I like Sainsbury's Alaskan red salmon because…
 They "played" the "pools" and "landed" a reel catch
 Why would you like to win a cruise and Disney week with Percy Dalton's famous monkies…
 To win a cruise and Disney week would really make my family freak, 
No longer in our boring ruts, we'll holiday with monkey nuts, 
Original monkeys natural food, has put us in a nutty mood, 
Winning would be a dream come true, so crack my shell it's up to you
 A cruise on P & O's Oriana is my fantasy trip because…
 Castaway in gran style, golden smiles with Tate & Lyle
 Sailing in sunshine brings a smile, thanks to Tate & Lyle
 Like Tate & Lyle, they promise great taste with style
 Refined, tasteful, traditional style, qualities of Tate & Lyle
 Like Tate & Lyle, it offers quality and perfection -the perfect selection
 Syrup sunsets and golden dreams, the sweet sensation reigns supreme.
 Sumptuous food, elegant style, just like you - Tate & Lyle
 A voyage of discovery, reveals Tate & Lyle's magical versatility
 Exotic indulgences beyond my wishes, just like Lyle's golden dishes
 Like golden syrup, smoother, finer, my gourmet's tummy's luxury liner
 Tate & Lyle turns sweet dreams into golden memories
 Cruising in S'Tate'ly St'Lyle, dream come true - a winning smile
 Unashamed luxury across nautical miles, perfect 'recipe' for golden smiles
 Ship, sun, sea - Tate & Lyle's dream combination for me
 Golden perfection, happy smiles, plain sailing for me with Lyles
 Oriana pours lavish luxury over golden seas of sweetening dreams
 Golden mermories, golden sands, golden adventures with my favourite brand
 It has the sweetness and style of Tate & Lyle
 Half luxury, quarter sun, stir in fantasy, pour out fun!
 Golden times, would reign supreme, tripping the Lyle's fantastic dream
 Luxury travel, Cannes by night, like golden Lyle's - sweet delight
 Baking, drinking, relaxing in style, total luxury - (s)mile after (s)mile
 Sparkling sea, golden sights, fill my heart with sweet delights
 Like my Tate & Lyle, it's my taste & style
The golden ingredient from Lyle, is floating in luxurious style 
 This golden voyage to treasure, sends me overboard with pleasure
 Lyle's golden syrup is only matched by smooth golden sailing.
 On a sea of Lyle's, we'd sail for smiles
 Chance of a lifetime, wonderful vacation, only with Lyle's co-operation.
 Apart from Gary's tiny boat, Oriana's the greatest ship afloat
 Childhood dreams return to me, of Lyle's golden syrup sea
 Gives a shipping order of smiles, via Tate & Lyle
 Exclusively stylish, pure perfection, like Tate & Lyle sugar collection
 Luxurious Oriana unprecedented style, guaranteeing satisfaction like Tate & Lyle
 Perfect Tate like Tate & Lyle, luxury travelling classical style
 There's oceans of pleasure from Tate & Lyle good measure
 Golden syrup fans know sweetest things are found in cannes.
 A sweet trip for me on Tate & Lyle golden sea
Mediterranean cruising is perfection, like any Tate & Lye connection 
 Nothing could be finer than Lyle's on a liner
 Watching golden sunsets over sea, completes the dream for me
 If chefs bake with Tate & Lyle, passengers will smile
 It will sweeten my life like Tate & Lyle
I syruptitiously lick my lips, imagining Gary's golden sea
'Golden' voyage British style, 'sweetest' heroes -Tate & Lyle
I'd be better by smiles, when sailing with Lyles
Golden sunsets, golden smiles, over golden Tate & Lyle
Golden silence for Lyles around? Luxury cruising? Paradise found
For added tate and style, sail with Tate & Lyle
It's got taste and style - like Tate & Lyle
It beets home sweet home a cane and a cane
Usually I cruise the aisles, shopping for Tate & Lyle
Making me smile, cruising a while, compliments of Tate & Lyle
Sailing the stately miles, one can 'caster' Lyle smile
It promises luxury P&O style - sheer refinement like Tate & Lyle
Granulated or finer, sugar is every tums luxury liner
Mediterranean - luxury liner - like Tate & Lyle -there's no finer
Oriana's golden style, is as smooth as Tate & Lyle
Floating on dreamt sea - reminds me of Lyles for tea
Golden glamour, shining style, first-class taste -like Tate & Lyle
Like Tate & Lyle, it's the ultimate in style
My name for the cruise ship is…
Sym-bols of success
The Spirited Swallow
Which romantic partner would you take with you and why…
My Fiance - With capt'n aboard and marriage pending, I could sail into a 'happy ending'
Sainsbury's Charter Quality British bacon is brilliant because…
It's every tum's luxury liner
I choose the Murphy Master Range because…
Gardening is plain sailing, with Murphy performing without failing!
