I want to watch sport on a wide-screen TV from Comet because...
Racing, rugby, footie too, with wider screen so much to view
I enjoy using syracuse language systems software because ...
... with the computer my tutor and fun and games to play, learning is easy the Syracuse way
I want to watch Toy Story on Comet's home cinema TVs because…
It's a pro-logically surround sound investment of movie magic
You can't buy better this Christmas at Comet because...
Santariffic bargains down every aisle, would even make Scrooge smile
Extensive choice, service and care, plus competitive prices theirs beyond compare
Not even Santa's sledge beats Comet's cutting edge
For Christmas presents great or small, Comet's prices beat them all
Staff are helpful, delivery swift, quality and price are always a gift
Comet is my number one choice for Christmas because…
When the gift you want plugs into a socket, you'll leave with a smile and more in your pocket

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