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Adventurous ‘Cheops’ go there Anthony Asping for more Asp me to
Asses milk Aswan Bazaar Bank on the Nile
Car knack / Karnak Cleopatra Cleopatra let Julius Caesar Cleopatra found asp’iring
Desert the Egyptian Egyptian Reggae Escape the curses of
Get the hump Good mummies take their children I’m not so ancient I sphinx therefore I am
Hieroglyphics Julius Caesar Mummy Mummy says
Name that launched a thousand… Nile Niles ahead Nubian
Pharoah Pharoah deal Pyramids Queen of the Nile
Ship of the desert Since Moses Sphinx Tomb it may concern
Toot ‘n’ come in Valley of the Kings Walk like an Egyptian With my Mummy

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Nile / style / pile / while Sphinx / links / thinks
Tutankhamen / soon / dune

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I choose Egyptian new potatoes because..
Cleopatra found they did please her - their delicious taste made Julius "Caesar"
As Anthony murmered at Cleo's lips, I must have some Egyptian chips
They leave my family "asping" for more!
They make other spuds look like "old chips on the block"
Tasty skins, fluffy inners, these super spuds make perfect dinners
Under the ancient Egyptian mud, lies a treasure of a spud
Sainsbury's new potatoes are the best because…
With tasty tubers to grace your meal, Sainsbury's offers a Pharoah deal
I would like to sample the taste of Eygpt because…
Healthy delicious - a real pleasure, without ‘digging deep’ I find Egypt’s treasure
Safeway beefsteaks are so versatile because…
However cooked by Mummy, they're a feast for Pharaoh's tummy
Why are the new PG Pyramid bags so good…
They are unique in their kind and help every Mummy to unwind
As Brutus declared to Julius Caesar, it's a 'Pharo-old' treat for a thirsty 'Giza'
They're the best pick me up on Tesco shelves
You get a better taste when a bag is not 'two-faced'
PG Tips always makes a great tasting cup of tea because…
This novel pyramid brewing technique, guarentees a flavoursome cuppa unique
Relax, take it easy, the pyramid is tops
It makes life richer for the pourer
A sip of tea does more for me then any doctor could do
With PG tips infusion, you are sure of a Phar-aoe cuppa tea
Cleopatra knew it was the SafeWay to get a cup of tea
They know how to fill everyone with infusiasm
It's often stirred but never beaten
It lifts the tastebuds to the top of the pyramid
No competition can ape the flavour
In days of old, Pyramids held gold, guess what - they still do!
Success reigns when it pours
Loose, triange, circle or square, the best tea tasted anywhere
It's the taste that launched a thousand sips
The Sphinx told Brooke Bond the secret
Tender leaves have room to brew, pyramids are great for letting flavour through
Choice tips in great shape, ensure a brew no one can ape
Given this flavour and pyramid style, even the inscrutable Sphinx will smile
The quality stands out like the pyramids
Pyramids maximise tea-leaf movement but PG needs no improvement
Bond goes on Mission Impossible to get the best leaves
Why are the new PG Pyramid Bags so good…
They are unique in their kind, and help every 'mummy' unwind
They're Pharaoh-sized, uniquely packed, make others taste a little flat
There's no restraining those exuberant tea leaves
The king of T's, De Luxor pouring, roomier bags and caddy storing
PG Pyramid TM bags are just ace, gathering flavour as they float in space
Only the finest leaves the pot
Because they have a shape with a past and a taste with the future
As Anthony murmured to Cleo's lips, 'I casino tea dium with PG Tips
A cuppa char's a chore no more, my bags are packed for chez Luxor
Like mummy, I Sphinx PG's new pyramids give a Pharaoh deal, leaving the coffee mourning
Nothing can pip the distinctive shape of one--upman sip
Why are the new PG Pyramid Bags so good…
They're the best pick me up on Tesco's shelves!
You get a better taste, when a bag is not 'two faced'!
As Brutus declared to Julius Caesar, it's a 'Phara-old' treat for a thirsty Giza!
One bag for two makes a good brew, two bags, no more, satisfies four!
As Cleopatra whispered in Anthony's ear, "I'll 'sip' into something special, my dear!"
Something old, sojnething new, points the way to the perfect brew!
The secret lies within the inner chamber
Cutting corners down to three, really does make better tea!
Steve Davis couldn't make a better pot!
There's nothing finer for my old china!
Sip sip hooray, PG makes my day!
Travel far, surf the net, better tea bags you'll not get
With PG Pyramid bags, tea in bed because the 'Reveille of the Kings'!
Suggest a suitable humorous translation of a picture of mock hieroglyphics…
I used to "Peer-Amid" the gloom 'til Crown White brightened up my tomb

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