Pests and weeds have no escape, my garden's dazzlingly 'ship'shape
Murphy makes me Master of all I survey
No weeds, no bugs, no flowers failing, Murphy magic means plain sailing
Masterly, effective, never failing, garden pest control becomes plain sailing
It means full steam ahead to a perfect flower bed
It slugs bugs, succeeds with weeds, clearing the way to my holiday
Gardening becomes plain sailing!
Garden's can cruise through their day, the no hassle way
Murphy plays the leading role, at Mastering garden pest control
Murphy's Mastery over weeds, allows me to cruise through other gardening needs
For garden problems large or small, Murphys – my favourite port-of-call
With Murphy's cruising on patrol - I've Mastered snoozing and garden control
Fast, effective, easy to use - Murphy Master will work throughout the cruise
Spray on Murphys, get pest free, win a trip across the sea
I cruise through garden problems faster, pests perish promptly with Murphy Master
Without them. I'm all at sea, my garden is controlling me!
They grasp nettles, better than tugs, shipshape gardens harbour no bugs
They rid pests and weeds unfailing, makes growing seeds just plain sailing
Murphy's crew are Britain's best, for Masterly removing garden weeds and pests
Economical, effective, easy to use, Masterly Murphy could win me a cruise!
Weeds dead, paths clear, bugs gone, Murphy cruises on and on
Cruising round with Murphy spray, weeds and pests are kept at bay
Keeping bugs and weeds at ‘bay', Murphy Masters their ‘berth' rate
Murphy cruises for all my garden needs, goodbye bugs, nettles and weeds
Life is just cruising now it's Murphy Master I'm using
A spray a day and pests sail away
They 'cruise' the garden 'Mastering' problems
It keeps out unwanted visitors and sails through gardening
Wither I go, gardening's my passion, all shipshape and Murphy fashion!
There's no crew needed when Murphys Master range has weeded
Cruising borders with Murphy Masters, creates work's of art from garden disasters
Where Murphy Master range has been, waves of colour paint royal scene
It keeps my garden ship shape
Wave goodbye to those garden invades, with the Murphy Master range crusaders
Weed control becomes a cruise, when their Mastery's put to use.
Garden pests and weed intrusion, these Old Masters are the 'quay’ solution
Murphy Mast's weed-killer blues, keeping weeds at bay whilst I just cruise
I 'castaway' those bugs and weeds, and 'harbour' pleasure as garden succeeds
With quality range I 'fork' out less, 'cruising' ahead with growing success
They keep my garden ship-shape by reducing the bugs 'berth’ rate
Every plants ‘voyage’ into sun - has Murphy protection my number one
It satisfies my garden needs, saying bon voyage to pests and weeds
Having mastered the art, it's a cruise with Murphy's
I cruise through weeds - no tugging free, and Master everything bugging me
With no weeds to spoil my landscape, precious garden is looking shipshape
With quality range I 'fork' out less, 'cruising' ahead with growing success
Using it is just plain sailing, thanks to careful nursery training
They are obviously not novices, but true Masters in their field
They are fast, effective, simple to use - could result in a cruise
It will cruise through and leave a clean path
From ship to shore, I adore, pest control from Murphy's law

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