Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



Active Al fresco An exercise in leisure / pleasure Avoid traffic jams
Back pedal Balance Bank manager / balance something Bell
Beep Big wheel Bike BMX
Brake for a bite Brakes Can't handle bars Chain
Chain gang Chain reaction Change gear Chopper
City crawl Cog Cog in Comfort
Complete the cycle Countryside Cycle Cycle of
Cycle-ogical Cyclists Downhill ... Uphill Dynamo
Economical Energy Exercise Family fun
Finish the route Fit Fitness Flat out
Frame a Freedom of the road Freeway travel Fun
Gear (s) Geared for Get up and go Good frame of mind
Handlebars Healthy / long life cycle Health (y) Hearty
Highway Highway code Horn Inner tubes never tyre
In tandem Knees up Lane Life - cycle
Link in the chain Make tracks for Meals on wheels Mean machine
Mileage Miles Millennium mileposts Motorway melee
Mountain (ous) Mudguards Muscles National cycle network
No fumes No pollution Not fuelish but fun On the move
On the right track Open air Others fear to tread Outdoors
Over the hill Pack Parking's free Peak
Pedal Pedal power Pedal the best Penny farthing
Pleasure Power Proficiency test Pump
Puncture Race (r) Raleigh Raleigh my spirits
Raleigh round Raleigh to Reach a peak Recycle (d)
Rely / Raleigh Reliable / Raleighable Revolutionary ideas Richer for the tourer
Riding Riding high Right gear for Ring a bell
Road / rode Saddled Saddle up Saddlebag
Safety Saving money Seat Sitting pretty
Slim / feed my frame Smiles per hour / per mile Spanner in the works Spare tyre
Speed Spin Spokes Spokesperson
Start to flag Streets ahead Takes my 'breadth' away Terrific in traffic
The route to Tired / tyred Tour de France Top gear
To your heart's content Track Traffic Tread
Trendy Trustworthy Two wheel drive Tyre
Uphill Vicious cycle Vigour Wheel(s)
Wheel get things done Wheelie Wheelie good Yellow jersey
Youthfull thrill      

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Arrive / drive / thrive / dive / strive / thrive / alive / five / revive / survive Bars / cars
Beat / seat/ neat / street / feet / feat Bike / like / tyke / hike / strike / spike / trike / dislike
Brakes / breaks Crossbar / motorcar
Destination / combination / vacation / location / recommendation / creation / fascination / relaxation / inspiration / imagination Dilly dally / Raleigh
Figure / vigour Flabbiness went / hearts content
Leisure / pleasure / treasure / measure Mile / smile / style / aisle / compile / pile / rile / I'll / file / while / wile / agile / tile
Noise / annoys Oil / soil / foil / loyal / turmoil / spoil / boil / coil / toil
Pace / race Raleigh / rally / really / wheelie
Road / code / load / abode / owed / mowed / showed / towed / rode / showed / towed / rode / flowed / glowed / slowed / crowed / snowed Skills / thrills / spills
Supreme / team Trusty steed / car stampede

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Enza New Zealand Braeburn apples taste sensational because...
For hungry cyclists they're the perfect 'meals on wheels'.
Always delicious, maintaining tyred inners, to 'summit up' they are refreshing winners.
From Britain's most 'Raleighable' shop, New Zealand's more 'sensational' crop.
Imported from the 'Enza' the earth - Us ' Poms 'Raleigh'on their worth.
Wheely keeps you well on the road to a healthy life - cycle.
Bartholomew Cycling Guides are a great way to change gear because... ...
Easy to read with facts abundant, they make other cycling guides redundant
I would like to win a Marin mountain bike because…
If I got my Andes on summit this great, I'd never have to perumbulate.
I would really like to spend my brakes, riding a nail trail until I tyre.
Biking delights me, Marin mountain bikes excite me, light and easy, sturdy and speedy.
My family would like Universal Cycles because…
They're the ideal environmental solution, healthy exercise, no pollution.
Universal extra safety features, cost not a 'penny farthing' extra.
Adults and kids both alike, keep healthy - ride your bike.
Dextro Energy Tablets give me all the energy I need because ...
Run, cycle, swim or skate, Dextro Energy's my team mate.
Give a performance unsurpassed, pure Dextrose energy works really fast.
Dismay the couch potato faction, by instantly dissolving into action.C
Climb a mountain, reach my peak, Dextro tablets are unique.
Canderel is part of my healthy balanced diet because...
