Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



All sorts Alluring Ambrosial Assortment
Bar Biscuit Bite size Block
Bountiful Bounty of fun Box Boxed
Bubble gum Buttery Cake Candies
Candy Caramel Centres of attraction Chew
Chew chew Chews the best Chewsy Choc(s)
Chocaholics Chocolate attractions Chocolate factory Chocolates
Chocs away Choice Chosen chew Chunky
Citrus Coated Confections of a... Consolation
Consuming desires Contentment Cornet Creamy
Crisps Dainty Dairy cream Dark chocolate
Dark secrets Dear to your heart, but not to your purse Delectable Delicious
Dips into Divine Dreamy Ee by gum
End a good meal Enticing Everything in their flavour Family favourites
First because they last Flavour-bites Flavourites Flavourous
Fruity Fun treats Galaxy of gifts Goodness
Goloptuous Gum Happy Heavenly
Heaven on oeuf Ice cream In'bite Inviting
Lasting flavour Lemon Lick(ing) Light mingles with the dark
Lime Lollipop Lolly Love at first bite
Love ate relationship Luscious Magic Magic moments
Makes the World a sweeter place Makes the greeter sweeter Mandarin Mars
Megabyte bar Melted Melting moments Mentholyptus
Milky Mint Minted perfection Minty
Mini size, mega taste More-ish Mouthful Mmm mouthwatering
Mouthwatering Mouthwatering pleasures Munch, munch better Nougat
Nuts Nutty On the tip of my tongue Once bitten, twice buy
Orangy Pack Packet Packs of flavour
Pick a packet Pick and mix Pick of the pack Plainly exciting, dairy inviting
'Plane' chocolate Pleasurable Present sense Pure
Quality Rainbow selection Raspberry Right little wrapper
Romantic Scrumptious Seductive Selection box
Sherbet Smooth Snack Soft
Soft centres Spearmint Special pleasure Spoil you rotten
Strawberry Sublime Sugar Sugar and spice
Sugary Superior selction Sweet (s) Sweet as honey
Sweet anticipation Sweet encounters of the preferred kind Sweet escape Sweet heart
Sweetly inviting Sweet temptation Sweet-talking Sweet tooth
Syrupy Take a lot of licking Tallsorts and smallsorts Tantalising
Tastebud tempting Tasty Tempting Thick
Tingle on the tongue Tingling Toffee Tongue tingling
Toothsome Top of the chocs Top drawer, never left on the shelf Tray'd secrets
Treat Treat size Tropical Tubes of
Unique Variety Win by finishing last Wholesome
Worth a mint Wrapped Wrapper Yummy

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Bar / car / far / star / Mars / jar / ma / pa / tar Bassett / asset
Biscuit / it / bit / wit / fit / sit / split / admit / omit / merit / spirit / writ / wit / visit / circuit / hit / quit / permit / profit / lit / submit / commit / summit / limit / inherit Bite / delight / right / light
Block / choc / shock / stock / knock / flock / clock / dock / lock / rock Box / chocs
Candy / handy / dandy Creamy / dreamy
Chunky / hunky Confection / perfection
Delight / invite / excite / bite Desirable / reliable
Eatable / unbeatable Edible / incredible
Flavour / savour / raver Fashion / passion
Greydays / heydays Hint / mint
Ice cream / dream / mean / scream / supreme / scheme / gleam / theme / seem / steam / beam / stream / deem / team / esteem Kids / quids
Leisure / pleasure / treasure Lick / pick / quick / nick / sick / flick / chick / click / stick / trick
Lolly / trolley / jolly / brolly / dolly / wally Nut / gut / but / shut / jut / put / cut / hut / glut
Snack / pack / rack / track / crack / stack / tack / back / lack / knack / sack / attack Sweet / treat / neat / beat / eat / repeat / feat / feet / fleet / greet / complete / discreet / receipt / suite

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If Nestle named a car it should be called...
Bo Peep because it's a little beauty under the bonnet!
