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A show of hands Active Admiring glance Allure
Arm in arm Assurance Attractive (ness) Balm
Beautiful Beauty Beauty of the brand Best friend
Bloom Bloom...petal soft Brave face Care
Careful cleansing Caressing Catch my drift Chic 
Cleanse  Close proximity  Complexion  Confidence 
Continental  Cool  Cool and calm  Cool confidence 
Cool, collected and in command  Cream  Cushioned  Delicacy of perfumery 
Delicate fragrance  Dependable  Doesn’t dry up cash  Don’t countenance lesser 
Dream  Effective  Effective protection  Endearment 
Everlasting freshness  Extremely effective  Face invaders  Face up to 
Face value  Fatal attractions Feel the difference  Feminine allure 
Femininity  Fights the rough stuff  Flatters  Flawless 
Fleecy  Floral  For every-body  Fresh 
Fresh and sweet  Fresh hour after hour  Fresh(ness)  Gentle 
Gentle body protection  Gentle perfume  Girl’s best friend Girl’s best spend 
Glamour  Glances  Glow  Good buy spot ... goodbye spot 
Good results on the spot  Grace  Handy friend  Home and dry 
Im’pore’tant  In the nicest ‘scents’  In the pink  Intimate moments 
Keeps me cool  Keeps me fresh  Kind  Knocks spots off 
Lady’s charm  Lasting  Lasting touch  Lips/ tips 
Lovely all day  Lower my guard  Makes good scents  Mildly perfumed 
Mirror image...looks back to Model of Moisturise More countenance, less counting pence
Move as close as I like Name on my lips Naturally best Nature intended
Never spotted with No spots of bother No sweat None smell sweeter
Nose quickly knows Odour beater Odour free Odour-whelming
Others see difference Pamper(ed) Panache Perfect
Perfumed delight Perspire Persuasion Petal (soft)
Pigments of the imagination Pleasant call to arms Polished Pore / Poor
Pores / Pause Pores for thought Protection Protective
Pure Purify Put on a different complexion Reassuring
Refreshing perfume Relied on Richness to the pore Rolled on
Sartorial Saves face Scentsational Selective
Shower fresh Silky Skin Skin deep
Sleek Slipping beauty Smell divine Smell sweeter
Smooth Smoothed away Smoothies Soft(ly)
Soothing Sound the all clear Spot on for cleanliness Spotless
Spotless perfection Spray misty for me Squirt Stands the test of time
Steamy encounters Subtle fragrance Superior selection Sweet smell of success
Thought for pores Tried and tested Turns ponging into longing Underarm protection
Undercover agent Velvety Whiff of Whisper-soft
Winning formula Without blemish

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Action / Satisfaction  Amorous / Glamorous 
Appealing / Feeling Day / At bay 
Bare / Care/ Fair / Hair  Caress / Stress 
Cleanse / Dividends  Collection / Protection / Complexion / Perfection / Selection 
Cream / Dream  Enhances / Glances 
Glow / Show  Matrimonial / Testimonial 
Perfection / Reflection  Pores / Scores 
Seek / Chic  Sense / Confidence 
Solution / Pollution  Stubble / Trouble 
Touch Much  

