The man who wears Sergio Tacchini is…  

Polar cool and in command, smooth, refreshed and in demand 

Slazenger Sport helps me keep fresh all day because…  
Ballesteros yells and Trevino may fool but Slazenger Sport keeps everyone cool 
I'd be off my trolley to use anything else!  
I no longer perspire to succeed 
It’s cool, stylish - feels like heaven - the greatest undercover agent since 007!  
It's the natural selection, with panther power protection 
Shower gel or body spray it's cool for cats in every way 
Slazenger does for sports what Bermuda did for shorts 
Splash, squeeze, spray or roll Slazenger 'grips" to the 18th hole 
With sticks, sprays, powder and gels, my mashie niblick never smells 
I wear Impulse ICO because…  
'Asda’lutely 'scent'sational for work or leisure, this fresh new 'superstar' gives lasting pleasure  
I'm cool 
It makes me feel cool, fresh and sexy 
My 'IcO calculation' - get attitude right! A spray of Impulse gives added bite 
Because it smells nice and does the job perfectly
Even an ice maiden needs help staying fresh
Fresh, fun and futuristic - anything else is unrealistic
Fresh, impulsive, its scent as the cool thing to woo!  
I could go all the way in Impulse 
I do night shifts and I can still smell it in the morning 
I feel fresh, exhilarated and pleasant to be near all day 
I go where my IcO goes 
I hope some nice man will come up to me on Impulse
I imagine a nice cool waterfall deeply refreshing me 
I like it!  
I like the new perfume, a change from the Hint of Musk which I love 
I like the smell-0 it makes me feel cool-0 
I like to be cool - IcO cool!  
I like to smell cool, feel cool and be cool!  
I smell fresh and feel fresh 
I smell lovely and feel fresh all day 
I sooo cool 
I want to feel glacier fresh 
I’m head over heels with a scent that appeals 
I'm hot stuff and it keeps me cool 
I'm not usually an impulsive buyer, but I'm glad 1 bought Impulse on impulse! 
I'm three parts an IcOn 
Ice-cool freshness, this wow-er is a hit, announces my arrival and delays exit 
IcO performs its tasks to perfection, an art in itself in fragrance selection 
Impulse IcO makes me feel so free and Impulsive 
In the morning, just a spray, keeps me cool and dry all day 
Invigorating IcO is fresh, cool, chic and "Bond" to give you protection 007 days a week 
It drives my boyfriend wild 
It gets right to the pulse 
It gives me a cool but invigorating feeling 
It has a cool fresh fragrance, which I find refreshing and energising
It has a crisp, clean fragrance that doesn't turn stale
It has a nice smell
It has got a fine smell and it keeps its fragrance
It is a refreshing smell and I love it
It is cool and invigorating
It is refreshingly fresh and delightfully decadent
It is super cool!
It is the most lovely smelling body spray
It just suits me in a way which no other brand can do
It keeps me as cool as ice
It keeps me cool
It keeps me fresh and funky and it smells great
It leaves me feeling and smelling icy fresh all day long
It makes me feel comfortable and nice
It makes me feel cool, fresh and exciting
It makes me feel fresh and confident all day long
It makes me feel polar cool and in command, refreshed and in demand
It makes me feel special even on an ordinary day
It makes me the 'scenter' of attention
It smells great and makes me happy
It smells nice and makes me feel good
It smells sexy
It smells so great, I feel really fab when going on a date
It smells so nice and keeps me fresh like ice
It turns my husband on and makes him go wild!
Its a good price and it smells lovely when you put it on and lasts
Its a light, wearable fragrance which doesn't turn stale
Its cool to be Impulsive
Its cool, its fresh and it feels like you've just showered in flower petals
Its fresh and clean, know what I mean
Its fresh, easy to use, keeps me dry and fresh all day
Its ice cool and makes my skin tingle with freshness
Its in an attractive container that's effective for freshness
Its refreshing fragrance revitalises
Its rude, makes me the Ice dude, with the cool attitude
Its the perfect spray to last all day
Its the refreshingly cool bodyspray, that keeps me feeling fresh all day
Its zingingly cool and refreshing
Its a must for a wife, with a lust for life
Its cool fresh assurance means nothing to hide, it takes your lifestyle in its stride
Just one day someone might chase after me with some flowers - here's hoping!