A "Wheel" sugar taste with calories removed, nature made sweeteners and Canderel improved
While I stay at fitness peak Canderel keeps me sweet
My "mountainous" appetite becomes healthy and sane with Canderel as my sugar cane
Low cal Canderel without doubt, has taste and goodness to ride home about
When sugar free sweeteners are put to the test, Canderel totally eclipses the rest
Thanks to sweet satisfaction of Canderel, I'll soon become a bicycle "belle"
Less calories, thanks to Canderel, help me look a bicycle "belle"
When sugar craving rings hunger's bell, I never "tyre" of Canderel
Canderel has helped me to re-cycle my tyred old frame
A healthy diet improves my vigour, and stops my waistline growing bigger
Looking slim, feeling well, my saving grace is Canderel
No longer need to "weight and see", more of Canderel means less of me!
Keeps me fit, able and trim, Canderel keeps me slim
Fitness gets a flying start when Canderel plays an active part
Cycle-logically Canderel tastes like sugar, my energy is higher but my calories are lower
As the wheels of life keep turning, Canderel ensures less calories need burning
Low cal sweetener with top gear name, it helps give me a fitter frame
Mountains of sweetness mean dieting's not dire, with Canderel puncturing unhealthy spare tyre
With Canderel I achieve my "hearts" desire , not be "saddled" with spare "tyre"
If health and fitness is your dream, Canderel's "track" record stands supreme!
Linking fitness, tast, and fund, it completes the cycle, in more weighs than one
With Canderel's help my calorie countin' keeps me fit to pedal up any mountain!
Slimmer and fitter was just a notion - 'til Canderel set the wheels in motion
Slimming with Canderel, I quickly achieve my sweet dream - the "cycle-ogical" advantage is supreme
Till Canderel put wheels in motion slimmer and fitter was just a notion
Only Canderel fuels my battle for a slender chassis and trimmer saddle
Canderel provides the taste I need, simply, completely and with speed
Canderel gives me the sweetness I like .......leaving "spare tyres" and "handles" on the bike!
Canderel helped me to loose 1.1/2 stone - a bike would help to tighten and tone
Used to love sugar, couldn't resist it - since switching to Canderel I've never missed it
Be"spoke" sweetness satisfies my soul, while keeping my calories under control
Sweetening my diet the Canderel way means a healthy life-cycle is here to stay!
Getting life into gear, keeping me trimmer, Canderel means I'm saddled with a winner
Calorie controlled, slim looking waist, thanks to the sweetner that leaves no bitter taste
Canderel dispenses those "sweet tooth" sensations, without saddling me with calorie calculations
Canderel scales the height of good taste, so goodbye spare tyre, hello slim waist
Canderel's sweetness takes some beating - the perfect "cycle" to healthy eating!
Canderel provides low cal sweetness with ample taste, for trimmer saddle and slimmer waist
Whenever I'm consumed by wicked temptation, Canderel is my sweet salvation
No need to weight and see, mre Canderel means less of me
Keeping "frames" in "peak" condition is part of the Canderel tradition
Canderel keeps me fit and lean to ride the Boots mean machine!
Calorie free, natural tast, Canderel helps me re-cycle my waist
Canderel keeps me fit and trim, to ride a cycle and stay slim
With Canderel I can reach my dream, it cycle-logically boosts my self esteem!
Canderel gives me a new grame with no spare tyre
Overweight, too much fat, Canderel and cycling could change all that!
Never tyreing of Canderel's healthy sweet tast, means dieting efforts don't go to waist
Thanks to Canderel I'm nice and slim - a mountain bike would keep me trim!
Target achieved, no reversing now, in top gear with Canderel knowhow!
Canderel keeps me fit and slim and a mountain bike would tone and trim!
Canderel keeps me "well" on the "road" to a long and healthy life "cycle"
Tyred of being saddled with the diet from hell, I now add sweetness with Canderel
This sugar alternative is no sin, "spare tyre" gone, all "geared" up for keeping slim
Low in calories, tastes so sweet, a healthy "cycle", so delicious to eat
"Cycle-ogically" Canderel makes life sweeter, putting the brakes on a calories overeater
Canderel and cycling trips make for shapely bottoms and slimmer hips
Canderel sweeteners in discreet handy cases provides calorie free energy for those marathon races
Canderel gives what I desire - sweetest tast - without spare tyre!
Slimming World's Spokeswoman says it's sin-free, sweet talk for tyreless dieters like me
It's always sweet - never bitter - saves me "pounds" - and keeps me fitter
With Canderel I achieved my dream, the "cycle-ogical" advantage was supreme
Canderel makes life so sweet, add a mountain bike and it's complete
Canderel keeps my figure neat, putting less of a strain on my bicycle seat!
With Canderel I can indulge, trims my waist - reduces bulge
I'm geared to a healthy lifecycle, to enhance my diet, Canderel is vital
When a super "frame" becomes a notion, Canderel sets the wheels in motion
Using Canderel everyday enhances my body cycle with little to pay
It's benefits are clear. Canderel keeps me in top gear
The essential link in my dietary chain, Canderel promotes health without uphill strain
Low in calories with a natural taste, healthy pedal power for a trimmer waist!