If Quality Street created a holiday destination, it should be called… because…
Dreadlocks Cay because in no time at all you are completely surrounded by w-rappers
Explain why you celebrate by indulging in celebrations...
With tempting chocs and brand new wheels, celebrating in luxury really appeals
A happy party, then follow the simple code, pass round Celebrations and watch the fun explode
Stuff the turkey, hang the holly, eating Celebrations is Ferrari more jolly
There's always a call for Rowntrees jelly because...
Jelly-communications is the direct line to party success
Party line set to please - clearest answer from Rowntrees
Hey Presto! another fruity favourite on the party line
Sweet? Treat? Party line? A Rowntree's number springs to mind
Sainsbury's and Snickers are the perfect match because…
Supreme standards and many winning lines, value for money, 
tasteful by design; chocolate bars with a huge reputation, 
give this partnership a sporty combination
Coca Cola and Snickers are the best Euro 96 team because…
With my 'inside left' satisfied, I'll be 'right back' for more
I am a supporter of fair play because…
Better a happy Snicker eater than a snappy kicker cheater
You always score with Snickers because…
Chunky chocolate, irresistible inner, home or away, the results a winner
At kick off, half time, journey home, when hunger strikes there's no need to roam
I can't wait to go to the World Cup because…
World class players will play the greatest game, played with passion for glory and fame
With French flair, English roar, Snickers never fail to score
I'm nuts about Snickers because…
Half time, full time, bite or lick it, a Snickers snack is just the ticket
Lo Bars are my customers' favourite because…
They're our finest collection of low-cal confection
Cadbury's and Somerfield make Easter Egg-stra special because…
Cadbury quality, Somerfield Eggcellent buying, make Easter happy Gratis-flying
I love Maltesers because…
Light crisp centres in a thick chocolate gown, lifts my spirits without weighing me down
I think Halo and The Saint are a match made in heaven because…
An ideal partnership so divine, their taste and perfection simply outshine
Both a paramount star attraction, unwrap a Halo, lights, camera, action
Blockbuster enjoyment, feeling sweet, with Halo from Superdrug I stay petite
Dark, desirable, divine perfection, describes our hero and chocolate perfection
Reliable hunk, chocolate desire, what more could a 'saintly' girl require.
I like Mr Lucky Bags' lucky bags because…
They are simply the best, tried the rest - no contest
Mr Lucky's 'bagged' the best - boys and girls are impressed
They're Lovely, Unusual, Cool, Kid's favourite, Yummy, Brilliant and Great
Jack would love Just Sweets because…
Just Sweets are fab and they're so cool, Jack may be mad, but he's no fool
Maynards wine gums are the juiciest because ...
The vintage flavours they've created, leave my tastebuds motorvated
I think Snickers and the NFL American Football weekends are an ideal link because...
Miami dolphins would swim a mile /  
Philadelphia Eagles swoop in style / 
New England Patriots wave the flag / 
 Pittsburg Steelers hide their swag / 
St Louis Cardinals hail the people / 
Dallas Cowboys do it with the rope / 
San Diego Charges being thrifty /
the 49 ers make it to 50 /
Green Bay Packers pack a whack / 
Nutty packed snickers the perfect snack
Spend a dollar on snickers, get a quarterback
You've got to be 'peanuts' not to be 'running back' for more
They both cheer me up when I'm a touch down
Snickers is full of nutty chunks, NFL is full of chunky hunks
NFL excites me, Snickers delight me, hope you invite me
Amongst the glamour, glitz and action, Snickers are the star attraction
At home or away, they're the match of the day
When excitement rises and energy gets low, snickers provides the get up and go
I'd be a 'touch down' in the mouth if I had to 'pass' on either
Snickers, Snickers, Snickers, Rah, Rah, Rah in our league, you'll go far
Energy, Entertainment, Excitement - both have the 3Es that are sure to please
Top attractions, second to none, Snickers and Superbowl are number one
When you drool over Snickers you never miss a dribble
 I would like to eat my Cadbury's Eclairs in Brussels because…
 In Poirot's country I'd d'eclair, their flavour's great just anywhere
A Kit Kat Weekend at Center Parcs is an extraordinary break because…
There's water frolics and fun galore all at a constant eighty four
Undercover down Sherwood way, is merrier now than Robin's Day
T'would set brave Robin's bow a'quiver, to see us bathe where he did shiver
I went to Butlins this year enough said!
