Coca-cola has got the bottle because ...
There are plenty of substitutes but no match!
Coca-cola and Snickers are the best Euro 96 team because…
With my 'inside left' satisfied, I'll be 'right back' for more
Spin and win with Coca-cola at John Menzies and...
Get the feeling you can't beat and the beat you can feel
Coca-Cola and Schweppes always give me something to sing about at Tesco because...
While 'Shepherds watch' 'You Know Who' is stocking up!
Slimline Schweppes or Diet Coke brand, lead Tesco's healthy keep fit band
They are a classical pair and harmonise with other fare
Every be-bopping bubble bounces to the beat
Mix and mingle or straight and single they make me swingle
I saw three Schweppes Coke sailing by; tonic, coke and ginger dry!
Coke and Schweppes keep me young - and like Cliff, Tesco's number one
They're a cracking Christmas double, loadsa savings, loadsa bubble
Whenever people gather and mingle, Tesco and Schweppes provide the jingle
Party time is ticketyboo with Tesco, Coke and Schhh 'You Know Who'!
I would like to win a Ford Fiesta With BHS and Coca Cola because…
All three mean style - whether shopping, driving or just relaxing
As I'm a trendy Coca-Cola drinker driver
Fashion and flair will get you there
I could sip Coke in my new MOT, wearing my BHS coat
Shopping's such pleasure, sipping Coke at leisure, driving home a treasure
They set the pace, whatever you're doing, wherever you're going
They're classy, stylish, tasteful and cool
To get me to the theatre, business lunch, shopping and picnic
To give me the "treads" to show off my "threads"
I would like to drive away a red hot Ford Escort Si Cabriolet this summer because
Topless motoring appeals, I've packed the Coke - please send the wheels
A fiery Ford and Cola power, ensure countless 'smiles' per hour
A top performer, second to none, like Coca-Cola my number one
Cool thirst, an original stunner, it fuels a wheelie red hot summer
Daring, dashing, sensuous, sleek, like Coca-Cola quite unique
Elegant, powerful, a dream unleashed, this beauty desires a red hot beast.
Escort-lights, brakes and action, but Diet cokes the star attraction
For a perfect day, I need a Diet Coke and a Cabriolet
I need the wind in my hair, and my Coke right there
I'd be one cool cookie, whilst others were clutching at straws
It'd complement my Coke can - red, cool and open topped
It's the coolest classic that's fizzically irresistible
Its performance and class, match the taste in my glass
Just one sip of an ice cold Coke would raise the roof
Like Coca--Cola, I can't wait to take the top off
Picture this - me and my bloke win Schwepped and cool as Coke
Pulling the top off would quench any driving thirst
Racing red, open top, both car and Coke will make jaws drop
Red is my favourite Cola
Tanked up on Coca-Cola fuel, red hot wheels feel ice cool
Taste-full'. exhilarating, thrilling, fun; - like cool Coke after scorching sun!
Diet Coke and movies go together because…
Lights, Camera, Action, Diet Coke's the star attraction
Alongside Cruise and Swayze, Diet Coke drives me crazy
Bogart, Redford, Monroe, Bacall, Diet Coke toasts them all
Both are a big hit in Cannes
Diet Coke is a blockbuster of a drink
Diet Coke's appeal and zing, even outshines Michelle and Kim
Diet Coke's classic tingle, makes movie magic multilingual
Enjoyment is the name of the game
I can taste the great, whilst enjoying a great taste
If the films in bad taste, your Cola won't be
It always outdoes its competitors at the box office
Movies are fantasy and Diet Coke is the real thing
Sparkling performances I find, increase enjoyment when combined
That's the ultimate taste in entertainment ever
The fun just keeps bubbling on
They are simply the best
They are sparkling and refreshing products of the '90's
They refresh and excite body and soul making an entirety
They top the scale in good taste
They're both full of sparkle and entertainment
They're fizzy, exciting and cool
What's on the reel is the real thing
I would like to drink Coca Cola at Euro Disney because…
Coca-Cola's classic tingle makes Mickey's magic multi-lingual.
I like my 'Mice' with Coke and ice!
My family would enjoy the magic of Euro Disney because…
Coca Cola and Disney, you know, both give that tingle you never outgrow
This wonderland at last we'd see, Coke and Littlewoods- merci!

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