, this innovation for sporting recreation ends locker aggravation
When I'm at play - Lucozade sport is locked away
When I'm feeling bionic, I need isotonic
When practical storage is needed, a locker bag's top seeded
With Lucozade energy I can throw in the towel!
With Lucozade it's in the bag
With stylish perfection I'd have the best storage selection
With the Lucozade name I'm ahead of the game

Without wrestling with a locker energy is reserved for soccer

Working out, keeping fit means making room for my kit
You can 'Cram' it to the max!
You win not flag when Lucozade's in the bag

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