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Action Alien Always ahead on points Back up
Bargain bytes Basic Basic programme for Better bits / bytes of
Bit Byte Chips with everything Clear display
Click on Communication Compatible Compile
Compute Compute the perfect solution Computer literate Copy
Data Data day Desktop tool Disc
Disc-overy Disc-tinctive Display Download
Drive for E-commerce Education program E-mail
Enhance Every bit better Every...designed to save
Fast Floppy Format From data day better
From laptop   Games Hard disk Hardware to go until
I found... Icon I figure it would Input low, output high
In store Help Input Internet
Key Keyboard Key quality Language
Language of Laptop Leads to the best Load
Logic Logical choice Logical solution Log on
Machine Memory Memories are made of this Menu
Micro bills Mouse Mulimedia My memory banks on
Network No silly-con chaps Notepad On-line
Online to a better future On the buttons Off-line Output
Pocket perfection Powerhouse Print(er) Processor
Program Programmed for perfection Programmed in / to Ram
Run Save Screen Screen saver
Server Silicon Software Solutions
Speed State of the smart Surf Surfing the net
System Technology Terminal Upgrade
User friendly Visual display Web We Sega here we Sega there
When the chips are down Windows Wizardry Where the solutions are
Work or play You've got mail    

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Bit / hit  Byte / right / delight / fight
Compute / commute/ absolute Computer age / rage
Crammed / programmed Data / later / cater
Fast / last Game / name / fame
Hardwork / homework Keyboard / scored / adored
Machine / keen / green OK / 48k
Nintendo / intendo Pocket / socket
Power / lower Print / skint / hint
Saved / raved Screen / scene
Silicon / gone Toy / game boy
Zap / nap / tap / rap / lap  

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I'd love to win a Multimedia Computer because...
 Disc-tinctive variety and visual display, like Kellogg's each 'Byte' I'd enjoy data day
 With this Kellogg's 'serial' for my little mites, they'll certainly download all of their 'Bytes'
 I've 96 reasons, all of them Gr-reat, Hey! Beautiful world let's communicate
 Computer-literate? Not a clue, but I long to be a clever K'llogs too.
Like crunching Kelloggs da-ta-day it would put a smile on my visual display  
I want to surf the net because...
I would like to give it bash, like Whoopie Goldberg and Jumping Jack Flash  
Headway converted, software inserted, brain cells alerted, boredom deserted.
Computing my hobby, saving my goal, with Lloyds and Toshiba, I've total control.  
If I won a home computer during the next summer break I would use it to...  
Swap for a fishing rod, I prefer bites to bytes.
Write my name in big letters.  
Compute the perfect solution to rid my brother of his sock pollution.
 I enjoy using Expert Software because…
Expert's tuition is so clear that learning is child's play for this old dear
I enjoy using Expert Software because…
No more tacky, cheap mistakes, CD difference an Expert makes
I enjoy using Expert Software because… 
From making cards to playing chess, we can all become experts by using the best
I've clicked on to Pick O The Vine Tomatoes because…
They upgrade salads, enhance chips and are even compatible with my kids.
These come packed with flavour in every byte.  
My memory rams home the message - they are megabytes better. 
They give laptop snacks megabyte appeal and tastily format a memorable meal.
For a menu with appeal, they're the highlight of the meal.
 I choose Traxdata because…
 I need security.
 I enjoy using syracuse language systems software because ...
with the computer my tutor and fun and games to play, learning is easy the Syracuse way.
A "For Dummies" book is a bright idea because…
From disc to tape, from bit to by'te, a Dummies book will provide the light
Computing explained as clearly as poss, for those who don't know their RAM from their DOS!
Consult the Dummy, press the keys, I'm in charge with perfect ease
I 'enter' and 'exit' without really knowing, whether I'm actually coming or going
When lost in jargon and each step's a bungle, they guide you through the computer jungle
When megabytes meet micro brain, a 'Dummies' guide can make it plain
Daddies and HP sauce range is number one because…
It’ s the message in a bottle understood by every tongue
A little squirt on parade, halts the charge of the 'byte' brigade
Daddies boys are always spoilt for taste
HP's paid off when kids give their Daddies a squeeze
Normal service is consumed as soon as possible
Saucy and nice - they put life in my spice
Tastier dinners, snacks and lunch, it packs more power than Bruno's punch!
Their mega taste is enough to launch a thousand chips
There's no posher nosh, for so little dosh

When it comes to making perfect sauce, the art belongs to Daddies

I know it's time for Australian Cheddar when…
I download from downunder!
I need something tasty for my lap top!
I need that Great Australian Bight!
I want a byte with my silicon chips!
I want something better than a Big Mac and chips!
I've been surfing and need a mega-byte
It's key that I input a delightful taste!
My kids say PC means "Please, Cheese!"
My mouse needs a mega-bite!
My mouse says I need to trade my keyboard for a cheeseboard!
My tummy rumbles Down Under!
I want to go to Computercamp because…
I've got the bug and I would like a top raTE SCOre in my exams
My favourite way of eating fish fingers is…
Crammed inside a buttered cob, I say "cool", mum says "yob"!
Lick my lips, take a big bite, teatime is really great tonight
Around the campfire with my chums, nothing left but full up tums
Input Birds Eyes greatest digits, program completed, hunger deleted
Off a plate since reaching four, before that mainly off the floor!
With a bite and a swallow, and more to follow
I buy my computer magazine at John Menzies because…
Keywords Menzies shoppers learn - 'enter’, ‘select’ ‘save’,’return’
Princes meat the challenge every time because…
Can-venient meals of value undefeated, key-in "Princes" and hunger's deleted
Princes meats are really yum and only cost Amiga sum
Princes prime 'programs' - easy to learn enter 'Kwik Save' - 'Save' -'Return'
Candelit dinner, family invasion, Princes are 'programmed' for every occasion
For busy mums - sheer paradise, quality meat at 'Amiga' price
I monitored the range... input - nutritious, family feedback... keyword -delicious
One 'byte' you Kwikly 'disc'over, you're a Princes input lover!
Tastee sensashun, meens evry bytes an edukashun

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