Kwik Save and Munch are a mega combination because…
Kids adore 'Munch Bunch' fruity nosh' mum loves 'Kwikly' saving dosh
Mega savings have turned my toddler into a Munch Bunch wobbler
Mega taste, super byte, I love Munch Bunch morning, noon and night
Mum loves the prices, I love the flavour, dad wants a Sega
Munch Bunch are a mega rave, and great value at Kwik Save
Munch Bunch are really yum, and don't cost a mega sum
Munch Bunch characters come alive, sending my trolley into mega drive
Munch Bunch magic at Kwik Save tills, mega delights, micro bills
Sally knows, the Munch are yummy, from the store that pleases Mummy
Supersonic, tasty scoff - and only the lid gets ripped off
Super Mario chocolate mini rolls and Nintendo Gameboys are the ultimate partnership because…
Ace, brilliant, megajoy! Munching Mario, zapping Gameboy
After school I like a snack, helps me get that joystick knack
An adventurous centre teams up with a centre of adventure

Being energy packed with chocolate galore, mini rolls improve Super Mario's score 

Bored? Hungry? They take control, 'cos Mario knows it's time to roll
Both are fantastic - together great, a partnership rolled to elate
Both are guaranteed to thrill, both ensure my kids sit still!
Both take pride in the quality inside
Both these centres of attraction, are quality, fun and five star action

Brains need energy, boys need snacks, Super Mario's rolls sensational-dynamic double act!

Chocolate impresses, taste astounds, improves gameplay by leaps and bounds
Compact and full of verve, one tantalises taste buds, one tests nerves

Dreamy light sponge rolls, chocolate galore, they always improve Super Mario's score

Each mega byte is sheer delight - choc rolls galore, improve my score
Eating mini-rolls, 1,2 or more, always improves Super Mario's score
Energy packed chocolate galore, they always improve Super Mario's score
Energy packed, chocolate galore - they always improve Super Mario's score
Energy packed, tastes galore, they always improve Supermario's score

Enjoyment, satisfaction, equally shared, Super Mario and Nintendo - perfectly paired

Every 'byte' is an absolute delight
Fitting for every occasion - children's tea then Bower's invasion
For a great hand-held treat, this pair can't be beat
Fun to eat, fun to play, keeps us happy night and day
Fun with value, a rare combination, together amusing a hungry nation
Gameboys action, mini rolls satisfaction, magnetic attraction
Getting your 'pause' on Sainsbury's cakes, helps Luigi avoid mistakes
Greatest cakes by far, for battling with the mustachioed megastar
Greatest chocolate mini rolls by far, for battling the mustachioed megastar
Hand held enjoyment, megasystem rolled into one - kids can't resist 'em!
I can fill up my tum, while I watch the plumbers run
If Mum needs a restful time, produce these goodies - peace sublime
In my hand or in my tummy, Super Mario is simply scrummy
It's hard exercising hand control, near a mega-bite choccy roll
Like Gameboy's Tetris Pak, Super Mario rolls fill the gap
Little hands never leave the controls except to attack Sainsbury's mini rolls
Mega to play, mega to munch, Super Mario best of the bunch
Mini roll - mega byte, Mario zaps opponents out of sight
Mini rolls are the treat I need, while demonstrating skill and speed
Mini rolls are yummy, Gameboys are funny
Mini rolls taste 'super duper' with Nintendo's help I can beat Kuper
Mini rolls taste really yum, while playing Gameboy it's double fun
Mondo taste and hi-tech innovation, earn this fabulous pair a standing ovation
Nintendo Gameboy leads the 'pak' and mini rolls are an unbeatable snack
Now Mario prefers them to pasta he'll easily beat Koopa faster
One 'byte' from Mario's selection, programmes my input to perfection
