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After brandy Appealing Aroma Aromatic
Arousing aroma Au lait Bean me up, Scottie Beans
Beat the tea-dium Best after dinner guest Beverage Bitter
Black Black / white Blend(s) Blended
Blend justifies the beans Blend of the World is nigh Brazil Breakfast coffee
Brews Cachet Cafe Cafetiere
Cappucino Character Chic Choice
Choicest Classic Classy Coffee
Coffee bean Coffee house Coffier Coffee milk Sheikh
Cone-oisseurs Contented cups Continental Convenience
Cream Cup Cup above the rest Cup of character
Dark Decaffinated Delightful Don't stir without it
Dutch of class/ distinction Elevenses Elevenses out of ten End justified the beans
End of meal appeal Espresso Expertise Expertly blended
Extract Filter Fil'ter overflowing Filters through
Fine(st) Fine grounds for Finish with a happy blending Flavour
Flavour overflowing Flavours mingle Flavour released Floods of flavour
Frappe Fresh(ness) Freshly brewed Frothier
Full bodied Full of beans Gold Gourmet
Grade Grain Granules Grind
Grinds others into the grounds Ground(s) Ground coffee in an instant Ground without the grind
Handy packs Hospitality Hot water Instant
Its strength/ my weakness Jar Keeps well for longer Kudos
Latte Leaves me grounds Leaves me refreshed Light
Lively Locked in flavour Luxurious Man's best blend
Medium Mellow Mocha Mug
Netherland No bitter Peak No grounds for complaint Nothing to be bitter about
Original Penthouse taste / Basement price Perc' me up Percolate
Percolator Perfect cup Perfection Perc(s)
Performance Piping hot Plantation Pot
Potent Powder Pure Quality
Real Really rich Refined Refillabe
Refreshing Reviver Reviving Rich
Rich aroma Richly roasted Rise and shine Roast(ing)
Rules the roast Savour Sealed blocks of gold Sealed satisfaction
Seductively blended Select(ion) Smooth Sports 'ground'
Still going strong Stimulating Stir Stress buster
Strong Success in the cup Suits to the ground Taste
Tastier by far Tea-dium Tempting Texture
Thirst Tonic Unwind Vacuum pack
Vacuum packed hard and fast We get roasted for our flavour Welcome Well packed
Weaker White    

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Blended / Vended / Splendid Bitta / Melitta
Coffee / me / glee / be / TV / tea / agree / key / free / spree / flee / sea / knee / fee / pea / tree / toffee / three / tee / plea Drink / pink / blink / sink / think / brink / wink / ink / clink / link / kink / rink / shrink
Exciting / inviting End of meal / Gourmet appeal
Full flavour / Never waver Ground to / Bound to
Grounds / Pounds Melitta / Sweeter / Neater
Netherland / Better brand No waste / More taste
Pour / bore / adore / ore / oar / four / lure / cure / secure / obscure / score / sure / insure / mature / encore / more / galore / before / pure / store / core / fore / chore / shore / implore / snore / pore / soar / tour / roar / your / gloor / door Scoffers / Coffers/ Quaffers
Stirs / Connoisseurs Taste acquired / Always desired
Thirst / first / burst / worst / versed / cursed / dispersed / reversed / conversed Vacuum pack / others lack