My "mountainous" appetite becomes healthy and sane - when delicious Canderel takes the strain
Spoonful on cereal, tablets in tea, Canderel's material for a slimmer trimmer me
If I use Canderel and cycle with vigour, my reward with be a hourglass figure
My spare tyre needs deflation, Canderel's my motorvation
It satisfies my sweet taste with no expansion to my waist
Only Canderel can get me in gear for a slender chasis and trimmer rear
Sweeter smiles and shapely hips, mean Canderel and cycling trips!
Without backpedalling on the flavour, Canderel tips the scales in my favour
Active, fit, trim and slimming, Canderel gives me a healthier way of living
For "tyre"less energy and a fitter "frame", Canderel keeps me ahead of the game
With Canderel I'm riding high, with the healthiest sweetener I can buy
For Canderel I have the sweetest devotion, slimmer, trimmer, it sets my wheels in motion
Canderel helps me to win the battle, for a slender chassis and trimmer saddle
Slim and feeling well, I'll never tyre of Canderel
With Canderel I quickly achieve my dream - the "cycle-ogical" advantage is supreme
Steering clear of calories, not saddled with fat, Canderel sweeteners keep me on track
With Canderel I'm achieving my aim, of a healthy body and slender frame!
Canderel sweeteners keep my wheels turning, the pounds falling off and the calories burning
For an exercise in healthy eating, Canderel takes a lot of beating
Changed to Canderel, energy soared, enjoying cycling in one of the rewards!
Only Canderel fuels my battle, for slender chassis and trimmer saddle
Till Canderel put wheels in motion, slimmer and fitter was just a notion
No aftertaste - nearly calorie free - sweet Canderel "rings a bell" with me
Healthy faster, fitter, sleeker was a sweet notion, until Canderel set my gears in motion!
Health and fitness was just a notion, until Canderel set the wheels in motion
This healthy eating revolution is my slimline resolution - Canderel provides a sweet solution
Canderel ensures I stay petite - the "cycle"-ogical benefits are quite unique
I never "tyre" of Canderels great taste, it's "geared" for reducing "frames" and waist
Jacobs Savory Snacks are tops on taste because…
A.T.B. - All Tastebuds Benefit. Neat to eat, every bag's a treat
Each bite brings delight (Often with knobs on)
I've twigged how gorgeously moreish they are
Mountainous appetites are surpressed - Jacobs also taste best
The crunch keeps me going till lunch.
Their crispy crunch makes a mountaineer lunch
Your tastebuds tingle as they savour the flavour
Yum-Yum thrillers provide "Hole-in-Tum" fillers
I always buy my favourite Jacobs biscuits at Gateway because…
Gateway’s service never sours, Jacobs biscuits pedal power
In the BUY election, both get my vote for selection
Like Gateways, my kids mouths are always open
Super biscuits, Superstore.... Inner tubes say "Buy some more"!
The only place DAKOTA' get your children's biscuit quota!
I would like to win the Raleigh Activator bikes because…
For comfort and style, they're ahead by a mile
Enjoy endless days of leisure, on the bike that's built for pleasure
For the perfect 'brush' with nature, it has to be Raleigh Activator
My family would love to Raleigh round - our feet would hardly touch the ground.
Outings together, family fun, if Raleigh and Stylers tell us we've won!
The countryside we would be able to view, on Raleigh thanks to you
They give freedom, comfort and style, mile after mile
They're 'wh'eelie' great to keep us active, family agrees Raleigh bikes are attractive!
To keep fit and healthy and be environmentally friendly, to save petrol, therefore become wealthy
We would wear our 'hairbands', 'grip' our handlebars, 'clip' hedgerows while 'combing' the countryside!
With Activator bikes and stylish hair, we could really turn heads everywhere!
With family outings, fun filled days, there would be four smiling faces pedalling away
Winning a mountain bike would make my summer because…
Giving hubby a set of wheels, leaving me the motor really appeals!
Hills, dales, clean fresh air, see me smiling wider than Tony Blair!
Cycling renews that youthful thrill, for this wrinkly who’s over the hill
Cycling’s one hobby hubby wouldn’t stand in the way of
Healthy cycling in which to indulge, would help me beat winter’s bulge
I could then sell my Penny Farthing!
I’m tired of being saddled sunbathing with the wife
It would make the summer brighter, no matter how long it rained
My local Smartie sweet shop is on a steep hill
Seven days without biking makes one weak!
When family appetites tend to roam, mountain bikes bring them home
With pedal power summer’s complete, I wouldn’t always be under mum’s feet
I would like to win a family of Muddy Fox mountain bikes because…
Tackling hills and dales without any fuss, a healthy future is mapped out for us.