IcO don't wear anything else
Like me it has Pzz-azz
My mates say I smell!! Nice!
New Impulse smells so nice oh! Fresh fragrance called IcO, sprayable from head to toe
Now my personal space is a fragrant place
On Impulse, my cool fresh exterior melts to ice breaking passion
Ready for dancing? Yeah you bet! Ready for romance? Yeah no sweat!
Scentsationally aromatic, pure as pearl, perfect perfume for a new millennium girl
Since this revolution, I have never smelt so good and fresh
Sunshine or snow, I'm ready to go
The aroma is heavenly and relaxing
The cool fresh fragrance has the effect of making your skin feel alive
Used in IcO-lation the sparkling sensation brings elementary elation
Wear there's a will, there's a weigh!
Whatever the action life's a whirl, no body odour for this all-action girl
When I go out and about, you IcO me, before you see me
When things get hot and steamy, I stay ice cool
With their scent's backing, I won't be scent packing
Impulse Ico is the body spray for me because…
I co'nfess an Impulsive desire, the need to be cool when I'm on fire
I can confidently say it's the Rolls Royce spray
It keeps me refreshed and smelling fab - just when I need it.
Of the scents of sparkle and pzazz only an Ico wearer has!
Without it I feel naked
A fragrance so fresh and new will last the whole night through
An impulsive nature needs to be kept Icy Cool Overall
As a busy mum of four I need to be cool
As fresh as fresh can be cool, Impulse Ico is the one for me
As its alluring aroma brings out the passion in my man
At work or at play one quick spray keeps me fragrant all day
Being active but fresh and fragrant all day only comes from Impulse Ico body spray
Calming and refreshing
Cool and fresh works hard all day, why can't men come packaged that way?
Cool as ice, gentle as snow, lasting protection when I'm on the go
Cool refreshing fragrance to entice, where personal hygiene matters, I never skate on thin ice
Dancing, aerobatics, skating about, keeps me dry without a doubt
Dynamic fragrance and money well spent; I will not be thrown off by this scent
Exciting aroma, absolute bliss, Impulse Ico too good to miss
Good scents and sensitivity are perfect for 'the likes' of me
He just can't say no when I'm wearing Ico
Hubby's been booked, clamped and towed away, while 'impulsively' buying me KO spray
I 'snow' refreshingly cool body spray when I see it
I am so hot I need to be cooled down constantly
I COmpliment Impulse on their new spray, with this fresh fragrance I'm fresh all day
I feel as fresh as the driven snow and men just melt wherever I go
I just can't resist this cool silver mist
I keep my cool when all around me are losing theirs
I may be a Gran, but I like to smell as nice as I can
I may not win snowboarding holiday divine, but Impulse Ico can always be mine
I prefer singing to humming
I'm cool as ice and because its a great smell for a great person
I'm cool, its cool and it keeps me cool
I'm impulsive, free and active, so I want to be cool, fresh and attractive
I've a scents of adventure, style and pzazz, that only an Ico user has
Ico body spray is for I-C-cool snow boarders
Ico in the morning, a fresh day dawning, Ico at night means bodies delight
Ico is selective, protective and extremely effective
ICOuld shop not stop all day
Impulse and impulsiveness would be a great life
Impulse will impress
Impulsive is best beyond dispute, for a freshly perfumed birthday suit
Impulsive lady, always in top gear, popular Icon and nice to be near
In the gym, at work or play, Impulse keeps me fresh all day
It announces my arrival and always delays my departure
It dazzles with individuality and style
It freezes me into another dimension
It gives me pussy cat soft skin which attracts all the trendy young dogs
It helps me keep my cool
It is a very feminine smell with all day freshness
It is so cool!
It leaves me smelling good, refreshed and ready for anything
It makes me feel and smell absolutely gorgeous
It makes me feel desirable, which means I feel powerful
It makes me feel fresh and alive
It makes me feel fresh and clean
It makes me feel polar cool and in command, refreshed and in demand
It perfumes and protects at little expense, for me Impulse buying makes common scents
It smells fresh and keeps me cool
It's as cool as you are!