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Avon and Daewoo make shopping a pleasurable experience because... 
Hassles and pressure have been 'driven away', good service and value now 'makeup the day 
Avon and Suzuki would make my summer fun because… 
From bumper to bumper, top to toe, admiring looks wherever I go 
I'd like to bit the big apple at Superdrug because… 
Caring for dentures Superdrug's way, means I always 'have a nice day' 
I choose my favourite Pearl because... 
For skin care, fragrance rare, lather to spare, none compare 
It pays to be choosy, shower or jacuzzi 
I’m a vulture for culture and I’d rather a lather 
I like Beauty and the Beast because.. 
It's the loveliest, magicest Disney film: I pretend I'm Belle 
Philips helps me look my best because… 
For personal care with flair, Philips pamper a girl beyond compare 
Continually evolving towards perfection, Philips innovation is my natural selection 
Super look from head to toe, Philips confidence wherever I go 
Silky smooth legs, stylish hair - you're pampered with Philips personal care 
With hairdryer, ladyshave and cordless tong, Philips ensure I can't go wrong 
Expertise, flair and reliance, are the beauty of a Philips appliance 
Whatever the year, style or trend, Philips is always my best friend 
Hair so chic, skin so sleek, thanks Philips for beauty products unique 
Fred and Ginger, Torville and Dean, Philips and me -another great team 
Ease of use, results first rate, together with Philips, I'm looking great
Elegant pleat to sweeping curl, with Philips you're always a cover girl
I like to look just a little better, but better!
I would like this product to be named …because
Its gentle touch, always healing, soon restores that loving feeling
Those luscious lips, he can’t resist, will ensure your quarrel won’t persist
I deserve to make the most of me with 'Color me Beautiful' and Batchelors because…
A careful balance is required on the outside too
A lesson in cosmetic sense, would certainly boost my confidence
A lesson in cosmetic sense, would help boost my self confidence
Although I try to please, I really need helpful expertise
Being no spring chicken, I have mushroom for improvement
Everyone else can chase my shadow
Everything else has failed!
Face to face we go together
Family grown, time to spare, my turn for designer care
For a healthy looking face, experts of food and grace
Golden opportunity, silver screen, starring together - - a technicolour dream
Help needed - mature nursing student, needs attention (must be prudent).
Hues a pretty girl then!
I am a fashion disaster
I am dying to try it, and trying to diet
I can look a million dollars without spending one
I feel like a cracker - look like a damp squib!
I have a-house full of cracked mirrors!
I intend to look nice, by taking their advice
I just need enhancing, now my diet is advancing
I look like an accident in a paint factory!
I need brighter lips, with my lighter hips!
I only live once, but want people to look twice
I think I look boring, I need overhauling
I’d get specialist care, with time to spare
I’d like to double my face value
I’d rather not be weighty, weary, dull or dreary
Inside and out they’re just what I need
My bodywork’s’ fine, but needs a professional shine
My figure needs a style guide
My monochrome world needs brightening
My son says there’s no hope otherwise
One minimises my excess, the other maximises my assets
One shapes the styles, while the other styles the shapes
Soon it will be too late
The harmony they create, I hope to be my fate
They add spice to the life of wilting wife
They have made quality a fine art
They look after the inner and outer woman
Things paint what they used to be
This is life - not a dress rehearsal
Together they could glamorise my life, and remove some strife
Transformation would blossom up this fading bloom of a housewife
What I need overall, is a complete overhaul
When good grooming is essential, this duo have the credentials
Years pass, less agile, never too late to discover style
You come highly ‘wreck amended’!
I deserve to make the most of me with 'Colour me Beautiful' because…
A consultation well deserved, for looks enhanced not merely preserved
A slimmer co-ordinated selection, would suit me to perfection
Both feature choice qualities in their make-up.
Both would act as a pick-me-up!
Both would make me smile, I’d have taste and style
Busy housewife, out of date - new look I would appreciate
Dishes, dilemmas, delinquents chronic - my faded image needs a tonic
Dieting has left me pale, which needs redressing without fail
Ego deflated, wardrobe outdated, brighten my world - I’ll be elated
Fat, ugly and feeling old, self pity is taking hold
Feeling blue, kitchen sink, thanks to you, in the pink!
Feeling worn to a frazzle, eager to transform and dazzle!
For style and flair, this prize is beyond compare!
Fuller figure, plain face, this perfect pair my saving grace
Help needed to turn egg shape into cute little chick!
Help with a fashion winner, especially if I become thinner
I always mix in the best circles!
I have beaten the flab, now want to look fab!
I have the face that launched a thousand chips

