I play the National Lottery at the Post Office because…
Cracking good service, with eggceptional care, beats the scramble for tickets encountered elsewhere
Cadbury's Easter Eggs and Somerfield hatch an Egg-stra special Easter because…
You shell out less for cracking eggs
Sinking the yellow and the white is the best break of the day
Its one of the oldest wise cracks
They're everything they're cracked up to be
Its a cheep meal without having to shell out a fortune
I like my soldiers with egg on their faces
My soldiers don't like shells
It's a three minute crash course
A break in the oval gets me an all round square meal
It's the ready packed snack
With such little time to spare, breakfast is always a scrambled affair
Hopeless are the yokeless for they shell not
Smashing their cover gets them put inside
The freshest eggs I've tried, boiled scrambled or fried
I love a spot of GBH - Great British Habit
I could follow one up with a-salt and buttery
I find an egg tastes better if its a-salted
Eggs brighten up my 'male' in the morning
They're so fresh I get a quick coddle
It causes quite a scramble in our household
It takes one mad scramble to top the upper crust
If at first I don't succeed, I fry, fry again
I've joined the frying pickets
It's the easy way to strike rich by panning for gold
There's gold in them thar eggs
It would bring me face to face with a heart of gold
I love a good yolk without making an oeuf of myself
By George, I like my little YOLK-elele in me hand
I've always wanted to play OMELETTE
I'd pot the yellow with the white and score a maximum break
If I miss the yellow and white I'm snookered alright
Its the only time we win at the OVAL
It's the only Oval I'll open for England
Great EGGspectations means a Dickens of a meal
Sportsman or spectator, I'm healthier hitting the eggcelerator
EGGsecutions make topping meal solutions
My EGGressive tendencies always lead to mad scrambles
I'd whisk everything for a smash and grub raid
You can beat 'em and butter 'em, but you can't better 'em
Its one of the oldest wise cracks
Its the cracking taste that's launched a thousand chips
A few wise cracks cheer me up a treat
Its a cracking bit of activity on the cheep
I've got ten soldiers waiting to take the plunge
With soldiers at the ready it's a smash and dab raid
If you're hungry, feeling plucky, smash a chucky
Eggs are versatile because.....
Don't shell out a fortune feeding your brood. Eggs - the original pre-packed convenience food
You can add them to almost any creation with a little free range imagination !   
Eggs make my perfect weekend breakfast because...
Start spreading the toast, the weekends today, I want Stonegate eggs part of it, New Yolk, New Yolk
Boil 'em, fry 'em, crack 'em, beat 'em - who needs egging on to eat 'em
Nothing added, nothing removed, this fast food just can't be improved
A Weekender 'new yolk' tastes especially great - its the 'central perk' on my breakfast plate
Versatile, delicious, too good to be true, wish hens could 'lay' the table too!
When you wake up half 'scrambled' & feeling fed-up, crack open Stonegate and turn sunny side up.
Stonegate eggs and a Ford Escort are the perfect weekend combination becauseÖ
In reliable components like weekender and Ford, lay the foundation of quality assured
Shaped for success, a tasteful combination, instantly fulfilling every weekend expectation
Stonegate's succulent taste sensation, with Ford's outstanding driving inspiration, promise a heavenly combination
A Ford Escort 'brings home the bacon', to complement those lovely fresh Stonegate eggs
A Ford Escort Finesse is a cracker hatched, a Stonegate Weekender egg is a cracker unhatched
A perfect combination for the two E's - Eggs and Escort, now for a wonderful partnership
A taste of Old England, an Englishman's dream, a traditional Sunday breakfast and then polish the car of his dreams
A-FORDord-able wheels, wonderful yolks, it's quality time, letís crack on with it folks
AFORDable eggs, tasty and nutritious, making weekend breakfast quite delicious.
After enjoying a phenomenal breakfast of Stonegate eggs, it's great to go for a ride in a Ford
After Weekender eggs for breakfast, I'd be wreathed in smiles - with an AfFORDable Escort, I could drive for miles
Boiled Stonegate eggs and a bit of scrambling in a Ford Escort lead to a fun-packed weekend
Both are perfectly packaged, providing power, strength and vitality for prolonged action, meeting the highest expectations
Both are quality products with stylish packaging to catch the customer's eye
Both are selected on perfection and merit for pure Joy and pleasure on a weekend of leisure
Both give you a start you just can't beat, with the EGGstra you deserve to make weekends complete
Both provide great weekend deals, with tasty nutrition and afFORD'able wheels
Crack a Stonegate, drive a cracking car
Don't need Jeremy Clarkson or Delia's EGGSellent schemes, to enjoy these wonderful eggs and the hatchback of my dreams
EGGceptional value, AfFORDable price, they make leisure a pleasure to be precise
EGGciting things can happen with both, treat your family to a good start
Eggs are as versatile as the drive of a Ford Finesse
Eggs from Stonegate are my breakfast treat, but without an Escort I'm incomplete
Eggs give energy to enjoy Escort motoring evety day, especially at weekends.
Egham my favourite weekend destination, after Stonegate's good egg breakfast, I'll enjoy Ford Escort transportation
Favourite breakfast, stylish motor, united delights make EGGsiting quota!
For a fun packed weekend I need speedy fuel injection, great value and good taste - now I can afford protection
For cooking up breakfast or cooking up fum - I'm driven to say they are second to none
For quality, taste and goodness, breakfast with Stonegate eggs - it's a millennium experience all year round
For soave and sophisticated transport, Stonegate provide the perfect Escort
Ford and Stonegate hold the key, to taste and AfFORDability.
