It is important to save our British wildlife because...
We all prefer animal magic to disappearing acts
Feathers will ruffle, fur will fly, if conservation we deny
If we co-operate - that's great! If we hesitate - too late!
Unlike the Co-Op it can't be restocked over night
A furry tail could easily become a fairy tale
I would love to win a tasty car with co-op pies and hams because ...
Tell no porkies, tell no lies, Fiat for cars, Co-op for pies
Welsh Lamb is my choice because ...
The fertile, rich and luscious land, makes Welsh lamb taste really grand
Tender freshness from Welsh Hills, is nicely priced at Co-op tills
Delicious, delectable, full of flavour, it's the taste the family savour
I always buy Mr Kipling cherry bakewells from the co-op because ...
Tasty ingredients, temptingly wrapped, 'exceedingly good', is very apt
His cherryished recipes beyond compare, are served at Co-op with loving care
Take five Bakewells, add Co-op price, the end result is exceedingly nice
I would love to win a weekend break in Paris with Le Crunch because ...
Fine varieties, each tasting great, ooh la la Paris, lets co-operate
Paris sounds the perfect frolic, for this apple loving Le Crunchaholic
There is nowhere better for my bunch, to munch a Le Crunch for lunch
With a little co-operation, Paris is my destination
Paris in the spring will go with a zing when we're munching on Le Crunch
With Co-op's co-operation and Le Crunch's inspiration, I would make my destination a Parisian sensation
Co-op shopping just right, Le Crunch apples love at first bite
Sensational city, perfect to munch, and enjoy the delicious taste of Le Crunch
The Co-op is the best of le bunch, at selling a perfect packed munch lunch
If an apple a day brings the postman my way ... pip, pip hooray
For capital cuisine to suit every taste, Le Crunch is the apple, Paris the place
City of romance, great family treat, Le Crunch would make it especially sweet
French hospitality, warm and inviting, Le crunch apples, delicious and exciting
A taste of Paris, absolute bliss, like Co-op's fresh Le Crunch - too good to miss
Romantic Paris, beautiful sight, Le Crunch from the Co-op, love at first bite
An eyeful of Paris, fruit from Le Crunch, this perfect combination appeals to my bunch
I'd Le Crunch at leisure, amid Louvre's great treasure with delicious pleasure
The famous five all pack a munch, so ooh la la let's have Le Crunch
Paris like Le Crunch apples, displays good luck and excellent taste
Healthy, delicious, a real pleasure munching Le Crunch to experience Disneyland's treasure.
The apples en cored in every French parloud, are delicious, Braeburn, Granny and Gala
Tempting, tasty, juicy, nutrition, makes apples from France a family addition
Super Paris scenes delight, on warm romantic nights, will Co-op send me that's Le Crunch
The last time I saw Paris the apples were a soggy munch, nowadays viva Le Crunch
Sampling Co-op's Le Crunch apple array, my fancy took flight for this weekend away
Paris cuisine may have temptations, but I'll dine with Granny Smith and her four relations
Le Crunch are the favourite munch, of my healthy little bunch
Le Crunch have the tastiest pedigree, of all the apples on the family tree
I would like to take a Geest family holiday in St. Lucia because ...
Simply idyllic, it's paradise perfected, like the Geest bananas my Co-op's selected
Caring Co-op, tropical feast, paradise island, tastiest Geest
Co-op hand-picked Geest guarantees, Caribbean delight that's certain to please
Tasted Geest sunshine from my Co-op store, has whetted my appetite for a Caribbean shore
Co-op and Geest are a tasty combination, St Lucia would be a great vacation
Like delicious Geest bananas at Co-op's price, my bunch would love paradise
Sun, sea, sand and bananas galore, thanks to Geest and our Co-op store
Co-op value, delicious Geest flavour, as if that's not enough, there's St.Lucia to savour
Our bunch want a tropical feast, courtesy of Co-op and Geest
With delicious Geest taste and Co-op's price, you'll find the happiest bunch in paradise
From Co-op stores to windward shores, any wonder Geest brand scores
White sands, warm seas, Geest bananas to savour, a Co-op inspired Caribbean flavour
Calypsos and cocktails, lazing all day, thanks Geest and the Co-op, a great holiday
We want to peel off under the sun, with Geest and Co-op - our number one.
St.Lucia holiday in the sun, Geest bananas second to none, the Co-op pleases everyone
Delicious, nutritious bananas in Co-op aisles, reminds me of the tropical sun in the Windward Isles
Delicious Geest from our Co-op store, convince us St.Lucia's the place to explore
Geest and Co-op go hand in hand, a tropical experience from a quality brand
This Co-op would make a dream come true, windward to a feast in Geest paradise
With delicious Geest bananas at Co-op's price, we'd get our dividend in paradise
Geest bananas and Co-op, what a team, best taste, best price, a holiday dream
Co-op never leaves freshness to chance, I'd sample the product straight from the branch
I eat lots of bananas, to the Co-op I'm always going, but I have never ever seen a banana that's growing
Geest bananas, Caribbean sun, from co-op to St.Lucia, sounds a whole bunch of fun
Like the banana I enjoy the best, which is why Geest outshines the rest.
