Fairy Glazeguard and Servis are perfect partners because…
Brutal on grease, kind on china, these gentle giants make dining finer
Cutlery and crockery come out shining, allowing time for wining and dining
Excellent product plus quality label, is perfection at my families table  
Grease and grime wil float away, but delicate patterns forever stay  
No grime, no streaks, no rancid smells. Fairy's service always excels  
No more accidents, this efficient pair, treats all china with intensive care  
Their efficient performance shines supreme, with protection from fade and perfect hygiene 
Their unbeatable performance, couldn't be finer, for greasy pans to delicate china  
They are the names to trust, quality and performance are a must  
Whatever is stacked against these two, their polished performance comes shining through 
Fairy Glazeguard and Spode are a winning combination because… 
'Designer china sets' the scene, Glazeguard protects and keeps it clean  
All that glitters is continuously gold, when using Glazeguard for your Spode  
Colours are Brighter, surfaces gleam, with Spode and Glazeguard in your machine 
Fairy always does its duty, Glazeguard Spodes exquisite beauty  
Fairy Glazeguard provides superior care, to Spodes superior ware  
Fairy Glazeguard washes dishes with a caress, so Spodes beauty will remain timeless
Finest china in English tradition, deserves Fairy Glazeguard to protect its condition 
Glazeguard has the Fairy touch, that Spode bone china loves so much  

My Fairy godmother grants my wishes, protecting the design on elegant dishes  

Spode in the dishwasher- don’t despair, Glazeguard's treating it with utmost care  

Spodes delicate patterns never wane, when Fairy protects prize porcelain  

Spodes elegant tradition, Fairy's finest care, together they're the perfect pair  
The colourful design of exclusive Spode, 'Fairy Glazeguard.' will never erode  
Wonderful cleaning power, marvellous china, absolutely fabulous darling what could be finer!
I would only use Sainsbury's Chinacare dishwasher powder for my fine china because…  
It gently moves in ever ‘degreasing’ circles  
It gives my dishes the perfect after dinner glint  
It keeps the service perfectly divine - ‘more tea vicar’  
It’s a legend in it’s own grime  

Reflections speak louder than words  

Arthur Price of England and Fairy Dishwasher granules are perfect partners because…  
A little Fairy ensures this winning team, makes my table really gleam  
Arthur Price gives 'hands on' pleasure, Fairy Granules protect my treasure  
Arthur Price is the silver perfector, whilst Fairy is the Silver protector  
Beautiful craftsmanship- what a combination, when Fairy protects such a gleaming reputation 
Cutlery made for lifetime pleasure, retains perfection with every gentle Fairy measure
Fabulous Fairy thoroughly cleans, without removing that special silverware sheen  
For a lifetime of dazzling dinners, Price and Fairy are guaranteed winners  
No tarnished image from smear campaign, when Arthur Price and Fairy reign  
Nothing heats this sparkling team, for beautiful settings spotlessly clean  
On reflection these partners in shine, give sparkling service time after time  
Quality ware and quality care, together they make the perfect pair  
Silverwear in the dishwasher? Don't despair - Glazeguard washes with special care 
Store-brand powders make me wary, for 'priceless' silver, better use Fairy  
Whatever the cuisine, whatever the grime, smear are defeated every time  
When Arthur Price meets Fairy bright, craftsmanship and care unite  
When silver succumbs to a cloudy lining, Fairy reigns for the splendid shining  
When you purchase the very finest, only treat it with Fairy kindness  
With enviable style and fastidious care, together they enhance my tableware
With Fairy's exclusive protection pledge, Arthur Price cutlery has the edge
With unequalled cleaning and unsurpassed care, Fairy looks after the best tableware
Somerfield/Gateway and Fairy are a winning team because…
A dish-washing combo beyond compare, is Somerfield value and Fairy’s care
A little Fairy lasts forever, Somerfield prices perfect measure
A perfect pair, housewife friendly, excellent value and brilliant on Denby
Consistent results and sparkling performance, is always considered of prime importance
Denby’s distinction, Fairy’s innovation, Gateway’s value - a winning combination
Fairy cuts grease, Gateway cuts prices, for superior service, Denby entices
Fairy liquid is gentle in action, -Somerfield prices give satisfaction
For customer care there’s none so finer, kind on price, gentle on china
Removes grease and smells so fresh, with Gateway value a great success

Somerfield supplies the Fairy touch, that Denby tableware loves so much

With Hotpoint Slimline Dishwasher in my kitchen, I could…
Be like Eliza, do little and dance all night
Do many things of which I dream whilst Hotpoint brings that Sunlight gleam
Down gloves, release the chains, see some Sunlight outside for a change!
Economize on space and bills as well as breakages and spills
Have my dishes sparkling aglow by pressing the button for H20
Have time on my hands - not wrinkles!
Kiss goodbye a daily drudgery. Hello hubby. Wink, wink, nudgery!
Lever myself from the kitchen sink and bathe in Sunlight!
Relax, unwind, become a new man, thumb by nose at Nanette Newman
Sip some champagne - make mine pink, bubbles in glass - not in sink
Fairy traditional and Tricity Bendix make dishwashing easier because…
Coping beautifully with hubbies disasters, whether cremated casseroles or overcooked afters
Gentle persuasion combined with tough action, first time results guaranteed satisfaction
Having cleaning power unsurpassed, for greasy pots and best glass
Shifting your encrusted pasta, efficiently and also faster
Using just a Fairy sprinkle, Tricity Bendix guarantees your dishes twinkle
If I had a Bosch Slimline Dishwasher I could…
Say me Jane, you Bosch, me sit, you wash
Add magic to my kitchen's smallest space, making dirty dishes disappear without a trace
Banish rubber gloves for good, my husband too (as if I would!)
Become a lady of leisure and entertaining would be more of a pleasure
Entrust my precious "crocks" to super-automation - award my "2 legged" dishwasher a permanent vacation
Fit it in
Free my family from the chores and eradicate domestic wars
Retire my old dishwasher, "Hubbie" - low tech, slow and frankly tubby
Say goodbye grease, hello shine, now to relax I've got time!
Spend more time on haute cuisine now Bosch will get pots Sunlight clean
Throw in the tea towel and admit defeat - this marvellous machine has dishwashing heat
Why do you think Arthur Price of England and Fairy perfect partners because…
Bright and shining, perfectly clean, Arthur Price and Fairy, a winning team
Cutlery that gives a lifetime of pleasure, retains its perfection with each Fairy measure
Fairy and Arthur Price stand supreme, setting standards seldom seen
Prices brilliant innovation, Fairy's magic formulation spell a unique combination
There is no need to keep the best cutlery hidden away, Fairy adds sparkle every day

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