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Black Forest Cake Conserve Cool
Cream (y) Culinary delight Custard Dessert
Doughnut Eclair Fancy Gateau
Honey Ice cream Ice Icing
Jam Jelly Marzipan Natural
Pudding Refreshing Set Slice
Sponge Summer Sweet Tart
Vanilla Wafer Wobble  

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Ambrosia / osier / hosier / crosier / freesia / seizure / Polynesia Cream / dream / mean / scream / scheme / gleam / theme / seem / steam / supreme / beam / stream / deem / teem / team / esteem
Dessert / curt / skirt / hurt / flirt / pert / squirt / cert / shirt / alert / inert / expert / assert / divert / advert / convert Jelly / smelly / belly / telly / deli

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Bird's custard and apple pie go together like…
Manhattan and Skyline - with Bird's great custard is my buyline
Danones Fruitgarden is unique because…
Teaming yogurt with fromage frais, Danone Fruitgarden is 'Match of the Day'
I like the taste of Sainsbury's Rainforest Fromage Frais because ...
This creamy fruity taste sensation, promotes the art of conservation
Skiing and eating ice cream in New England would make an ideal combination because ...
... if you love ice cream, and like to ski, this is the full VerMonty
I would like to visit New Orleans because...
Carnival city, beautiful sights, American jazz, Alldays and all nights
Retirement boring, finances chronic, New Orleans jazz the perfect tonic
I'd love to eat ice cream at Euro Disney because…
Ices and Disney you never outgrow, sensational tingles from top to toe!
Any time, anywhere, I just love to eat ice cream
As an adult, I am still a kid at heart
Asda’s dished up fair retail spending, scoop this prize - fairy tale ending
Cooling, creamy ice cream, completes the magic of a Disney theme
Creamy in taste, refreshingly cold, I’d watch the world of Disney unfold
For melting moment that’s unique, Euro-Disney is fantastique
Hottest location, coolest sensation
It would be oh la la!
Mickey excites me, ice cream delights me, ASDA please invite me
One good treat deserves another
Such joy A treat Spending Days Abroad, Pure Relaxation I Can Enjoy
To taste lovely Snow White cream, is my perfect Disney dream
Top attractions, second to none. Asda and Walt Disney are number one
You can’t lick it! Disney magic and Jiminy Cricket

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