It's catchy, distinctive and downright individual
It's cool being the scent're of attention
Its cool, fresh and I love the smell
Its cool, sexy, wicked and wild, just like me
Its fresh and fun for girls on the run
Its fresh and light, a cool delight, so exactly right from morn 'till night
Its fresh, its cool, its trendy; the No.l at school
Its fresh, its fun and vibrant, ideal for me
Its odour whelming!
Its the nicest spray to start the day
Its clean, fresh smell makes men say, "That's Impulse, you can tell"
Its refreshing clean scent makes me feel 100 per cent
Meeting people it breaks the ice, confident I smell real nice
Modern ice palace, a cool persons dream, a shivering experience in the extreme!
My friends and partner are always complimentary when I wear Ico, the ultimate accessory
Out of the blue comes a cool, fresh you!
Prone to Impulse, making perfect scents you see, Ico is cool under pressure, like me
Pulses race, heads turn, body's quiver and eyes spray all over me
Refreshing and fragrant, fresh for each foray, finger on the in-pulse - Ico cool spray
Refreshingly different, undeniably chic, its fragrance for style is totally unique
Super Ico's cooling fragrance, is perfect wear for Apres Ski!
Sweet and fresh, these Alpine scents bring 'avalanche' of compliments
The fragrance is out of this world
The smell of Ico leads on the others, and always parts sons from their mothers
The tangy, spicy, mountain-fresh smell, that gives that cool, confident, reliable spell
There 'snow' irritation - just a fresh Ico tingle
There is nothing else like the fragrance
This cool crisp spray, this icy Ico thrill, matches my adrenaline swoosh downhill
Top value, safe bet, dry day, no sweat, wearing a 'skirt' of this refreshing spray
When I want to smell hot, I have to go ice cold
Whatever I do every spray, I'm feeling fresh, cool and impulsive throughout the day
When I'm #ed off, it makes me feel like a *
Whenever I'm active, Impulse ensures I say attractive
Wherever the Impulse takes me, this ice cool spray keeps me fresh all day
Whether image is important or immaterial no one is immune
Wild, passionate, stylish, chic, all Impulsive and unique
With minimum fuss and maximum ease, I can pull fellas whenever I please
With the freshness of a glacial breeze, its fragrance never fails to please
Words cannot say, as I would be speechless without such fantastic range of Impulse
Impulse Ico is the fragrance for me because…
A touch on the pulse is the spark that releases that unforgettable Impulse!
Acting on Impulse makes me unconventional, and its unconventional people who make progress possible
Although chic and sensually clad, its my body spray that drives men mad
As cool and lively as a mountain spring, it keeps me fresh when I'm snowboarding!
As Ico breaks the ice, temperatures rise in a trice
Busy, cosmopolitan me needs a fragrance, worry free
Clean, fresh fragrance, exciting and new, if only Impulse made men too!
Cool and confident, with Impulse ice, close encounters are sheer delight!
Cool and dry for work or play, Ico keeps me fresh all day
Cool, refreshing, a genuine price, the best on the market - oh so nice
Cosmo and Ico are cool as the snow, fresh, smart, stylish and raring to go
Cosmopolitan fragrance, fresh for Yule, snowboarding, shopping, Ico cool
For Cosmopolitan me its icy fresh and free
Fresh as the snow, soft as a sigh, and millennium hugs from a special guy
Fresh, lively, full of fun, suits any age, anyone
From summer sun to fun in the snow, I'm feeling fresh wherever Ico
From this Ico fan it loves to dispense, fresh, active scent-sations of self defence!
Get the rush, stay ice cool, and all around the fellas drool
Hallelujah, a product you can believe in - let us spray!
He'll murmur, holding me tight "cherie you smell gorgeous tonight"
I feel fresh and light all through the day, with confidence boosting Ico spray
I remain - poised as Fonteyn - cool as rain - even rushing for the train
I'm a cool customer with crisp finish, a fresh outlook and Impulse to relish
I'm sprayed fresh and supernal with a perfume that's truly delightful
I've asked the audience, phoned a friend, all agree its the perfect friend
Ico love to be cool
Ico's Cosmopolitan scent increases my freshuality one hundred percent
Ico's fresh, new fragrance beyond compare, makes me feel I'm snowboarding in crisp mountain air
Impulse Can Do for me what no other CAN
Impulse Ico takes me to the 'fresh-hold' of a Cosmopolitan experience
Impulsive, impressive, gentle and kind, scented with Cosmopolitan women in mind
In heat of the moment, hundred 'per scent' sure, I keep my cool and feminine allure
It brings Cosmopolitan cheer in the new 'scentury year
It captivates, exhilarates, invigorates and gets me dates!