One fills you up with energy, the other with fun
One in mouth, the other in hand, together transport me to Wonderland!
One is a chocolate dream, the other a magic screen
One super creamy bite and you're ready for a Mario fight
One's hand-held excitement, the other a handheld treat
One's the ultimate taste sensation, the other's the ultimate game creation
Pasta experience tella me Nintendo eaters prefera mini rolls
Really cool and really neat, this radical pair can't be beat
Sainsbury's and Nintendo are super duper, just what's needed to outwit Koopa
Sainsbury's mini rolls cannot be beat, Mario's favourite chocolate treat
Satisfaction is sweet, when this chocolate megastar and Nintendo meet
Soft sponge and chocolate galore, always improve Super Mario's score
Super Mario triumphs once more, delicious treats from the No 1 store
Super taste - super fun, that's Super Mario and Gameboys rolled into one
Superlative chocolate, excitement and thrills - no tummy rumbles while improving my skills
Tasty Cats and daring feats - together are children's favourite treats
Tasty rolls, Gameboy flair, together make the perfect pair
Tetris makes you fill the spaces, mini rolls fill inner places
There's a pocket hill of leisure and a tummy full of pleasure
They are both a hand-held revolution
They are both out of this world
They are chocolate to eat, fun to choose and play the games
They fill me with delight, it was love at first 'byte'
They fill the gap between the games
They fill you up ready to play, charge you up all day
They give Mario and Luigi the power that mushrooms alone cannot
They melt together beautifully and keep you amused for hours
They release super energy when unlocked, knocking the blocks off other chocs!
They were 'Nintended' for each other
They're a 'put your feet up' combination, exciting viewing and taste Sensation
They're the team to tackle the tastes of today's kids
They're two of a kind and blow my mind
This combination makes no mistakes, just super adventures and yummy cakes
This magical combination fills children with elation
Together each hand held 'byte' scores a double delight
Together they achieve perfection - Nintendo's Gameboy and Sainsbury's
Together they give me a bite of the action
Top performers, second to none, this winning pair are numero one
Unwrap the foil, bite and digest, recharged my batteries for Mario's quest
When Bowser takes his toll, only a mini-roll will console
When Mario needs an energy fix, he chooses Sainsbury's choc 'joysticks'
When Mario's achieved his goals, his just reward is mini rolls
When Mum says 'anyone for Super Mario mini rolls?' We're her Gameboys!
When satisfaction is the goal - Nintendo lets the good times roll
When Super Mario has got me beat, with satisfaction him I eat
When you put them to the test, they always beat the rest
Whenever 'game over' brings despair, mini rolls give twelve 'bytes' beyond compare!
While Mario searches for treasure, his mini rolls fill me with pleasure
With concentration of the mind, pleasures of fingertips and tastebuds are combined
With these chocolate cream filled bites, I can 'Gameboy' through the night
With these to eat and play, I'd need nothing else all day
You can really concentrate, if there's a Mario sitting on the plate
You get Super Mario tastiness as well as Super Mario fun
Yummy mini rolls, Mario fun - means peace and quiet for my Mum!
British meat meets the Atari challenge because…
It chops, minces and slices into the opposition - even the "top sides"
It satisfies with every byte, and wins the game by tasting right
It's a lean, mean, fighting meal for all competitors
So many exciting meals to eat - with so many excitng games to beat
When the family key word is nutritious dinner, British Meat programmes a delicious winner

