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Acting  Adventure (land)  Animated  All-star cast 
Awake sleeping  Beauty  Beauty and the beast Bambi
Bashful  Bear necessities  Bugs Life  Cartoon 
Cinderella  Classics  Don’t duck the ..  Donald Duck 
Dopey  Dopey to go Elsewhere  Drawn to perfection Dumbo  
Dwarf  Dwarfs the opposition Epcot Centre Everything bright and beautiful 
Excitement  Fairy tale  Fantasia of  Fill your Bag’heera 
Fun  Goes down big’ere  Goofy  Goofy prices 
Grumpy  Happy  Happy cries of  Happy spending 
Hercules  Hook the bargains captain  Hulla’ Baloo  I wanna be like 
Lion King  Magical  Magic Kingdom  Make Grumpy smile 
March Hare for   Mickey Mouse  Mickey Mouse outfit  Minnie Mouse 
Minnie markets  Never Grumpy ...always happy  Not taken for a ride  Off with their... 
One part Disney, two parts...  Only a Dumbo would...  Oscar (s)  Out of this world 
Performance  Place for Merry  Popp’ins  Pluto 
Pocohontas  Poppins for bargains  Prince of...  Rainbow’s end 
Reaches Disney heights  Screen  Silver screen  Sleepy 
Snow White  Snow White is the happy ending  Star  Star value 
Superanimated  Take the Mickey  Theme  Thumper good buys 
Twinkle twinkle  Wonderland      

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Animation / ovation/ nation  Bill / till 
Brands / fans  Bright / right / light 
Cartoon / boon  Disneyland / grand / brand 
Dream / theme / gleam  Florida hopping / shopping 
Lights/ sights / sites / delights / whites  Luck / Donald Duck 
Magical feel / family appeal  Neon light / bright / white 
Number one / second to none  Ride / pride / guide 
Screen / scene  To see / fantasy 

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Safeway is my shopping wonder land because ... 
What Disney did for the silver screen Safeway have done to the shopping scene
Off with their heads is Safeway cry, if prices try to rise too high
The shoppers’ dream they've created makes me Super animated
Like Disney World, Safeway world has the magical feel with family appeal
Safeway's value and Lady Luck could lead me straight to Donald Duck
Everything's bright and beautiful, selling all things great and small
It's a Magic Kingdom, a rainbow end, granting shoppers wishes from beginning to end 
Shopping at Safeway with any luck, could lead me straight to Donald Duck
Every store invokes happy spendings 
I'm Grumpy when parting with money - but Safeway leaves me more than Happy
Mirror mirror on the wall, says Safeway dwarfs all other stores
At shopping I'm a Dumbo, but they never take the Mickey out of me. 
It Disney take a genius Tae- See shopping here's a fantasy
It's the Theme Park and Lady Luck could lead me to the home of Donald
Star value doesn't disappear, Safeway make that very clear
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to the shop we go, bargains galore we're happy eermore
Their Snow White reputation is a shopping education
I’d like to ‘go wild’ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom because... 
Mufasa cheering, Simba's delighted, the hyenas are laughing cos we've been invited 
It's cheerio England impetuous me, unrestrained creatures fantastic to see 
The only wildlife I've ever seen is a zebra crossing in our concrete jungle 
Tracking serial killers on the roof would send my adrenalin through the roof 
We Shere Khan cause a hulla Baloo, the mancubs and I on our Disney debut 
Ce-real animal magic ze brand gnu creation! I'm relion on Shreddies 
Seventeen years married to my spouse, we'd love to rave with Mickey Mouse 
Minnies my heroine Mickey's a star, Florida's my dream world with Shreddies it's not far 
I'd stampede the hero run with the pride, take a safari on Walt's wild side 
With animals live theatre safaris hair raising rides each Disney day is extremely spectacular 
I would love to take my family to Disneyland Paris because...