It freshens me nicely
It gives a fresh approach to any situation
It inspires me with a scents of adventure
It is a great ICO breaker at any party
It is like an icy breeze making my body tingle and my spirit alive
It keeps me cool and fresh when all around are losing theirs
It keeps me fresh and ready to tackle my daily chores and during sports activities
It knocks the opposition 'scentsless'
It leaves me confident, fresh and cool, wow, just look at them men drool
It makes a N 'ice' maiden of me
It makes me feel as good as it smells
It makes my presence smelt!
It reminds me of mountains, sleigh rides, von Trapps, apres ski, fondue, chalets and schnapps
It's a new way of learning to set heads turning
It's a safe way to feel fresh and smell great throughout the day
It's cool, fresh, class for a cosmopolitan lass
Its fragrance crisp and fresh, keeps me feeling at my best
Its got carte blanche over my 'avalanche'!
It's heaven scent
It's new and fresh, that's the key, and limited edition, just like me!
It's sexy and fresh - just like me
It's simply the essence of elegance
It's the exception to the rule, both really 'hot' and super 'cool'
It's the fresh way to start the day!
It's the ICOn for success with the aroma to impress
It's the ICOn of irresistible freshness
Its cool icy zest is simply the best
Its cool, invigorating feel, has Cosmopolitan appeal
Its fragrance crisp and fresh, keeps me feeling at my best
Its fresh fragrance wakes me up, and keeps me going all day
Its freshness is an ice-breaker, it's fragrance is a heart breaker
Its sensual, refreshing, carefree aroma, help create a Cosmopolitan persona
Its snow wonder! Ico scent-sationally sprays, a film of fresh fascination in Cosmopolitan ways
Its winning formula makes good 'scents' ensuring impulsive moments without offence
Light, fresh and new, it makes me feel real cool too!
More than a breath of fresh air, an essential part of my body wear
Mum says I'm a special edition too!
Refreshingly different, trendy 'n' cool, Cosmopolitan appeal, Ico has it all
Refreshingly glacial, magnificent spray, keeps me fragrant all the day
So nice to know all through the day, a body's 'cool' with Ico spray
Stay fresh and dry throughout the day, with Impulse Ico the heaven scent spray
Subscribing to clear, fresh, fragrant hues, I'm dazzling when sliding through Ico's cool blues
That light tough of mist, gives that feeling of being kissed
The 'scent'illating reaction makes me the 'scenter' of attraction
The fresh cool way to start the day, a perfect spray come what may
The icy freshness keeps me cool whatever I do
The perfume's terrific, the effect stunning, a welcome addition to feminine cunning
There's 'snow' better way to stay fresh all day
This affordable pleasure in my bag, has the style and class of Cosmopolitan mag!
This crisp, fresh spray rekindles me, refreshing me so wonderfully
This gentle, lasting perfumed spray, gives me confidence throughout the day
Untamed Impulse, limited edition - sultry ice maiden is my mission
When I 'melt' into his arms, he always 'warms' to my charms
When I want a refreshing body spray, it makes good 'scents' to buy Faberge
When I wear it - heads turn, admirers yearn
When Impulse buying there's no hurry, fresh, clean and effective there's no worry
When it 'reigns' on my skin I smell great without and feel good within
When the heat is on its a real ice breaker
When under pressure its the perfect refresher
Young, beautiful, impulsive, inviting, Ico - essence of all things exciting
Soft and Gentle lets me move closer with confidence because…
It's selective, protective and extremely effective
At home or in town, its subtle fragrance never lets me down
Body odour beater, none come fresher, none smell sweeter
Delicately perfumed, it never overpowers, yet its refreshing protection lasts for hours
Gentle protection, fragrances that enhance, guaranteeing freshness and many an admiring glance
I feel whatever the hour, that I've just had a shower
I use it morning, noon and night, for comfort and perfumed delight
I'm cool, collected, nice to know and in demand
Its my natural selection, for lasting protection
Its super protection, second to none, for cool confidence - number one!