We could have a beast of a feast with Geest bananas.
Savour the flavour, treasure the treat, sun, sea, and sand, Geest bananas to eat
At Co-op, bananas are always economical, but a trip to the Caribbean would be Geest'ranomical
A'peel'ingly tropical, at Co-op prices, we'd be the happiest of the bunch in paradise
From bountiful aisles to beautiful isles, fly Co-op's Geest of honour with Caribbean smiles
Geest bananas delight me, St. Lucia excites me, please Co-op invite me
Like Co-op's delicious Caribbean bananas, St Lucia would be full of Geest'ern promise
St.Lucia's exotic location, for a Geest vacation, seems like paradise, at the Co-op price
Need no persuadin' at 49 pence a pound, St.Lucia plus Geest - paradise found
From the Co-op and Geest a fantastic trip, to the Windward Isles, the place to unzip
The Windward Isles will bring us smiles, a Geest winning prize in Co-op aisles
Hitting the Co-op and Geest jackpot, gets the feeling hot, hot, hot!
Tropical Island, beautiful life, take the custard, not the wife
Co-op go bananas, save me a ton, Geest offer a chance to peel off in the sun
Co-op for value, Geest for quality, St Lucia for beauty, what a holiday
Co-op's Geest bananas, nutritious and fruity, compliment St Lucia's astounding beauty
I'm bananas about bananas and a Caribbean holiday would be a feast with a Geest
Golden yellow, in perfect condition, Geest grown bananas are full of nutrition
Every minute would be a treat, with Geest and Co-op in the driving seat
Best of the bunch, top of the tree, is why St. Lucia a-peels to me
We will fly east, invited by Geest, what a feest, I'll Co-op!
The bendy yellow fruit, in the snazzy yellow suit, gives nutrition to boo
Geest bananas are simply the beest, and better than all the reest
Plane'ly Co-op and Geest are second to none, for zipping off tastefully in the sun
St.Lucia is simply beautiful, like Geest bananas from the Co-op
This fruitful island definitely a'peels', like Geest bananas and Co-op deals
Co-op produces quite a few smiles, originally found on the Windward Isles
Nutritious, delicious, Geest in bright yellow jacket, like Co-op and St.Lucia - ye canna whacket!
Caribbean sunshine, absolute bliss, like Co-op bananas, too good to miss
I would like to spend a family holiday in St Lucia because…
Like delicious Geest bananas at Co Op price, we'd be the happiest bunch in paradise
I like drinking Co Op 99 tea in my garden because…
Weeding makes me wither and wilt, 99 Tea puts the swing back in my kilt
I love Co Op fresh New Zealand lamb because…
At Co Op they know top quality grazing, makes New Zealand Lamb taste truly amazing
I would like to win a dream holiday in 1997 because…
Always thinking of you are my Co Op friendswith First Class vacations and great dividends
I really need a holiday because…
Cooking and cleaning from eight 'till late, I need my family to Co-operate
My bangers and I, having braved British drizzle, need your co-operation for an Algarve sizzle
I can stand the heat, so get me out of the kitchen
I prefer Jersey Royal from the Co Op because...