I'm overworked and under pressure, Budweiser and Disney the perfect refresher
A family trip to the winter wonderland at Euro Disney would be my idea of magic because…
Euro Disney is a Hulla-'Baloo', even if the weather is murky- beaucoup
I like Beauty and the Beast because..
It's the loveliest, magicest Disney film: I pretend I'm Belle
Who is your favourite Disney character and why…
Cinders, at Argos Cinders life did change, after choosing from the Philips range
Fairy God mother - Cinderella's dreams came true, Philips maybe mine will too!
Mickey Mouse because really unique, like Philips and Argos, c'est magnifique!
Peter Pan because I'm hooked on Philips products at Argos
Sleeping Beauty because with marriage pending, shops at Argos for a happy ending
Walt Disney is the man for me, the magician behind the fantasy
My favourite Disney character is……because…..
Pongo-Dalmation, because like Philips - he knocks spots off the rest!
Mary Poppins, because like Philips, she lightens life banishing household strife
Snow White, because she's 'une etoile!', everything worth wishing for
Princes spreadables are like my favourite Disney character because…
Like Cinderella if I press 'Buttons" Princes appear!
After Princes kissed her bread Sleeping Beauty leapt from bed
Donald Duck and nephews three refused anything else for tea
Grumpy wears a grin when his sandwiches have Princes in
Hi ho, hi ho, it's down my throat they go, so tasty
I draw a Mickey Mouse head, in my Princes spread
I owe, I owe, spreadables packed, to work I go
Just like Pooh, small, dumpy and always in the cupboard!
Like brave Baloo, Princes spreadables give their rivals a pasting
Like Cinderella, I found Princes charming and gone by midnight
Like Disney's Dalmations, they knock spots off imitations
Like Herbie, they inevitably lead to several sequels
Like little Grumpy there's none more crabby
Like Mickey and Minnie, Princes and me, have such com"pate"bility
Like Mowgli, my man cubs 'wolf' them down
Like Pluto sniffing for scents - they've found excellence without expense
Like Snow White's seven dwarfs - they're the bread winners
Like the Cheshire Cat they disappear and leave a smile!!
Minnie trapped unsuspecting Mickey by spreading Princes on his bicki!
On tiny biscuits "Mary" says they are perfect "Poppins"
Only Princes can awaken a sleeping "butty"!!
The King of the spreaders made mancubs out of monkeys
There's 101 reasons, they knock spots off the opposition
They "Shere Khan" put a bite in my butties
They're just …….. mm!
This "lady" will "tramp" miles to buy them
If I met Tarzan, I would ask him…
Can you swing me over the ocean, swing me over the sea, escaping that millennium bug to party at Disney
Is he careful when he plays cards in the jungle because of all the cheetahs!
Like to come to Disney? We'll party with Babo & introduce King Louis cos he'll wanna be like you
I select Le Crunch because…
Quality, value, taste and tradition, Le Crunch like Disney defy competition
I'd love to eat ice cream at Euro Disney because…
Ices and Disney you never outgrow, sensational tingles from top to toe!
Any time, anywhere, I just love to eat ice cream
As an adult, I am still a kid at heart
Asda’s dished up fair retail spending, scoop this prize - fairy tale ending
Cooling, creamy ice cream, completes the magic of a Disney theme
Creamy in taste, refreshingly cold, I’d watch the world of Disney unfold
For melting moment that’s unique, Euro-Disney is fantastique
Hottest location, coolest sensation
It would be oh la la!
Mickey excites me, ice cream delights me, ASDA please invite me
One good treat deserves another
Such joy A treat Spending Days Abroad, Pure Relaxation I Can Enjoy
To taste lovely Snow White cream, is my perfect Disney dream
Top attractions, second to none. Asda and Walt Disney are number one
You can’t lick it! Disney magic and Jiminy Cricket
Why would you like to win a cruise and Disney week with Percy Dalton's famous monkeys…
To win a cruise and Disney week would really make my family freak, No longer in our boring ruts, we'll holiday with monkey nuts. Original monkeys natural food, has put us in a nutty mood, Winning would be a dream come true, so crack my shell it's up to you
I would like to drink Coca Cola at Euro Disney because…
Coca-Cola's classic tingle makes Mickey's magic multi-lingual.
