My pet enjoys Beta because…
Nutritious, delicious, ready to eat, the complete canine meal that has other foods beat 
Beta's for brightness, Beta's for bounce, it's full of goodness, ounce for ounce 
You're sure of perfection, whatever your selection  
I'd love a bonus break because… 
Sunny Zante, Ouzo, Feta, Good Kennels, Bonus, Happy setter 
Scout's is an ideal dog food because…  
My dog says that seven days without it makes one week 
Suprium is best for dogs because...  

Suprium proves without doubt, that health comes from inside out 

I feed Pedigree to my dogs because…  
As a first time dog owner, I trust the healthy balance of goodness Pedigree provides  
As an older dog, Senior gives her all she needs to keep her young  
Best in show that's Pedigree, they treat every pet like a VIP  
By feeding her best in class, I know she's a champion 
Dogs don't need an NHS, 'cos Pedigree sustains healthiness  
For taste and quality that reigns supreme, Pedigree champions a winning team  
From beginners to winners both large and small, Pedigree Chum feeds them all  
From puppy to maturity, Pedigree Chum's a surety  
He's my best chum and Pedigree's dried dog food makes his life complete  
It gives him vitality and zest, Pedigree deserves a clean dish crest  
It's tail-wagging good food that keeps them on their paws to Sainsbury's for more  
Its balanced diet ensures a healthy glow, and transforms my mutt into star of show  
Meaty, well-balanced and quick to digest, my faithful companion thrives on the best 
No thoroughbred she has many breeds in her, but she deserves the best - a  Pedigree dinner
One good tin leads to another  
Optimum nutrition for life leads the way ensuring Pedigree wins best in feed  
Pedigree Chum for all shapes and sizes, really proves pets can win prizes  
Pedigree gives them playful ways, shining coats, good health and long happy days 
Pedigree shows that without any doubt, the healthy glow comes from inside out  
Quality, taste, health and nutrition, makes Pedigree a doggy tradition  
Tail to nose, feeding Pedigree shows, health, vitality, a coat that glows  
They are my lifeline and only the best is good enough for my best friends  
They deserve the best and I don't think they would eat anything else  
This mutt-vellous dog food and store, keeps us coming back for more  

What's right for a Cruft's Champion is right for my champion too  

My dog has the Eukanuba look because…  
Top to toe the feeding shows, healthy skin and coat that glows  
A picture is worth a thousand words!  
Despite his three legs, Eukanuba keeps him perfectly balanced  
He is Energetic, Unfailing, Keen, Alert, unflagging, Bouncy and Active  
He's Enthusiastic, Undoubtedly energetic, Keen, Agile, Naughty, Unerringly devoted, Beautiful And mine!
He’s fed the best, full of zest and beats the rest  
My dog's coat is much shinier than my neighbour's dog!  
People keep asking how old my puppy is (Cocker Spaniel aged eight years)  
Shiny coat, waggy tail, her bags are packed for Rose-in-Vale
When playing amongst the pack, the one with the shine is mine
You need to view her shiny coat through eclipse shades

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