I just love second glances - this pair increase my chances

I need bags of confidence - not under my eyes!
I’m an old dog that needs some new tricks!
I’m in need of cupboard love
I’m on a salary reduced diet!
I’m the bride’s mother, not just A N Other
Injects the spice of life, into a wilting wife
Kids at home, husband away, looks have definitely gone astray!
Kids obnoxious, hubby snappy - make this drab mum very happy
Kilograms lighter, surprisingly sleek, harassed housewife longs to be chic
Let’s face it, I need it
Like Helen - maybe I could find a ‘Troy Boy’
Looking good is part of my make-up
Lost the inches, can’t wait for the clinches!
Maybe my round face won’t look so square
Middle aged -going to pot - need help - stop the rot
My beauty is fading fast, this partnership ensures it lasts
My body needs a facelift!
My face launched a thousand ships - every one a dredger!
My greatest wish, is to create a tasty dish!
My look is certainly not classic, hubby reckons more Jurassic!
My purse, figure, health and smile prove each purchase worthwhile
My rough exterior, they’ll make superior!
My slimmer waist requires a re-vamped face
Nature needs a helping hand, expert advice would be grand
Now slim; without panache, does green with orange really clash?
One fights the bulges, the other pampers and indulges
Over the hill and my life needs a thrill!
Plain, boring, drab and pasty - transform me into something tasty
Shaped and styled I’d stand out a mile!
Since image is a must, this consultation I will trust
Slimming is now a doddle, but I need a remodel
Tasty ingredients, perfectly blended - help me look as nature intended!
Their amazing dual action, gives face and body ageless attraction
These image enhancers guarantee second glances!
They help me lose weight, feel good and look great
They know how to treat a lady
They would score a ‘hit’ with this very plain “miss”
They’re the heavyweight answer to a lightweight dream
This little piggy went slimming, now she needs expert grooming
This top duo, enhances my chances of admiring glances
This ugly duckling longs to be a swan
Together they enhance my ‘lighter”’ side
When there’s a ‘bit of a do’, need these two
Whilst one fashions my shape, the other shapes my fashion
With this twosome I’m the winner, image - stunning, body - slimmer
I use Cover Girl cosmetics because...
Anything else is a pore substitute
They make it a doddle, to look like a model
Cover Girl is the greatest, I’ve used it for 20 years
I feel like Bond’s lover, when I’m working ‘under cover’
I knock ‘em dead with Cover Girl cred
I look a million dollars, so do my boyfriend’s collars
I’m beautiful to my fella, thanks Cover girl - signed Cinderella
It makes me look beautiful, but natural, all day long
Lips, eyes, nails, foundation, Lloyds ‘conjure up’ a ‘magical’ combination
No Evangelista am I, Cover Girl - my best beauty buy
The Cover Girl crest, means exclusive and best
The price is nominal to look phenomenal!
Their delightful care, stops me looking like a nightmare
They conjure up ‘my fair lady’ for this ‘Eliza Dolittle’
They make me as pretty, as Helena and Nikki!
They make you look like Twiggy - instead of Miss Piggy
To keep myself looking best, Cover Girl withstands the test!
When Mother Nature fails, Cover Girl’s magic prevails
With professional quality, Cover Girl enhances, gaining me admiring glances

You’ve seen Beauty and the Beast - after and before!

Tesco helps you care for sensitive skin because…
By taking the ‘complex’ out of complexion, they put ‘perfect’ into perfection

They give riches to the Pore!

Anne French is the natural choice for my skin because…

Anne French ensures a radiant complexion, whilst generously offering the endangered protection

 ‘Annie’ gets your gunge!
‘Panda’ to your skin with ANNE FRENCH, help the world in its defence
24 years she’s been my friend, now to animals, her friendship extends
A little in the palm, helps protect a lot from harm
Affordable protection, adds a glow to my complexion
ANNE FRENCH beauty’s from within, saving mine and the animal’s skin

ANNE FRENCH from Tesco - a natural selection, protecting wildlife and my complexion

ANNE FRENCH gently cleans dirt away, protecting the face of tomorrow, today
ANNE FRENCH gently cleanses pores, whilst also helping nature’s cause
ANNE FRENCH has no ‘cowboy’ gimmick, just pure perfection others mimic
ANNE FRENCH is naturally perfect, for keeping my face perfectly natural
ANNE FRENCH is the best, without it my skin would go west
ANNE FRENCH where natural beauty begins, cares enough to save other skins
As one of nature’s fairer creatures, ANNE FRENCH cares for my features
At fifty-seven, lovely complexion, I’m living proof it works to perfection

Carefully cleansing, pampering pores, repairing the damage a ‘wild life’ can cause

Conserving nature and preserving beauty, buying -ANNE FRENCH matches pleasure with duty

Cruelty-free, what a win - clear conscience and clear skin
Deep cleansing - yet gentle, the results are monumental
Deep down action, gentle and caring, a wildlife donation, cleansing whilst caring
Dry with wide open spaces, that’s natural parks - not ANNE FRENCH faces
Experts perfect it, and because I care, I select it!
For a naturally lovelier skin, ANNE FRENCH cleansing is where I begin
For cleansing away Arizona dust, ANNE FRENCH from Tesco is a must
For complexion protection you can trust, ANNE FRENCH’s formula is a must

For effective cleansing without irritation, it puts a fresh complexion on conservation