Its the brand I can trust, when lasting protection is a must
Its delicate fragrance never overpowers, ensuring freshness that lasts for hours
Its fragrance crisp and fresh, keeps me feeling at my best
Mildly perfumed, effective and strong, increases confidence all day long
No fear of rejection, just perfect protection, from this superior selection
Reassuring and reliable, make me feel desirable
They've found the formula to succeed, unbeatable performance is guaranteed
When fragrance and assurance really matters, Soft and gentle always flatters.
With its secret power, it keeps me fresh hour after hour
With quality so high, its my favorite buy
With Soft & Gentle expertly blended, I feel better than nature intended
I feel confident to move closer with Soft & Gentle because…
‘Je t’adore” sighs mon amour, fresh and sweet for evermore
It changes people into couples
Side by side, arm in arm, this ‘bodyguard’ enhances this lady’s charm
A touch of class for terms of endearment
All around me I know spring is in the air
Business meeting or personal greeting. I never worry about overheating
Dining a deux or business meeting, it dispels all worries of overheating
Dressed to kill or wearing nightie, I feel as good as Aphrodite
Each spray like a flower’s kiss, so rose to tulips bliss
Frankly it would be ‘in Seine’ to ‘rendezvous’ without it
Freshness assured, the mood is right, could it be tonight’s the night
He ‘nose’ I’m ‘scent-sational’
He’ll murmur, holding me tight, “cherie, you smell gorgeous tonight”
He’s filled with longing, now I’m not ponging
I am one hundred ‘per scent’ sure-of exuding feminine allure
I can dance cheek to cheek, after hours, smelling sweet
I can keep my cool when all around me are losing theirs
I can lower my guard, which is right up my boulevard
I know I smell deVine -- soon my man will be all mine
I know its odourwhelming!
In the heat of the moment, I’m home and dry
In the heat of the moment, its the perfect deodorant
Instead of sending hubby reeling, it gently brings back that loving feeling
It gives me the ‘scents’ of protection
It inspires a pleasant call to arms
It is rolled on, to be relied on
It sprays ‘misty’ for me
It would awaken a Midsummer Knights dream
It’s everyone’s best spend
It’s Magnifique - Wonderful, Invigorating. Natural, Nectar, Exciting the Romantic
It’s not harsh or abrasive - just gently persuasive
Its qualities stood the test of time - like my own sweet Valentine
It’s the intimate solution, to underarm pollution
Its protection stands the test of time - like me on sweet Valentine
Its winning formula makes good scents -- ensuring intimate moments without offence
Just the job, great CV, fully employed for joie de vie
Love and the world loves with you, smell and you smell alone
Mildly perfumed, effectively strong, increases your trust to dance all night long
My husband wants an Eiffel, not a noseful
My nose quickly knows
My sensual smell, always casts a spell
My underarm action bowls them over - naturally in the nicest ‘scents’
My underarm tactics doesn’t bowl them over
One dash, improves panache, without drying up the cash
One quick spray and its lovely all day
Party frock or just a nightie, I feel as good as Aphrodite
Places to go, people to see, gives you confidence to be carefree
Refreshing perfume. subtle and sentimental, makes me feel chic and continental
Romantic meal or fun filled bop, the freshness lasts, forget the pitstop
Slow waltz, fast tango, with perfect protection I always can-can
Softly, gently, catchee, hunkey
Softness makes me feel my best, gentle perfume does the rest
Sweet romances need more than glances
That, and a smile, is all you need to wear
The freshness last so long, it guarantees no pong
This deodorant transforms me from a dismal sweater, into an appealing pullover
Unlike ‘Clouseau’, its the best undercover agent I know
When I am in his arms, no odours mar my charms
When that romantic moment occurs, our liaison’s no longer dangereuse
When you’re in the front line, you’re never underarmed
With their scent backing, I won’t be sent packing
Words any woman want to hear are “oh darling”, not “oh dear”
What costume would you wear to Mardi Gras 2000 and why…
Caesar had his toga, Adam had his leaf, I'd have a dash of Lynx to give the ladies grief
'The Voodoo Queen" - I want to weave a magic spell, entrance my lover with the fascinating smell of Voodoo
A Black Widow's hairdo, stars on my face, I can lure my Lynx man into cobweb wings of Voodoo lace
A bright bluebottle costume - because I'd fly in the face of convention and give myself a huge Millennium 'buzz
A butterfly - beauty softly emerging symbolising beginnings new, spreading world-wide happiness in colourful hue
A chain mail vest, so that I'm covered in Lynx, if I stand Bayou, it wouldn’t be me that stinks!
