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A'jar Add spice Affordable Apple
Armchair traveller Aroma Authentic Bake
Bap Beef Beijing Bella
Black bean Blend Can't be 'surpasta' Canaletto my appetite roam
Cheese and onion Chicken Chop sticks Crab
Crust Cuisine Deep pan De-lira-eous
Dim sum Don't mince words Eastern spices Eastern promise
Easy Ecu-nomical Enhances Enrich
Essential ingredient Fast Feast Filling
Fistful of Dolmios Flavour For a few Dolmios more Fortune cookies
Fruit Full of beans Fully prepared G-astronomical
Genoa Gourmet Hoi sin Improves
In the soup Ingredient Instant Italian
Jar Kitchen Knife Leanings towards
Lemon grass Livens up Load of bolognese Load of bologna
Luxury Masterpiece Meat (y) Mince
Mix My head to-ma-toes Natural Nibbles
Noodles Orient Oriental Party
Pasta Pasta'port to roam Pasta'port to aroma Paste
Pastry Peking Picnic Pie
Pies Pisa the action Pork pies Pots
Pour Prawn crackers Puree Quick
Range Red hot Rich Rome / roam
Salad Sandwich Sarnie Satay
Sauce / source Sauce of happiness / satisfaction Saucery Sauces
Saucy Saucy Italian Seal Simple Simon
Souped up Souper Souperior Soup-reme
Souprise Soy Spaghetti Spice
Spicy Spicy a'roma Spread Spring rolls
Stir Stir fry Sweet & sour Taste
Tasty Tex mex Time saving Tomato
Topping Transported Tuna Turin
Unlock flavour Venice what Juli'et Versatile Wherever I 'roam'
Wholesome Wicked with my wok Wok  

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Accidental / occidental Adore / more / explore
Appeal / meal Appears / cheers
Can / man / bran / also-ran / fan / frying pan / cosmopolitan Courses / resources
Cuisine / scene Delights / excites
Dinner / winner Dolmio / Romeo
Drama / Mama Eater / dolce vita
Ease / please / expertise Fare / millionaire
Flavour / savour Favour scorer / signora
Full taste / no waste In a trice / meals entice
Inspiration / perspiration Italian bred / way ahead
Jar / Mama Kitchen chores / foreign shores
Label / table Not pricey / hot and spicy
Pan / fan Pasta / faster / master / plaster / disaster
Pie / high / cry / fry / sky / buy / eye / by / try / sigh / reply / supply / apply / July / spy / occupy / dry / hi / pry / die / lie / my / fly / why / shy / bye / I / nearby Rice / nice / twice / price / slice / concise / sacrifice / precise / ice / dice / splice / mice / spice / trice / entice / vice
Richer / pourer Rome / at home
Snack / hack / offtrack / cutback / knack / laid-back / maniac / pack / track / rucksack Taste sensation / mealtime ovation / destination
Tasty times / Latin climes Tin / min / chin / begin / gin / grin / bin / mandarin / imagine / origin / spin / twin / within
Treasure / pleasure  

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I deserve a surfs up holiday in Hawaii with Ginsters because ...
I always insist on Ginsters snacks and never accept Aloha standard
Their tasty rolls are a dish, but blue Hawaii I do wish
Must get my Hawaiin tickets before I'm five-o, so book em Danno I'm on a roll
Hawaii not say goodbye to a Ginsters, and Aloha to paradise
I'm on a roll of anticipation
You will need a mighty Ginsters roll after surfing the mighty waves
Frolicking in the Ginsters triangle, high rollers package deal from any angle
Ginsters fans surf and save, always riding the crust of a wave
I've tried every snack that Ginsters pack and never got on board before
We can ride on the crust of a wave
New Yorker Burgers and Chicago Style Ribs make me want to visit New York because...
Their meaty goodness makes me sing - 'New York, New York' Shopping Fling
I would like to fly high with Golden Wonder Pots because…
These tasty quick supersonic snacks, work miracles on hunger attacks
We're in the picture with Princes meats because…
Before Mum says, "Hocus Pocus", delicious dishes are in focus! 
Epic feasts or snappy eats, the highest standards Princes "meets"
Lights - Princes - Action, a meal is "produced" of satisfaction
Roll camera, 'pan" meat, "zoom" to table, "cut" and "eat"
The family tastebuds record delight, demanding replays every night!

A "slice" of this action means no "cuts" in satisfaction

All Princes fans like "meating" stars in Cannes!
Always "snapped" up the moment they're exposed!
Even Hannibal Lector must have heard, succulent Princes are preferred
Everyone knows Princes Ace - just an open and shutter case
In our 'joint", tasty Princes are the focal point!
Lights, camera, action, Princes is the star attraction
Meatballs - take two - roll 'em (in gravy and cut!)
Meatier than Schwarzenegger! Spicer than Cher! Princes performance we prefer
Mum focuses on Price Cuts since Dad got the "chop"
Perfection portrays Princes name, tasting it Kwikly confirms that acclaim
Princes focus on quality - I zoom in for the take
Princes have MGM appeal - Magnificent Gourmet Meats!
Princes snap up Brownie points for using finest quality joints

Princes winners in the can, turned Dad into "action" man

These excellent performers attract more fans than anything in "Cannes"
They taste great in Hollywood, but better in Can(ne)s
They're all-ways "framing" tasty
We "focus" our attention on Princes and simply love rep'eats
We can develop a "reel" meal in a flash
We click for the meatiest "roles" with no hidden "extras"
We have auditioned the rest, Princes plays the part best
We know Mona's grin - was a Princes Meatball - popped in!
With Princes setting the scene, ordinary dishes become haute Cuisine
You just "snap" your fingers to "develop" meals that "click"

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