From teens to thirties - journey’s end, ANNE FRENCH remains a constant friend
Gentle ANNE FRENCH when applied, gives softest skin and no rawhide
Gentle ANNE FRENCH, cleansing artiste, protects beauty and saves the beast
Gentle cleansing protects my face, and safeguards more than the human race
Grand Canyon to tiny pore, ANNE FRENCH respects nature’s law
Grease and grime float away, but this quality product’s here to stay
Having tried the rest, my skin says ANNE FRENCH is best
Having used it throughout every stage,my skin looks good despite my age
I always use the best to cleanse, proper skin care pays dividends
I have used the same for 25 years
I want to visit the Wild West, not look like it!
Instead of becoming an ancient relic, my skin remains a beauty spot
It ‘Pandas’ my ‘paws’ and gives to a good cause
It ‘Pandas’ to my facial pores - and supports an even greater cause
It brings out the natural beauty in all of ‘U.S’!
It cleans my skin to perfection, giving the world’s wildlife protection
It cleanses deep, unclogging pores, prepares me for the great outdoors
It deals with flaws, cleanses pores, and helps protect petals and paws
It gently enhances my complexion, and helps encourage wildlife protection
It gives me that ‘French Polish’
It gives the best protection and care for endangered species everywhere
It improves my complexion - and gives wildlife protection
It keeps my complexion and my conscience clear
It keeps my skin off the endangered list
It leaves me fresh and fair, not like some old grizzly bear
It protects my skin against everyday grime, cleaning perfectly every time
It proves beauty doesn’t have to cost the Earth
It won’t turn my ‘paleface’ into a ‘redskin’
It works wonders for my face, whilst helping the endangered animal race
Its clearly clever, skin’s natural beauty is captured forever
Its one of my 60’s fashions that has not dated
Its pure and gentle, fragrance free, kind to animals, perfect for me
Its pure skindulgence
Its smooth, simple and successful, that’s the beauty of it!
Its my ‘Old Faithful’
Its smooth, simple and successful, that’s the beauty of it!
Its tender and kind, and keeps nature in mind
Its tender and kind, with nature in mind
Its the natural selection, for soft skin protection
Its caring, effective, simple routine, makes my face feel refreshingly clean
Its gentle technique preserves beauty’s mystique
Its kindness is worldwide
Kind and gentle on human features, it deeply cares for other creatures
Kind and gentle, smooth and light, after cleansing my skin just right
Like a mother or best friend, on Anne French you can depend
lts kind to skin, not animal tested, definitely money well invested
Mother nature who knows best, would choose ANNE FRENCH before the rest
Mum told me long age, use ANNE FRENCH for a healthy glow
My complexion gets treatment deserved, like the Panda it must be preserved
My face is my fortune, ANNE FRENCH my most valuable liquid asset
Nature sometimes needs a little help
Of its well-founded winning formula
On reflection, its caring protection, clears both conscience and complexion
Otherwise the outcome is Panda-moany-mum!
Pause for thought, paws for protection, pores to cleanse, with complete protection
Precious skin needs loving care, cruelty free ANNE FRENCH is beyond compare
Pure and gentle, none can compare, now helping nature showing they care
Pure and light, cleanses to perfection, leaves me with a glowing complexion
Signs of ‘wildlife’ belong only on the face of the Earth
Take the trail to Tesco’s stores, for gentle cleansing and unblocked pores
The beauty of ANNE FRENCH is pure face value
The cream of the crop brings out the ‘peach’ in me

The FRENCH connection, offers cleansing perfection, and contributes to wildlife protection

The Grand Canyon’s deep gorges have their place -Arizona, not my face
The saving grace, for any face, makes the world a better place
There’s nothing more for my skin to need, perfect cleansing guaranteed
This human animal takes pride, in cleansing ‘paws’ and protecting the ‘hide’
This paleface say “no cleanser Apache on ANNE FRENCH today”
This smooth gentle balanced milk, gives environmental support and skin like silk
Thorough, gentle, cruelty-free, it helps preserve others, whilst helping preserve me
To banish spots, grease and grime, I use ANNE FRENCH every time
When beautiful skin’s a must, ANNE FRENCH is the one to trust
When fighting clear complexion wars, it saddles up to settle old pores
While I Panda myself, ANNE FRENCH cares for the Panda

With beauty only skin deep, ANNE FRENCH makes it mine to keep

My advertising slogan for Bikipegs is…

Bikipegs - The best that mummy can buy!

Avon is a world beater because…
Whether it's dollar, franc or pound, there's no better value to be found
Across the globe and to my door, it brings good value and ideas galore
Avon is the passport to the best, for quality goods that beat the rest
From North to South, East to West, Avon products are simply the best
In New York, Paris, London or home, Avon cosmetics are a class on their own

It speaks the international language of beauty whilst to the environment fulfilling its duty

Quality products is the name of the game, bringing 'global warming' to Avon's name

Their message is one the world can share, quality, value and promise to care

There's lots of variety, plenty of choice, in worldwide matters, Avon has a voice

I would like this product to be named …because

ADIEU - Although saying ‘goodbye’ to make-up is what you seek, to be effective and gentle you could also add chic

I use Nulon Because…
Fragrant, gentle, cruelty-free, Nulon's caring formula pampers me
I know my investment is in good hands
In a show of hands, it's a winner every time
It takes time off my hands

Nulon brings richness to the pore

Oxy Clean can blitz those zits because…
By removing grease and grime it kills spots in 'record' time
Oxy is the best because...
For spotless skin and pore-deep beauty, with daily use I’m an Oxy-cutie!