I can lose weight and feel great on the Slim-Fast plan because…
With Slim-Fast I quickly achieve my dream - the ‘cycle-ogical’ advantage is supreme
I enjoy Princes pastes/pate because…
Delicious Princes "Elite" of spreads, "Karrimore" flavour onto my bread
Hunger attack ! Kwik Save located - Princes purchased, inner tube inflated
Mountainous appetites are "Kwikly" suppressed, Prices "Raleigh" are the best
Countless other tastes alike, swap my Princes ? On your bike
Dolphin friendly with quality inbred, Princes is the "Elite" of spread
I relish it in my "Rolls" or on my Raleigh
Indoor, outdoor, anyplace - it's minimum price with maximum taste
It's the spread I adore, from the go-ahead store
Super flavours, super store, our inner tubes say, "Kwik buy more"
Tasty fish, leanest meat, like Boardman's cycling, cannot be beat
They pump up the appetite, but don't puncture my purse
Well balanced and nutritious, Princes spreads are "Raleigh" delicious
When my "tyred" frame needs a "brake", Princes is appropriate
Cycling gives me a wicked appetite for New York burgers because…
After huffin' and puffin' I need stuffin'
It's a tasty filling snack with energy, that's a fact
It's great, it's yummy, it satisfies my tummy
Its chain reaction makes me go weak at the knees
My hungers a-bun-dant, make other burgers redundant
Open sesame' to build my anatomy
Speeding about fast enthusiastically wheely affects you
They are perfectly exquisite unbeatable great extraordinary original and terrific
To be really specific, they taste 'wheely' terrific
Weather tyre or need a brake they're the gear appropriate
I would like to win an Organics/Muddy Fox Mountain Bike because…
A ride in warm summer air - what better way to dry my Organics hair
After using Organics, I've got golden locks, healthy and strong mounting my Muddy Fox
Beautiful hair from root to tip, and a Foxy bike to keep me fit
Bike and hair all shiny and new, winning results from a brilliant shampoo
For comfort and style, they're ahead by a mile, 'cause getting there wheelie fit is worthwhile
For lustrous hair and free-wheeling flair, there's nothing pedestrian about this pair
I'd go on tracks and mountain rocks, to be so fit with shiny locks
I'd like my fitness to compare, with the condition of my Organics hair
It's the Safeway travel for mile after mile, a two wheeled conditioner with Organics Style
Muddy Fox bikers with wind in their hair, can be totally assured by Glucasil care
Organics cares for my follicles, now to improve the rest of my molecules
Organics for soft curls or sculptured spike, whether in the rolls or on yer bike
Organics gave body, conditioned my hair, now I'll condition my body with flair
Organics/Muddy Fox, a winning combination, I'd ride away in style, causing a sensation
Regular Organics hairobics and this mean machine, small wonder I'm keen on this beauty routine
When put to the proficiency test, Organics and Muddy Fox outshine the rest
Whilst Organics gives me healthy locks, for a healthy body need Muddy Fox
With a Muddy Fox and healthy Organics hair, I could travel in style to anywhere
With Organics, my hair is full of vigour, perhaps Muddy Fox can save my figure
With stylish bike and beautiful hair, I'd really turn heads everywhere
White lightening strikes me as a great cider because…  
A flash bike for her indoors, wins the support for my cider cause 
As a 'tour de force', it helps me stay the course 
Bike riding can be very tiring. White Lightening keeps my engine firing 
Cool and sparkling, the power to shock, makes a party really rock 
Drunk in Devon, downed in Dover, White Lightening always bowls me over 
During breaks I cant-I-leve it alone 
For thirst satisfaction, my inner tubes tyre of lightening chain reaction 
Having discovered perfection, why risk random selection 
It 'switches' my taste buds to 'positive' without being 'charged' the 'earth' 
It gives tyred frames a glimmer, a chain reaction for a winner 
It makes me more tottery, than winning the lottery 
It supplies rockets to my sprockets 
It tastes delicious - I'm a fan, certainly no 'flash' in the pan 
It's a drink packed with power, like a storm, not a shower 
It's a heavenly taste at a down to earth price 
It's a storm in a glass that Inch's down perfectly 
It's an electrifying taste at a down to earth charge 
It's clearly a brilliant way to raise my street cred
It's made by Inch's, so I drink it as a rule
It's positively charged with flavour, for thirsty inner tubes to flavour
It's so strong, you must be careful to 'conduct' yourself properly
It's the apple alliance of science
It's the perfect way to have my apple a day
Its electrifying taste is clear to see, this cider is liquid quality
The charge is nominal, but the power phenomenal
The tasty sparkle in a bottle, enables me to go full throttle
Whatever size the measure, it's always Inch perfect

You don't need to peddle these goods as it's top gear

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