Ford is the luxury 'laid' back feeling of a superior car, Stonegate is the best 'break' by far
Fry-days through to sunny-side Sundays, eggs and Ford make weekends fun days
Great for scrambling with a coddled touch, relaxing they both have me in their clutch
I have bought 600 eggs to make the most of the fantastic Ford Escort every weekend
I'd smile mile after mile, after a 'special' breakfast to be Escorted in style
It takes eggheads to make something so good - it's a pleasure to have when time is for pleasure 
MOTORVated by Ford's drive to reach EGG&ellent perfection, I'm fuelled by Stonegate's del'EGG'table selection
My egg cup floweth over - it's no yolk, this afFORDably EGGScellent duo understand weekend folk
Nourishing starters - comFORDabie drive, make ideal partners
On weekends we like to travel far, so we need a Weekender breakfast and Ford's reliable car
One's a cracking good way to drive away, the other's a cracking good way to start the day!
Peck a Stonegate egg, pick an Escort car, these weekend treats are never beat, their standards are best by far
Roaring weekend success, champion standards with Finesse, class A big breakfast, EGGcellent fuelling, so 'cheap' it's a yolk
Saturdays and Sundays, I live like a lord, I enjoy Stonegate eggs and easily 'aFORD'
Stonegate and Escort AfFORD me the 'great EGGscape'!
Stonegate can EGG-scort me to a-FORD-able eggs for the perfect Sunday breakfast
Stonegate eggs 'shell' out satisfaction, then add Ford for four speed action!
Stonegate eggs are a good feed and the fantastic Ford Escort is up to speed
Stonegate Eggs are the best in meals, Ford Escort is the best on wheels
Stonegate eggs satisfies your appetite at home, a Ford Escort satisfies your appetite on the road
Stonegate excellence, Ford's flair, together they're the perfect pair
Stonegate leads with an egg and ford leads with a Focus
Stonegate's freshness and Ford's reliability separate the hen from a-lloys
Stonegate offers a 'cracking' Weekender with EGGceptional flair, whilst Ford Escorts you with Finesse for a weekend affair
Stonegate's good eggs provide a cracking good time, with the best looking Escort in town
Stonegate's taste tempts every lip, Ford's flair gives extra zip, for an exhilarating occasion, this pair makes the wining liaison!
Sunday breakfast my plate begs, indulgence with Stonegate eggs, later craving thrilling sport, demands a spin in my Ford Escort
Sunny side up, we're on our way, with our Escort to show us the way
Tasty and delicious, no weekend is complete without that 'EGGscort' treat
Thanks to Stonegate the weekend is EGGShilarating with aFORDability
The best laid plans for a weekend drive are hatched over a nourishing breakfast
The eggs are very tasty, with get up and go energy within, just like the Ford Escort 
The Ford Escort Finesse is one basket you CAN safely put all your eggs and little chicks in
The Ford Escort is the finest basket to carry all of your eggs home in
The smooth taste of Stonegate eggs unscramble any doubts about driving a Ford Escort
Their eggs are as reliable as the dependable Escort
There is always a scramble for the keys!
There's no need to 'shell' out at great 'EGG'spense, -aFORDable treat this 'clutch' makes sense
There's something about an Escort - its refinement and Finesse, something about the Stonegate taste, no others can contest
These 'cracking' winners are without match, they send other 'brands' down the hatch
These (h)encounters of the 'pre-Ford' kind 'motorvate' me to unwind
They are each top of their range and represent EGGsellent value for money.
They are guaranteed to get you off to a great start Stonegate eggs for delicious meals, Ford Escort perfection on wheels
They both get you started first time for an active weekend
They both have the power to make our world EGGstatic
They both provide a cracking start and the driving force that lifts the heart.
They give us the fuel to range our free time, therefore shelling our pressures into pleasures
They're versatile, fun and exciting, easy to handle and adapt to your ever-changing lifestyle
This duo's Finesse is so hard to beat, their 'gold' standards 'out-shell' making weekends complete
Together they are the ultimate in EGG-xoti-car!
Top performers, good reputations, both meet my weekend expectations
Two perfect eggs (00) and the Ford Escort's power (mph) would give me the 'oomph' for a lively break
Two Stonegate eggs a day, make you work, rest and drive a Ford Escort away
Weekend Excitement, Entertainment, Kitchen Empty, No Dishes, Escape Routes, Enjoy Get-a-away in Gorgeous Supercar
Weekender meals are made of Stonegate eggs after your expert drive with the Ford Escort
Weekender's EGGcel for the picnic bake, Ford Escorted's the icing on the cake.
When I shell out for my table fare, Stonegate and Ford are a cracking good pair
When Stonegate and Ford are carefully blended, weekends are refined, boredom ended
Where there is excellent quality food, and an Escort with Ford's reputation, they add up to equal good quality time
With cracking good taste a bumper range is created -engine-eously afFORDable my performance is motor-vated
With Stonegate nutrition, to fire my ignition, their 'fry way code' leads to 'open road'
With Stonegate on the menu I can AfFORD a 'cracking' weekend
With the Finesse of an Escort and my favourite fried eggs to boot, a wonderful combination spending no loot
With these two weekends are no longer a 'bind', they guarantee close 'hen'counters of the EGGtatic kind!
You can 'shell' out less for a 'cracking' vacation, with a little 'free range' imagination
You can beat a good egg, but you can't beat the Ford Escort
You can separate your whites from your yolks, but you can't keep Ford Escort away from your folks
You can transport them to any destination, with a little 'free range' imagination
You won't feel hungry, you won't feel bored, eat scrambled eggs and drive a Ford
Stonegate Eggs give you the inner drive, to enjoy the Escort's perfect outdoor drive

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