Since using OXY I have had more dates than spots

I like buying Oxy at Kwik Save because…
Chart topping Oxy bops zits with style, while Kwik Save prices make me smile
Disc'tinctive value, pore deep beauty, 'kwikly’ transformed into an Oxy cutie
I can kwikly blitz horrific zits, then move with the groove to summer hits
Kwik Save opens doors for eager savers, Oxy closes pores for teenage ravers
Oxy face wash I adore, so I dash to Kwik Save for some more
Oxy makes skin ex'cd'ingly kissable, and Kwik Save 'disc' ounts are unmissable
Oxy's effectiveness always impresses me - value for money kwick-ly unstresses me
Preventing spots in teenage years, Oxy and Kwik Save are music to my ears!
Superior Oxy removes spots from pores, pocket money rises, thanks to Kwiksave stores!
The Kwik goodbye to grease and grime, Oxy kills spots in 'record' time
The kwikest solution for safe oxycution, at lower expense - that's 'sound' common sense!
This penniless student with problem spots, needs Kwik results without spending lots
Tragic daughter, neurotic son, buy them Oxy - I'm super mum!
For cleaning skin and removing the zit, Kwik Save prices make it a hit!
For Kwik solutions to hit the spot, no other succeeds like my Oxy pot
I'm no stunning cat-walk beauty - just a Kwik Save Oxy-cutie
Oxy and Kwik Save will guarantee bargain spotting, but no spots on me
Oxy keeps me pimple free, discount prices 'clear to see'
Skin needs rescue, down I'll dash, I'll Oxycute 'em kwik - and save cash!
They offer excellent value without exception, and now I've got a great complexion!
To a lesser-spotted teen it's clear, Oxy at Kwik Save's not so dear!
When complexion's poor and funds are thin, Oxy and Kwik Save will save your skin
When we have a teenage crisis, I rely on Kwik Save prices
I would love to wear my Rimmel make-up in New York because…
Nickels, dollars, pounds or pence, make-up by Rimmel makes fashion cents
A twenty-four hour look that will 'keep', is ideal for the city that doesn't sleep
Alluring mascara to enchanting eyeliner, I'd tower above every soaring skyliner
Breakfast at Tiffany's, to Broadway at dawn, I'll look as great as Goldie Hawn!
Covering my flaws and enriching my pores, it gets the applause from 'Big Apple' stores
Each Rimmel selection's such a star buy, each day feels like the fourth of July!
From Manhattan to Broadway, First Wives clamour, don't get mad - get Rimmel glamour
I could stroll down Broadway looking glam, attracting admiring glances from Uncle Sam!
I could take a bite out of the Big Apple and leave my mark!
I'd have the perfect enchantment, in this city of entrancement
Its appeal could get me more than a 'cor in the Big Apple!
Like Broadway without a play, without Rimmel, my face would always look grey
Macey's fine store, Bloomingdale's best, with Rimmel make-up, I'll outclass the rest
Rimmel and New York, beauty is their theme, fan and fashion - this harassed mother's dream
Rimmel make-up can't be beaten, nor can a film with Hawn, Midler & Keaton
Since first we met in our teens, Rimmel's helped to fulfil my dreams
Thanks to Rimmel - looking great - like New York, I'd sin till late
The quality's terrific, the effect is stunning - it's a welcome addition to female cunning
They make it a doddle, to look like a model
With Rimmel mascara, lipstick and eyeline, I'd look a million dollars, like Manhattan's skyline
With Rimmel transformation, I feel less 'Sharon and Tracy' more 'Cagney and Lacey'
High Definition defines make-up because…

Such technological innovation used to be a "pigment" of my imagination

I need pampering at a health club because…
Skin looks good thanks to Ulay's caress, please complete the pampering process
Leisure and exercise expertly blended would restore my body as nature intended
Busy schedule, rushed off feet, crave a break with care complete
Now Ulay has given me beautiful skin body refurbishment needs to begin
Complete care and perfection will pleasure my body and cleanse my complexion
Ulay is extending my sell by date but Virgin will help rejuvenate
Out of sorts, feeling low, healthy break would return the glow
Now my skin has some vigour, need to work on my figure
Time to relax, refresh, have fun, emerge a new woman, surprise everyone
I deserve a new look because…
Exams over, social life a whirl, need transforming into a cover girl

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