A cockerel partying at the Mardi Gras all night through, only this costume will cock-a-Voodoo-do
A honey bee costume - because I wanna bee in that number when the saints go marching in
A James Bond costume - because like Lynx products, who wears wins!
A knights costume - because the chain mail contains Lynx
A ladybird suit - I'm no Millennium Bug, just spray me with Lynx and I'm ready to hug
A large bar of chocolate - because its the Millenniyumm
A wizard British Bobby - I'd be safe in Lynx Voodoo toiletries protective custody
A leopard-skin cat suit, to add feline feel with mystic appeal, entering the Millennium Lynxed with zeal
A lion costume, because I love big cats, especially Lynx, but a lion would be simpler I think
A native Indian costume has obvious Lynx, but I'd compliment it with Voodoo, to keep away the stynx!
A Peacock my tail would have two thousand eyes to survey this spectacular prize
A pharaoh from the land of Sphinx, but I think much more fun a creature - the Lynx
A Phoenix rising from the ashes of the old century to welcome in the new
A postage stamp outfit - with Lynx's Voodoo transformation, for the Millennium celebration, this first-class male would be a scentsation

Magician - like Lynx, my magic would come out of a hat rattling good time.

A sleek awe-inspiring black spotted costume, to bring out the Lynx and sparkle in me
A swirling cape, a pointy hat, for a magical time in the home of jazz, a bewitching costume with razzmatazz
A tempest - because its fiery, exotic and flamboyantly loud, like Lynx it stands out in a crowd
A Time Lord - master of magic, masquerade, mystery Lynx the moment with Millennium history
A Voodoo charm and a pair of jeans, for the Lynx effect and the spirit of New Orleans
A Voodoo astronaut - one small step for man, but with Faberge's Lynx range - one giant leap for mankind
A Voodoo Doll - carnival magic casts a spell, and Lynx the new Millennium well
A Wild Cat - as being a party animal, I'd be the Lynx and soul of the patty
A witch - so that I do the Voodoo that you do so well
A witchdoctor - weaving nothing too loud, Lynx Voodoo ensures I stand out in a crowd
Abracadabra, a Lynx I'd choose, to rid myself of Basin Street phews!
An Abba costume - as a 'dancing queen', I hope you'll 'take a chance on me'
An angel's costume - because with one splash of Lynx I'd be heaven scent
An octopus costume, because wearing Lynx under all eight arms would give me more chance to parade my Voodoo charms
Apeman - I'll be the missing Lynx!
Apollo - Apollo Lynx us into space, out of this world - carnival in an exciting place
As a witchdoctor having cast a spell Lynx-ed to Voodoo, to be at the Mardi Gras magic venue
As an arachnid, I'd be a Millennium Bug, with eight limbs I could give everyone a hug
An alien outfit - because I'd be worldly wise and totally enlightened, Voodoo would not make me frightened
Bacchus - thong covered with black grapes, head of vine leaves green grapes, gold sandals, minimal cover, maximum Lynx coverage
Baron Samedi - because every night is Saturday night when I'm wearing Lynx Voodoo
Captain of a riverboat called Voodoo, for a magic Mardi Gras afloat, a Mississippi steamboat
Catwoman - I'm a party animal and this amewsing costume would be just purrfect!