I like my 'Mice' with Coke and ice!
I like beauty and the beast because…
It shows that being kind is beautiful, but being beastly is ugly!
The Uno range is ideal for families because…
UNO games excite me, Disneyworld delights me, hope WH Smith invite me
My family would enjoy the magic of Euro Disney because…
Coca Cola and Disney, you know, both give that tingle you never outgrow
This wonderland at last we'd see, Coke and Littlewoods- merci!
I would like to win a magical break at Disneyland Paris 5th Birthday celebrations because…
A meeting with a mouse, would bring great happiness to this house
Cake looks great with candles lit, made a wish - this is it!
Disney's magic seems much nearer, with my scrumptious moist Madeira
Disneyland's got what it takes, Crosse & Blackwell never bake mistakes
My cake devoured, wishes done - nothing's 'Cruella' than missing YOUR fun
Having breakfast with the characters at Euro Disney would be a meal to remember because...
Dining with dragons, ducks and dalmations is hardly your everyday standard vacation
I hear Donald Duck serves a good egg
With Mickey so charming, Minnie so sweet, croissants and coffee, oh what a treat
Why would you like to win the prize (family trip to see Beauty and the Beast)?
Theatre, dinner, hotel stay - a Disney spectacular in every way
I'm dotty about this 101 Dalmations scooter because...
Spotlight on beauty performance and thrill, clean getaway from Cruella De Vil
Blackthorn is a magical drink because...
I made a wish upon a 'Spar', that Blackthorn sends me to Flor-i-da!
Blackthorn's the one my mancubs choose, because one pint Shere Khan beat the Baloos 
Because, because, because, because, because of the wonderful things it does!  
Hubby swears it's an occasional treat but it mysteriously appears on each receipt!
It's bewitchingly delicious, spellbinding I think, Blackthorn is clearly no Mickey Mouse drink
Refreshing, unique, a spellbinding brew, (Disney must make Blackthorn too!)
Pour it, adore it, a marvellous trick, abra'spar'dabra, it disappears quick!  
There's no need for newt's eye, frogs or snails, Blackthorn's formula never fails 
Couple of pints!...and "alabzam"!! A Disney attraction, refreshing taste and all in a can!
Without magic wand or tasselled hat, I pour perfection with Blackthorn - "just like that"!  
De-"cider"dly different, like Disney fun, no 'wand'er Blackthorn is number one!
Fa-mouse-ly refreshing in bottles and cans, always deserves the Spar  treatment from Disney fans
The best things in life are three - Florida, Spar and Blackthorn for me!  
Like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, Blackthorn 'Spar'-kles like no other can
Wished on a 'Spar' for Disney vacation, delicious Blackthorn bestowed transportation 
Wizard Blackthorn casts spells that grow, witch get you where you wand to go 
Says the mirror on the wall, Blackthorn's the finest of them all
With Spar-kling Blackthorn wishes granted, thirst refreshed and kids enchanted
Enchanting in hand, bewitching in dishes, Blackthorn fulfils a whole fountain of wishes!
Its glow is like the Florida sun, a taste so enchanting, the fairytale's begun 
Even the Sorcerer's Apprentice, Mickey, would find conjuring-up anything better....Tricky!  
The tastebuds awaken, the senses soar, we're transported to Disney for enchantment galore  
Hey Presto! From Florida to Spar stores, Blackthorn cider reigns when it pours 
Blackthorn's expertise makes Paul Daniels gasp: "their cider making secrets are way beyond my grasp"
It conjures-up strength with unique fermentation, it's de-cider-dly different - a true in-Spar-ation.
This refreshingly different, 'Spar'-kling bubbly "potion", could 'turn into' a trip across the Atlantic Ocean 

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