I just like to confuse my body from time to time
You can enjoy the greenhouse effect before your descendants
It gets you to the Tropics without the Tropics getting to you
A break at this subtropical starlet made Marion merry and Will scarlet
It's better than staying in "half bored"
Even if the weather's chronic you can enjoy a swim and a tonic
A Kit Kat Weekend in York is an extraordinary break because…
York and Rowntree's chocolate, no better in the land
To amble down the Shambles, a Kit Kat in my hand
It's "ousting" with pleasures, be it shops, Minster or treasures
Where Vikings raped and pillaged, Rowntree have their village
York will give us a clue, to what Vikings used to do, Museums, Minster, Castle too, don't forget the races Phew!
By snapping my fingers I can visit the past
Likings for Vikings and ambles round Shambles, there's plenty to choose round the Ouze
The Shambles isn't a shamble, the Minster is divine, to wine and dine with history, a great break anytime
By enjoying a Kit Kat and using my brains, I'm hoping for Jorvic, Minter and Trains
You don't have to be a Dick Turpin to enjoy the "booty" of it!
It supplies wall to wall culture for this Kit Kat vulture
Nestle confectionery turns a leisure break into the best of breaks because…
On a Nestle leisure sortie, life begins at Forte
With Nestle, you always get a luxury 'suite'
Relaxation comes with one snap of my Kit Kat fingers
A whole lot of pleasure is something you can re-Lion
Hotel bars close, but chocolate bars can be opened anytime
I would like to eat my Cadbury's Eclairs in Bel Air because…
After the weekly grind, this sweetie needs to unwind
I would pie 'n' mix with the Hollywood chicks 
Amongst the glamour, glitz and action, Cadbury's Eclairs are the star attraction. 
 They are the twentieth century chox
 Mingling with millionaires, I'll share my mints if they share theirs
I'd like to take to the skies with Terry's chocolate orange because…
Freedom has an orange shape, perfect for a sweet escape
I like Christmas pantomimes because…
A comical dame, the villain that's scary, please wave your wand, oh Cadbury's fairy
All kids at heart, we guzzle chox, wishing the genie would refill the box
Baddies to boo, goodies to eat, Cadbury's and panto - a spectacular treat
Cadbury's chocs, a seat front stalls. I'm kept inspired till the curtain falls
Cadbury's kids and my number one fella, make me feel like Cinderella
Each magical assortment takes centre stage, appealing to kids of every age
Hotfoot to Woolworths for Cadbury’s chocs - Frank Bruno's playing Goldilocks
Pantos are fun, roses are yummy, with two ugly sisters, daddy and mummy
They are like Cadbury's - great box office at stocking-up time!
This British tradition, unique to these isles, like roses, brings happiness, laughter and smiles
I would like to poppet to the movies with a friend free for a year because...
'From Poppets with love' comes 'A view to fulfil' my greatest desire
I really, really, really want to Zig ah Zag ahhh!
She has this Fatal Attraction for my Poppets and would Die Hard to get them
Such a sweet and thrilling thing, would really make Zig's eyeballs swing
Weekly watching with Poppet pack, like Arnie says - I'll Poppet back
I want to win a Mars Mini Cooper because...
My current car sulks and sags under Mars' weight in Sainsbury's bags
Mars bars keep my engine burning a Mini might help my three point turning
Spanning rock and roll to garage Mars-Mini and I make the perfect marriage
Its dark, smooth and goes like a rocket. I want its keys inside my pocket.
This ultimate Mini goes like the clappers just like Mars bars minus their wrappers

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