Clad Lynx-like in Voodoo trance, celebrating with frenzied dance, Mardi Gras USA, is how I'll spend my Millennium day
Cloud Nine because that's the float everyone wants to be on
Clown costume - because clowning around makes people grin, with a jester at the fiesta festivities begin
Distinguishing physical features but revealing souls emotion, I would be a Voodoo Queen with Faberge as my potion
Double-ended costume, with the ultimate celebrations, as Mardi Gras intends, this reveller will be burning his candle at both ends
Encrusted jewels - a feline Faberge. I'll be a Lynx and dance the night away
Fireman costume - Mardi Gras ignites one's fire, anything but tame, taking more than the party's end to douse the flame
For Mardi Gras 2000. Ugly duckling suit, I'd don, 'cos Lynx Voodoo magic makes me a beautiful swan
I would dress as a Voodoo Queen casting spells refreshing and clean
I would dress up as Jimi Hendrix as lord knows I'm a Voodoo Chile
I would wear nothing but Lynx deodorant as my body would be showered
I'd dress as a blue minx, a sure way to attract a Lynx
I'd have to be Miss Josephine Baker, queen of the jazz age, a mover and shaker
I'd simply wear my denim jeans, as not to dress down New Orleans
I’ll go as cool as a cat and parade in Lynx, won't wear the Pink Panther - that always stinks!
I'm fat, its Tuesday - what the hell! I've got the ladies under Voodoo's spell
In New Orleans the gorgeous Voodoo Queen delights me, Mardi Gras excites me, trust Sainsbury's to invite me
Inspired by Eve & Adam, a costume very brief. so come to the new Millennium, I'll turn over a new leaf
Julius Caesar's fig leaf in case I'm caught short and need quick relief
Jumpin' Jack Flash for my very own Voodoo Lounge tour, promoted by Lynx, high priest of men's allure
Just Lynx and a loincloth - smelling great and baring my soul, I'm sure to find a Voodoo doll
Just my Lynx - its a party wear Voodoo what you want!
Just my Lynx toiletries - because you can't mask perfection!
Just two thousand sequins for two thousand years - and a dab of his Lynx behind my ears
Lynx for storming global warming, plus cape and wand for quick transforming
Lynx roll on - its my role model
Millennium Bug - computers may crash, markets may fall, but nothing will stop me from having a ball
Mr Blobby -. because I'd want to hide my love of over-eating, with Cher I wouldn’t be competing
Mr Punch - because as he says - that's the way to Voodoo it!
My birthday suit and Voodoo to cast its magic spell, the best ever costume, the crowd would yell
My birthday suit I would wear, only Lynx Voodoo would let me dare
My birthday suit would fit the bill, smothered in Lynx and dressed to thrill
Neanderthal man - so there wouldn't be any missing Lynx
No special costume needed for me, as Lynx is clothing the eye can't see
Playboy bunny, in costume borrowed, jazzed up anew, I'd hopefully be I Heffner good time with Hugh
Robin Hood - because I'd stash the cash for a Millennium bash
Scarlet Pimpernel, because he loves masquerading, enjoys a close shave and gels with the ladies
Something fancy - gonna look like Cinderella, ready with the Lynx, please send me a fella!
Something hold and brassy, with a touch of pzazz, also cool and classy, like Lynx with all that jazz
Something hypnotic, exotic with plumes, bewitching, spellbinding like Voodoo perfumes
Sorcerer - I could cast a spell with bewitching flair, with my Lynx to Voodoo if I get there
Spangles and sequins would suit me fine, to bewitch Lynx man and make him mine
Straight jacket and chains - because this mad party animal with a shake of the Lynx escapes no sweat.
The black cloak and wizards hat of Nostradamus, so I could predict health, wealth and happiness for the next Millennium
The eighth wonder of the world - beautiful as Zeus, smiling like the Sphinx, mysterious as the pyramids, memorable as Lynx
The Jazz Singer - Mardi Gras has all that jazz, sparkle, zest and razzmatazz
The spirit of time, in Mardi Gras style from past to Millennium, its the timeless celebration of smiles
The spray of Lynx perfume, leading on the others, in a Voodoo rhythm parting sons from Mothers
Time machine costume - it Lynx carnival excitement and memories to last, spirits of the future and magic of the past
To the Mardi Gras 2000, I'd wear the Emperor's new clothes, for at a celebration that special - surely anything goes!
Top hat and tails - because with Lynx, this son of a gun already has the air of a gentleman
Voodoo feathers and a hula-hoop skirt, with Lynx I love being extrovert
Weaving star-spangled banner, Union Jack and Voodoo spray, promotes a spell of closer Lynx with the USA
Witchdoctor - because music heating, senses reeling, partying with Voodoo, this witchdoctor is heaven scent on putting a spell on you
Witchdoctor - I'd cast a Voodoo smell on you!

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