Simply the finest on British soil, the Co Op shop, the Jersey Royal
I prefer Jersey Royals from the Co Op because…
Delicious, nutritious, a meal in themselves, Jersey puts sunshine on Co Op shelves
I like San Miguel because…
For it reigns when it pours, thirst class honours to Co Op stores
In Co Op enthusing, San Miguel choosing, quietly musing, please send me cruising
Along with 'Ole' and flamenco on my list, it's something Spanish not to be missed
I buy Washington Apples because…
Sixty something, flabby lassie, hoping Redskins will sculpt my chassis
They are rosy red, tempting to eat, keep your body fit and neat
Irresistible Redskins Co-op bought. Provide deliciously healthy food for thought
Great taste, cost a cinch, slim waist, lost an inch
These tempting red apples shouldn't be missed, even Eve the first lady couldn't resist
They're top of the crops from the U.S.A., I munch one for lunch and have a nice day
Juicy, crisp with instant zest, ideal for relieving executive stress
This healthy snack I can over-indulge, helping avoid a millennium bulge
Healthy sweet and sunshine kissed, no wonder Eve could not resist
Nutritious, tasty, handy, they're Yankee Doodle Dandy
A Washington is the apple of my eye, by far the best apple money can buy
They're yummy and scrummy and good for my tummy
Their delicious munch after lunch or dinner, as a round off is a healthy winner
Once eaten forever smitten
Sweet, fruity and juicy overall, once tasted their Monica tells it all
From seed to tree and then to me, Washington Apples harvest health with quality
Washington apples give me zest, for millennium fitness is my quest
Gently nurtured, flushed with pride, nature's finest grown state side
I love their taste and they're good for my waist
Delicious, nutritious, love every bite, now there's a healthier me in sight
Like George, I cannot tell a lie, Washington are the crunchiest buy
They make me feel fine and reduce my waistline
Washington apples must take some beating, raise fitness level by tasty eating
Just like Washington's famous resident, one bite and you feel like the President
Like Adam, I am tempted to test, a fruity beauty, nature's best
Even George and all die president's men, gave these apples 10 out of 10
Quality stamped in American tradition, they are natural, delicious, full of nutrition
Red, crisp and refreshing at an affordable price, they're a capitol way to paradise
As Monica said to her friend Bill, they go down well on Capital Hill
They're wholesome, nutritious and taste quite delicious
For a fat-free lunch, they're a c-apple-tai crunch
Not a question with which to grapple, these succulent beauties are my favourite apple
C.W.S. always knows what to pick, so with C.W.S. I'm going to stick
I need no mineral nor vitamin enhancers, Washington delicious fruit provides the natural answers
They're naturally sweet and good for you, if only Washington's could grow men too.
They have a good chain reaction, to the family's satisfaction
Red-skinned apples, easy to spot, a healthy dividend from the Co-op
These American Redskins from my favourite shop, taste good, others aren't Apache on this crop
Genetic modification not needed, these apples are No.1 seeded
Washington Reds are an instant hit, and are helping me get fizzically fit
I get the pick of the crop, from my local Co-op
With Geest and the Co-op you're really motoring because…
Geest's farmers share Co-op care, delving forward for trade that's fair
Co-op British sausages are perfect for every occasion because…
All strings right and beautiful suit eaters great and small
Co-op don't tell porkies about their products
Cocktail party? Barbecue feast? They provide the most, but cost the least
Each time you say "sausage" you make a smile
Every meal seems like a banquet with their co-operation
Flavour, size, different varieties, like the Co-op they are high "society's"
From Cumberland to Lincolnshire they're the pork of the town
It's British flavour we seek - seven days without them makes one weak
On life's roundabout, they're a square meal
Once fried - never forgotten
The quality is right - the change is left
Their focus on quality, ensures we always zoom in for the take
They are links with the past
They give you incentive to be inventive
They mind their barbecue business
They please Mum and Dad and us, "The New Generation"
They're always devoured at "high speed" through "wide apertures"
They're traditional favourites - nationally (keep your hands off E.E.C.)
Thick, thin, on a stick, their performance is always slick
Whatever the weather they always turn out fine
With every age - they are always a rage
With your "pause" on perfect porkies, there will be many repeats

You have a world of menus at your fingertips

Co-op Leo's helps me focus on summer because…
When the heat is on there's no crisis with 'Epic' products at budget prices
Italian apples are the perfect bit because...
Fiat'uring delicious flavour through to the core, Italy's finest at Co-op store
I buy Farmhouse 1lb pork sausages at Co-op/ Leo's because…
A taste that's right at a price that won't bite
Beauty is only "skin deep" but porky perfection goes right through
Farmhouse excellence and Co-Op Leo's flair together are a winning pair
I get more pork on the fork, less bill at the till
I like the best value for money and I get it here
I plump for the best and ignore the rest
It's delicious traditional fayre, that I can't buy just anywhere
Lovely meal with price appeal giving shoppers twice the deal
Party, BBQ or family dinner, delicious farmhouse are a winner
Perfect sausages, prestige store, satisfied customer, need I say more?
Phenomenal taste nominal cost
Plumtious scrumptious Leo's display simply tickles my fancy
Price keen, meat lean
So sizzlingly good they shout for more, farmhouse at Leo's deserves oinkore
The first prick brings sizzling aromas of farmhouse pork
The make a tasty feast for all my little beasts
Their bangers are bang on
There's fireworks see that they don't get their favourite bangers for tea
There's never a raw deal - just a sizzling good meal
There's no pandemonium just"god taste" and prestige
These sausages grand are the best in the land
These scintillatingly succulent sizzlers satisfy my scoundrels stupendous stomachs
They "meat" my requirements better then any other sausage
They make a banger of a meal, farmhouse style
With these pieces of eight I can embrace any plate

You can't beef about the price or the contents

I shop at Leo's because…
Favourable prices, favourite brands, (still in bottles - not in cans)
For value, service and quality, Leo's tops my Christmas tree
I economise without compromise
It offers Low price, Exceptional variety, Outstanding value and Satisfaction
Leo's keep their prices still, without watering down sparkling quality
Lots of choice easy to park, open every day - super
No fuss, no flap, just bargains on top!
