Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



Active Aspartame At the tape Authentic
Balance Beating the bulge Be a winning loser Big
Bulge Cal-horrific Calories Change
Chubby Control Diet Drop off
Falling for Fat(ty) Figure wise Fitness
Flab(by) Healthy Heavy Heavyweight
Hip Inch (es) Inches away Indulge without bulge
Inside left satisfied... Outside left right Jules Lean Lean prices
Less Lesson one.. Less on me Light (er) Light at the end of the tunnel
Light refreshment Looks Losing Low-Cal
Low-fat Make light of More of.... Less of me Ounce
Overweight Petite Potion... Less wiggle in motion Pounds
Pounds away Pounds better off Reduced circumstances Reduction
Regime Save pounds Saving (s) Scale (s)
Scale down to size Scale the heights Scoff Shape
Shed Shop for shape Show the light Shrink
Size Slender Slim Slim chances
Slimmers Spare tyre Strength Successful
Tip the balance Trim Trim your sales Vigour
Waist Waist away Waist disposal Waist not, want not
Weigh to lean Weigh weigh better Weight Weight no more
Weight and see Weight off my mind Well being Wither
Whittle Wilt Wilting Versatile
Vim Vitality    

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Body slim / budget slim Bulge / indulge
Choose / lose Cost a cinch / lost an inch
Enhance / slim chance Fab / flab
Health / wealth Less fat / tummy flat
Light / bite Light treat / less seat
Mum / tum / bum Pounds in pocket / not on waist
Pounds / £s Sink / shrink / link
Size / thighs / wise Slim down / less frown
Slim / trim Taste / waist / haste
Tones / stones Waist whittled / taste not skittled
Weight / great / wait  

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I deserve a new look for 1998 with Weight Watchers from Heinz because…
Thanks to Heinz I'm now a winner, every day getting thinner
They motorvate this lumpy lassie to gain herself a classy chassis
My just desserts for watching weight, look good - with Heinz to 'motor'vate
Thirty-something student remodelling career, needs lighter lean body and updated gear
Curves have emerged thanks to you, Corsa deserve a respray too
Lo Bars are my customers' favourite because…
They're our finest collection of low-cal confection
British pork is an ideal food for a healthy diet because…
British pork is tender, nutritious and protein rich, making versatile meals - only problem - which?
Packed with protein and Vitamin B, I feel the difference others see
Nutritious, delicious, tender and lean, it tastefully boosts my 'sylph' esteem
It's bursting with nutrients, naturally lean, an essential ingredient of healthy cuisine
Tasty, low fat and protein packed, my family loves it - and that's a fact
Somerfield's Healthy Selection range is nutritious and delicious because ...
It plays a part, in protecting your heart
Health is life's wealth
If tickers could talk, they would sing for this tucker
Hand on heart, it puts a smile on my chops
It suits those with ahealthy appetite for life
It's the heart of a balanced meal
Of lean country taste, without the fat of the land
There's no wasting, no basting, just excellent tasting
Only the fat is removed and the flavour remains
It gets to the heart of modern living
Just a little grilling reveals all its juicy secrets
I want to lift off because…
'97 won't be my sell date, when Heinz can help rejuvenate
Almost past my sell-by date, I need help to rejuvenate
An active granny aim to be, not a doddery OAP
Days of auld lang syne, are back with my wolf--whistle waistline
Felt overweight and rather fat, now Heinz Weight Watchers are altering that
Healthy eating revolution is my slimline resolution - Heinz provides tasty solution
I want to keep 'off' the weight and 'on' the narrow
I'll never be wealthy, so I 'night as well be healthy
I'm keeping fit and looking good, just as everybody should
It's the ideal solution, to my resolution
Naturally healthy and full of nutrition, when getting fit is my ambition
No need for liposuction, I trust Heinz for weight reduction
Nutritious, delicious, love every bite - now I've got size 10 in sight
Tasty meals, bill of flavour, from my diet I will not waver
The size of my thighs, brought tears to my eyes
Their superb range of taste sensations, won't upset my 'cal-culations'
Whilst shaping my outside right, my inside left's satisfied with every bite
Weight Watchers from Heinz and Sainsbury's stores leave you fit and healthy because… 
Staying healthy is my hobby, I used to look like Mr. Blobby 
They help this aging lassie, keep her slim chassis 
They widen your diet but never your waistline 
With every scoop or slice, I save pounds not once but twice 
You are then seen to be fit and fit to be seen 
Even on a slimming date, the range of goodies is still great 
Heinz from Sainsbury's helps former podgy lassie, restore her slender chassis
It lacks the Weight while Watchers look on with Heinz sight 
Purses feel perky, families feel great, nourishment and energy, without unwelcome weight 
Recognising the trend to healthy eating, 31 varieties take some beating 
They are a winning team that are well ahead of their rivals 
They're delicious, nutritious and low-caloricious 
They're so tasty and satisfying, there's no room left for other temptations 
Weight Watchers from Heinz, makes you slim and divine, only Sainsbury's provide 
You can count the calories without counting the cost 

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