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Nescafe Blend 37 and the new MGF go together perfectly because…
Rich aroma, stimulating drive, instant response, feeling alive
Maxwell House is full of beans coffee because…
There's still an awful lot of coffee in Brazil
Sainsbury's Gold Choice Coffee is my first choice because…
There's gold in them there jars
It's the one that rules the roast
It's a mugs gain
Every grains a winner
I can always sip into something special
Café Hag makes the ideal complement to a relaxing weekend break because…
Copenhagen just isn't the same without Hag
The Kenco Coffee Company are the real coffee experts because…
Kenya not smell? Have you not heard? Drinking anyone Elsa's is absurd!
Carte Noire is a desirable coffee because...
Arousing aroma, seductively blended, irresistibly Gallic - and stylishly vended
I love Vendonas coffee from Somerfield because...
If music be the food of love, vendona is the drink
Mellow Bird's is a mild improvement in my life because...
When Birds rule the roost there's peace in the nest
Birds programmes my senses - Kwik Save vision channels my pences
I now view each day with a sip, sip, hooray
Van Nelle Coffee puts me in the mood for a spree because...
Superior blend enjoyed with a friend, joyfully thinking of guilders to spend
If Blend 37 and Land Rover Discovery got together to make a limited edition 4x4 they would call it - ...
Quadriga 37
The Buss
The Mudlark
Top Drawer
Four by Fortitude
The Leveller
Sporting Freedom
My Choice
The Helvetian
Reviving Driving
The Green Genie
Blend of Strength (BOS)
Blend Ahead
Explore and Pour
The Panorama
Never Bean Better
Union Force
Outer Limits
Cross Continental
Grounds for Survival
Carlotta Fun
Taste the Action
My Stable Mate
Le Beano Vert
Green Albatross
Beyond the Pale
Thirst and Four Most
Poetry and Motion
Atlas Conqueror
Hot Roaster
Rovin' Roa'ster
Creating a Stir
Tetra Mocha CG
Diamond Among Gems
Badlands Combo
I buy Van Nelle traditional coffee because…
No fancy gimmicks, passing trends, just finest beans, perfected blends
Taste of Holland superbly presented leaves palates pleased, pockets contented
I quaff like a toff without selling the Van Gogh
Expertly blended to taste sublime, perfect coffee every time
It leaves nothing to he desired.... except a second cup
Tempting aroma filter fine the flavour of Holland tastes divine
It adds gourmet appeal to the end of a meal
My after dinner touch has to be dutch
Delightful coffee perfectly blended Van Nelle - simply splendid
The Van Nelle collection offers coffee perfection
Breakfast, elevenses or after dinner, traditional flavour is a winner
It's simple you see, I enjoy 'Real" coffee
Tesco prices hard to beat, Van Nelle.... my Dutch treat
I've filtered out the rest and left only the best
Tesco selects this famous brand, perfected in the Netherlands
Unlike my Mother-In-Law it's not too bitter
Perfect coffee black or white, Its aroma tastes just right
Never bitter, rich and smooth; as coffee lovers, we approve
Two hundred years still going strong, generations cannot be wrong
The price invites the aroma excites and the taste delights
Black, white, weak, strong, the taste - just right never wrong
It always gets my breakfast toast, deliciously decaffeinated medium roast
Freshly roasted then vacuum packed - all the flavour stays intact
It's the only coffee you should put "Tulips"
Any other in my belly? Not on your Van Nelley!
This continental taste sensation, gives me grounds for celebration.
Year of experience expertly blended traditional Dutch - recommended
The blend justifies the beans
Smell the beans, enjoy the taste, smoothest coffee any place
I'm serious about coffee flavour, Van Nelle's, I honestly savour
It perks me up and filters my cares away
It gives me grounds for a good coffee break
Two hundred years of expertise makes coffee guaranteed to please
Like Van Gogh, it's never left 'ear
Medium ground or filter fine it smells delicious tastes divine
It 'Can Al"Ways help unwind the 'windmills" of my mind
I'll Netherland a better brand
Van Nelle is an epicures invitation to forget about inflation
Party, lunch, formal dinner, rich smooth flavour, certain winner
Raving discovered perfection, why risk random selection?
It outroasts the opposition, Van Nelle's our family tradition
Here’s one dutch masterpiece I can afford
Even Van Gogh's brother wouldn't 'ear of any other
It's a cup above the rest
Delicious dutch coffee that guarantees; traditional flavour blended to please
Doubly delicious, delightfully dutch, I like the flavour very much
Van Nelle, right on cue, keep flavourful coffee filtering through
My family love to savour that superb Van Nelle flavour
It's taste I've found suits me down to the ground
Two centuries of expertise guarantees coffee sure to please
Uniquely blended, expertly packed, Van Nelle has what others lack
Van Nelle's reputation well deserved guarantees freshness well preserved

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