Non-stop service, tip-top value, down-dropped prices - what a trio
Originality, not much to spend, unbeaten quality, Leo's my friend
Quality's excellent, prices right, choice extensive, service bright
Quality, value, low prices I find, naturally spring to mind
Service sparkles, bargains stream, natural products from Leo's team
Still or FIZZY, the price won't make you DIZZY!
The lion goes from strength to strength, the quality counts
The only things watered down are the prices
The price are right for my pocket
With Leo's selection it puts spring into shopping
My local Leo's store is a winner because...
'Chunky' price cuts ensure I get, extra goodies for family and pet
'Felixable' prices, quality guaranteed, the winning combination to succeed
A Chunky share of quality, puts Leo's way ahead for me
Besides value and service, they leave change for my 'kitty'
Choice value, it's supreme, Felix and Leo's a winning team
Choices are good, price is right, my dog reckons them Chunky bright
Em-barking on aiming to please, purr-fect service value win with ease
For choice, value and much more, it's my pet favourite store
For price, quality and choice - it's the cats whiskers
For purrfect service, bargains and value for money, Leo's wins'
For quality, value and customer care, Leo's is purrfectly beyond compare
Freshness, quality, more for my money, nappies to plasters, Felix to honey
Friendliness, quality, value and so much more, go hand in paw
Gold quality and value, leaves more silver and bronze in my pocket
Great value, convenient, with offers galore, Leo's is definitely my 'pet' store!
I Felix good value all around, and less 'Chunky' in the pound
I never 'paws' for thought or doubt the quality of goods bought
In my jungle for value and service, Leo's is the king
It stocks Felix, which alone is cat food of the highest quality
It's first for service, first for value and first for customer care
It's my 'pet' store with value galore
It's purrfect on price and the foods real nice
It's the store discerning mogs select, value, choice, service - purr- fect!
Its a 'purr'fect' pet stop, value galore at Leo's shop
Leo's low prices and quality goods, feeds our doggy and large brood
Leo's plus Chunky, a simple equation, quals quality across the nation
Leo's put the shopper first - great products, good value, a contented 'plur-se'
Leo's value definitely best, even passes paws by pets
Like 'Felix' and 'Chunky', it takes first prize for presentation, price, popularity
My basket holds the lions share, Quakers Felix, Chunky and quality fare
My cat gets Felix, I get the cream
My pets love the quality, I love the prices
No need to paws for thought, super value on everything bought
Pup and kitten both agree, Leo's store has quality
Quality to the fore, bargains galore, only 'walkies' to my pet store!
Quality, choice, more for less - make this store an unrivalled success
They don't pussyfoot around, best for value that I've found
The produce is carefully selected, super value is just waiting to be collected
They knock chunks off the price of my Felix's food!
Tops for variety and price, cats love Felix - gone in a trice
Value abounds - make tracks for Leo's, get your paws on Felix now
With cats and dogs, Leo's reigns, quality, range and prices - everyone gains
With first class quality its purrfect for all my shopping
With good quality' and value fair, it makes our pussy purr'
With quality and value guaranteed, I vote my Leo's 'Best of Breed'
With quality, good value and selection I've got my paws on perfection
Heinz and Co-op are a winning combination because…
Heinz flair and Co-op care, make a winning pair
I always buy my Cadbury's cakes from the Co-op because…
Cadbury excellence, Co-op flair, taste and value the perfect pair
Cadbury's cakes are yummy, and Co-op saves my money
Cadbury's confection, baked to perfection, Co-op carries an extensive selection
Cadbury's in cakes win applause, from chocoholics in Co-op stores
Co-op gives shoppers many breaks, including delicious Cadbury's cakes
Co-op stores just right, Cadbury's cakes - love at first bite
Co-op's got what it takes, Cadbury's never bake mistakes
Delicious chocolate coating, scrumptious inners, at Co-op prices certain winners
Great selection, attractively priced, with Cadbury's chocolate I'm always enticed
I choose Cadbury's cakes galore, up my street from Co-op store
Mouth-watering cakes, super store, not even Vera could expect more
My favourite cakes, favourite store, favourite programme - encore!
Neighbourly store, compulsive snack, go together like Vera and Jack
Super cakes, superstore, we're always back to buy some more
These affordable luxuries guarantee, my Rovers Return for their tea
These exciting, tempting, taste bud teasers, are guaranteed pocket pleasers
They only stock the Rolls Royce of chocolate cakes
With Cadbury's cakes so edible, Co-op value is incredible
You can rover round, but will always return to quality
Yummy cakes, assistants jolly, ensure Co-op value fills my trolley

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