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A slice of A whey with curds Accent on quality Adaptable
All round favourite All the whey Alpine meadows Ambrosial
Aroma Bake Beat Beyond compare
Bigger gorge than Bite size Blending oil Boil
Borne on the Bries Bottle Bread Brie
Butter Butter wouldn't melt Butter mountain Buttery taste
Caerphilly made Calcium Camembert Cheddar
Cheese - bored Cheese roll/ role Cheese without the whine Cheese
Cheese cake Cheesed off Cheesy Cheesy grin
Cheshire Chicken Churn Churned for
Come rind to my place Complements Contented cow Cook(ing)
Cool Course to set / before reaching for Port Cow Crack (ing)
Crackers Cracking good buy Cream Cream(ier)
Creamy Crumble Crumbly Cube
Curds Dairy Dairy try it Dairy produce
Danish before your very eyes Delicious Delicious blend Deliver
Derby Winner Don't stint on the Stilton Double Down to the wire
Dutch of class/ distinction Edam good Eggcellent Eggs
Emmental, my dear Watson Expertise Expertly blended Field fresh flavour
Fine(st) Finest ingredients Flavour's supreme Flexible
Fondue For a perfect cracker Fresh Fry
Genuine flavour Going Dutch Golden goodness Goodness
Gorge-ous Gouda' enough Grate appeal Grate / great
Grate expectations Grate(d) Grates Grill
Hard to beat / not to eat Hard boiled Hard cheese Hatch
Healthy Healthy nutrition Hole / whole Hole lot more
Hole in one Holes full of flavour Holeshome Holey delightful
In a field of its own It's grate Just say smile please Knob
Lancashire Lashings of luxury Lay Leicester / Lest her
Less fat / low fat Live Luxury Luxury to savour
Maastricht no but Danish yes Made the cauliflower Margarine Mature
Meadow fresh Mellow Melt in the mouth Mild
Milk Milkman Moo Mountainous flavour
Mousetrap Natural Natural goodness Natural choice
Nutritious Nutty flavour Omelette Pat
Piquant Ploughman Poach Pure
Quality never wavers Raw Rich Rich and creamy
Rind Rind me up Rivals churn out Rolls Royce of cheese
Say cheese for a smile Say cheese Scramble Shell out for
Skimmed Slice Slices Smooth
Soft spread Spread Spreads from cold Spreads from the fridge
Spreads with ease Stilton Sublime Sunflower
Tangy Tastebuds Tastes like butter Tastes of summer
Tasty Texture Thickly spread Toasted
Toasted everywhere Tradition(al) Treat Udder
Versatile Watch my weight Wedge Where the big cheeses hang out
Whey / Way Whipped Whisk White
Wholesome / holes Wholesome wedges Yellow Yolk

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Brie / Bonhomie Butter / mutter / flutter / splutter / cutter / stutter / better / utter
Cheese / Please / Bries / Peas / ease / tease / freeze / squeeze / breeze / bees / seize / agrees / skis / keys / frees / sprees / flees / teas / fees / trees / ease Cream / dream / mean / scream / scheme / gleam / theme / seem / steam / supreme / beam / stream / deem / teem / team / esteem / daydream / ice cream / moonbeam / regime / scheme / stream / theme
Curds / Herds Delicious / Nutritious
Dinner / Winner Expertise / Cheese
Flavour / Savour Grating / Rating
Gruyere / Care Meal / Ideal
Nutrition / Tradition Other / udder
Roquefort / More Slice / Nice / Price
Slices, cubes, cooks/ Good as it looks Spread / bed / shed / fed / instead / bread / led / ahead / said / read / sled / red / sped / shred / wed / head / lead / thread
Stilton / Built on Swiss / Bliss
Swiss / Never Miss Test of time / Taste Sublime

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Butter and Margarine
Yoghurt and Fromage Frais

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