Gary Lineker and the Spice Girls make a great team because ...
They all became mega hits, by putting quality and taste behind their kicks
He's a spice man, a very, very spice man
They know Walkers' crunch is top of the pops and Forbuoys - top of the shops
You'll get a great score from ten feet
Lineker and Spice and all things nice, that's what success is made of
Fice girls need a spicy boy
Together with Walkers they score a hat-trick
Striking company, sporty fit, on the ball, they're 'Fantas-kick'
Like Walkers snacks at Forbuoys store, they always make an attractive draw
When it comes to the 'crunch', they're a striking bunch
In the popularity stakes they always score, all they really, really want is Walkers galore
Forbuoys and Gary, 'five-a-side' to me, Girl Power Vs Boy - I 'wannabe' referee
Hot and lively, 'Spice & Lineker', might even beat salt & vinegar
There's no crisp like Walkers because…
When it comes to great taste, it's in the bag
Once tasted always eaten, as for value, never beaten
Their standards never waver, first for value, first for flavour
They surpass the rest in the taste bud test
Even Gary you'll find now has a one snack mind
It's a star performer with a flavour to savour
Whenever tastebuds start to bite, Walkers crisps are just right
Bags of flavour, great selection, fried and tested, pure perfection
Experts perfect them, connoisseurs select them, good taste reflects them
They're delicious to eat and impossible to beat
Walkers have what rivals lack, flavour and 'me' on pack
They're the taste sensation to hit the nation
Crispiest, tastiest quality snacks, world of flavour in colourful packs
For variety, quality and taste, only Walkers sets the pace
Crisp and inviting they make biting exciting
They pack more crunch than a heavyweight's punch
Walkers have what rivals lack, irresistible flavour in quality packs
My Mum buys plenty - but the cupboards always empty
When hunger strikes, Walkers score
They're the coolest crisps to pass my lips
Every packs a celebration, favourite snack for generations
They're the tastiest munch with the scrumptious crunch
Fifty years of taste sublime, smile cheesily, it's party time
I wouldn't put my face on anything less
With taste and quality so abundant, other crisps become redundant
The explosive crunch is the world's best munch
Nothing to beat 'em, that's why we eat 'em
With a flavour for every occasion, each opening's a celebration
Photo finishes you won't need, winning crisp flavour guaranteed
Crispier crisps, bags more selection, freshly cooked to prize perfection
Mini cheddars are mini but massive because…
Flavour enormous, package petite - keeps Mini in the driving seat
Pringles small size is a great new on the go size because…
This handy pack with familiar face could lead to some enchanted place
This sibling of the taller pack mirrors the moreish pop in snack
Thoughtfully packaged deliciously blended for freedom and ease they're highly commended
Never has such a mini pack provided such a mighty snack
A mini leader in its class a formula one can't surpass
Mini Cheddars are mini but massive because…
Flavour enormous, package petit - keeps Mini in the driving seat
Best comes in small packets, giant flavour in round jackets!
Champion Cheddars, winning line, looks delicious, and tastes divine
Don't be fooled by the size, enormous cheesy mouthfuls in disguise
For a snack or main meal, Mini Cheddars have maxi appeal
It's the feel good snack, in the golden pack
Massive flavour, Mini size, cheese Cheddars wins first prize
Massive flavour, mini size, massive giveaway, Mini prize.
Massive savings on multipacks, Mini prize with tasty snacks
Mini size, massive crunch, for Mini snacks or massive lunch
Minis provide fun to the max - driving out snack attacks
Monstrously moreish, enormously cheesy, thousands squeeze inside Minis easy-peasy
Real Cheddar and biscuits combined, guarantees a one snack mind
Small size but big bite - eat 'em Kwik on Mar-mite
Taste performance, records snap, with Mini Cheddars on my lap
Tasty, nutritious, approved by mums, MAXI snacks for MINI tums
The big cheese lingers longer for you to savour
The taste sensation has no limitation
There's nothing Mini about their massive Hugely popular pocket sized snacks, in whopping great value packs.
They're little and light, and always just right
They're the light snack with the big impact
What starts with a nibble ends with a Cheddars Gorge!
When put to the test they out-crunch the rest
With pulling power second to none, Mini Cheddars delight everyone
You can't bag more in a 4 x 4
Doritos movie premiers are great because...
Great movies tonight at eight - Doritos Premier Films, its a date
I’m the first to savour the premier flavour
They’re cool, original, ideal, spicy, exciting and simply ‘unreel’
Directors perfect them for film buff selection
They catch your attention, so then you watch them
From ‘Casablanca’ to ‘Rio’ every movie buff loves Doritos tasty trio
I always get my movie kicks with Doritos first time groovy flicks
Doritas tastefully carry the show - supported by Forbouys - always in the know
With a taste for the occasion, each opening’s a celebration
Like Doritos munchy flavours, they put stars in your eyes
Lights, action - Doritos are the main attraction
The Simpsons are Golden Wonders because… 
Dudes dig the mega crunch, small fry love this radical bunch 
The sky's the limit for these cheeky-wotsits! 
Wild and wacky, bags of fun, family favourites every one! 
The Simpsons like Golden Wonder crisps and snacks because… 
Hunger strikes? Turn volume high, crunch and continue watching sky 
Their street-cred crunch suits a street-wise bunch 
They're the thing to eat to the Bant man beat 
Walkers crisps are the tastiest crisps because…
It's the taste that launched a thousand dips!
I want to win a Millionaire's Dream Prize because.......
The best things in life are three - Sainsbury's, Walkers and Audi TT

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