Whether served for lunch, brunch or dinner, British Meat is a versatile winner

Daddies sonic tomato sauce is number one because…
'Disc' overed the ketchup with MEGA appeal, it adds 'BYTE' to any meal
Breakfast, brunch, lunches, dinner, it tastes 'SO NIC'e Daddies a winner
It has the 'taste that launched a thousand chips'
It is the favourite winner everyday - from January first to Hogmanay
It satisfies a snack attack, when taking a SEGA track!
It will top any dish, programming my input as I wish
It's the only sauce with attitude, that can reach all Pioneering delights
My Daddies is the best!
Natural goodness, love the taste, and kids like Sonic's cheeky face
Sonic doesn't hedge with ketchup, he goes the whole hog with H.P.
Tea is ready, homework done. Daddies Sonic is a 'sauce' of fun
Their superSONIC flavour flows, past my head to-ma-toes!
Tomatoes and spices perfectly blended, tastes MEGA as Daddies intended
Top of the plops - even my food faddies, can't resist Daddies
Who cares about the score with Daddies to pour!
With this on your food it makes it really fun

You could say Sonic has Pioneered a taste as sharp as himself

I always eat Asda pastes when playing video games because…
Asda are price "Street Fighters 2"
Asda/Nintendo console winner, has turkey paste for Christmas dinner  
Energy packed, flavours galore, they always improve "Super Marios" score!  
Greatest taste by far, for battling the moustachioed megastar  
Nine flavours plus Nintendo action, guarantees 25 "bits" of satisfaction  
Super fayre, Super Mario, what a pair no compario  
Tetris culminates in despair, Asda's pastes win fair & square  
They're scrummy, yummy, here's mummy with more for my tummy  
Watch my fingers go, with a "sandwich" course in Nintendo  
With Asda the "end-of- level" door is always "ajar"  
I'd like to win a mega prize with my Trax because…
For great-looking shoes, it’s Trax I’d choose!  
I’m fast, I’m mean, all I need is the machine!  
If you don’t award, my mum can’t afford  
Mega Trax are the ultimate pair, Sonic performance beyond compare  
Megadrive and Trax reign supreme, setting standards seldom seen  
My daughters would have fun, if mum won one!  
Others fool, Trax rule, and MEGA prizes are so cool  
Playing pitfall in Trax, would leave enemies on their backs  
The Trax are cool, and I can boast at school  
Then I could ‘shoe’ the aliens away  
They’re Mega!  
They’re Sony-t on your feet - they’re hard to beat!  
Together we’ll board the ‘Shoe Express’ and outrace all attacks  
Trax to play out with, SNES to play in with.  
Unless ‘re-booted’ with Trax, I’ll need to be ‘consoled’!  
With Mega prizes I’m ahead, wearing Trax for street cred  
With my agile ‘feat’ of action. Sony’s got mega at’ Trax’tion!  
A virtual reality headset would take me off into the world of cyberspace because...  
While Nash defends the realm, I would explore another one  
I take home Stones bitter/draught because…
After one try it got maximum points
Any other hops wouldn't leave you a keg to stand on
Home is where the half is!
It beats the scrum at the local pub
Jade Cocoon and Killer Loop keep me off the streets because…
At my age my zimmer frame can't keep up with the excitement
Day or night whatever the hour, PlayStation plugs me into power
I crave monster entertainment that keeps me on the right track
I just love the excitement and adventure of being a cocoon monster
I love them, I play them all day and nothing else
I make my friends green with envy with the killer game play
My need for cunning and speed is quenched on both counts
Saving my village and avoiding deadly laser fire's a full time job
The action and adrenaline rushes are too overwhelming to switch off
The games drive me 'Cravey'
They are brain crushing games and keep me glued to the seat
They are fun, challenging, action packed. Everything my life has always lacked
They are great games and they are unbeatable
They satisfy my cravings for total entertainment
Daddies sonic tomato sauce is mega because…
Added to my favourite dinner, Daddies makes an instant winner
Both Daddies Ketchup and Sega action, provide a mega 'sauce' of satisfaction
By gently squeezing Sonic's tummy - all our meals turn out scrummy
Delicious on Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, it's the Safeway to a winner
It's a supersonic taste delight, with mega flavour in every 'Byte'
When Daddies added to my plate, even Game Gears have to wait
When Sonic the Hedgehog and Safeway's match up, Daddies rivals cannot 'ketchup'
A 'little squirt' gives food a tonic, making every 'byte' supersonic
All lassies and laddies, love to squeeze their Daddies
Daddies attitude is - play it the 'Safeway' and you'll always 'ketchup'
Daddies ketchup - sure to please, shake up Sonic, point and squeeze
Delicious taste - supersonic fun, means peace and quiet for our mum
Every 'byte' is 'to-ma-taste'
Every byte the flavour goes, from my head down to-ma-toes
Every meal this champion graces, scores winning smiles on children's faces
Every squeeze is guaranteed to please
Finest ingredients, all that's best, Sonic runs rings around the rest
From my tongue the taste flows, right through to-ma-toes
Gently squeezing Sonic's waist, is the most Safeway to mega taste
Head-gehogs and tails above the rest, Daddies always knows what's best
It adds 'byte' and 'loads' of taste, simply by squeezing Sonic's waist
It has the (H)edge which makes me a hog
It makes 'byting' exciting
It prickles my tastebuds, from my Hed-gehog to-ma-toes
It's a gastronomic tonic - only Daddies can 'Ketchup' with Sonic!
It's not for little squirts
It's tasty beyond belief - a breakthrough in 'plain' relief!
It's the 'sauce' of appeal, for many a meal
It's the 'sauce' of power behind any great byte!
It's the driving 'sauce' behind every great 'byte'
It's the only thing that's 'red' at our table
It's tomato 'byte' captivates my laddies, to be this good takes … Daddies
Mega means 'Meals Enjoy Greater Appeal': put Daddies on your next meal
Mega satisfaction shows from Hedgehog to-ma-toes
Nothing can ketchup with Sonic at Safeway’s
Programmed for perfection, the flavour flows from my head to-ma-toes
Sonic sensation from mouth to-matoes, Daddies sauce the flavour just flows
Sonic taste upon my tongue - crack the Daddies, release the fun!
Taste buds prickle with delight, when super Sonic's in my sight
That racy flavour sends flavour, flows in Sonic waves to-ma-toes
To-ma-two kids, Sonic's great - unbeatable flavour on every plate
Whatever the meal, big or small, Daddies Sonic 'tops' them all
When the chips are down, Sonic is bytes better
When the Hedgehog flips his tasty top, even Sega players stop
With Safeway doing their 'bit'. I'll ketch'up with the latest hit
Yummy ketchup, sonic fun, means peace and quiet for my mum

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